Meet the Founder & CEO

Get the story behind Marisa Vara Arredondo & her leading-edge brand

Think about taking care of your skin in a whole new way with PHACE BIOACTIVE products. Explore this special line—which you can find at QVC—that features pH-optimized antiaging products created to help bring skin back into balance. With a lineup that includes moisturizers, serums , and a gel cleanser, you can put together a beautiful routine that’s truly a treat for your skin.

PHACE BIOACTIVE founder and CEO Marisa Vara Arrendondo developed her breakthrough line of pH-optimized skin-care products based in part on her experience with cystic acne as a teenager. As an adult, her investigations into skin biology, ingredient technology, and pH balance inspired the development of pH-optimized products designed to help skin's pH balance. Show your complexion some TLC while addressing the signs of aging with these formulas!

You’ll find a wide array of options to choose from in the PHACE BIOACTIVE offerings, so you can pinpoint the items that best fit the needs of your skin. For an on-point evening routine, you can start with the PHACE BIOACTIVE cleanser and then follow up with the pH-optimized Regenerating Night Cream that’s designed to moisturize skin and help reduce the appearance of dry, fine lines and wrinkles. PHACE BIOACTIVE also offers an amazing multitasker: pH-Optimized Soothing Day Cream that doubles as a primer and provides SPF 46.

Aim for a healthy-looking, radiant complexion when you add pH-optimized PHACE BIOACTIVE formulas into your everyday routine. Simply shop to explore the antiaging innovations offered by this forward-thinking brand. You’ll be doing something incredible for your skin—helping to bring it into balance so you can look and feel like your most beautiful self.