Meet ReTress, a line of products developed by Dr. Candace Spann to help address the issue of hair thinning and loss for women. Today, you can find ReTress hair rejuvenation products at QVC, so you can take charge of your hair-care needs.

Dr. Spann, a dermatologist, started experiencing her own hair thinning issues in her mid-20s, and, as she says, she tried everything in an attempt to solve the problem. She also noticed other women who were experiencing hair thinning and loss. Eventually, she decided to start researching the issue.

As Dr. Spann began studying women’s hair thinning and loss, she discovered the products that were available on the market primarily addressed these issues as they were experienced by men. Further, she realized the factors that impact men’s hair thinning and loss are different from those that influence them in women. Armed with this information, Dr. Spann was determined to find a better solution for herself and for other women.

ReTress is the result of Dr. Spann’s extensive research and her dedication to the development process. She’s created a four-piece system comprised of shampoo, conditioner, serum, and supplement tablets that work together to nurture your hair and scalp so that hair will appear shinier, fuller looking, and more voluminous.

Dr. Spann discovered for herself just how traumatic the effects of thinning hair can be, and she set out to find something better than what was available on the market. Find her ReTress products, including a convenient hair rejuvenation kit, at, and see how her work could have an impact on the future of your hair.