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Lucia Smigel founded Supersmile in 1987 after her husband, Dr. Irwin Smigel, created a whitening toothpaste for patients of his prestigious dentistry practice. Developed to help whiten and brighten teeth for those undergoing bonding procedures, his special toothpaste quickly gained a devoted following. A respected pioneer in his field, Dr. Smigel is also the founder and current president of the American Society for Dental Aesthetics.

Today, many Supersmile formulas contain the brand's proprietary ingredient, Calprox, which helps to remove biofilm (protein) that forms on teeth and gently lifts stains chemically, rather than abrasively. They also offer a complete lineup of oral-care products that allow you to create a regimen tailored to your needs. Along with Dr. Smigel's whitening systems, we invite you to explore other innovations from Supersmile designed to help clean and whiten teeth. Among the offerings, you'll find a specially formulated mouth rinse and a sonic toothbrush, so you can keep teeth looking their most beautiful day after day.

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