Great passion and inspiration go into each and every L'Occitane formulation to bring you an incredibly luxurious, sensorial experience right in your own home. And you can find a wide array of the brand's quality bath and beauty products—from your favorite body lotion to tried-and-true facial moisturizers—right here on QVC.

Inspired by the traditions of his ancestors, Olivier Baussan founded this highly regarded brand over 30 years ago in the region of France known as Haute-Provence. The word "L'Occitane" means "the woman from Occitania," the ancient name for the region known today as Provence. L'Occitane products are created based on the idea of preserving the authentic ingredients and traditions of the Mediterranean land and people.

The brand puts a strong focus on using essential oils and ingredients such as lavender, lemon verbena, and olive oil that are indigenous to the Provencal area. It's an approach that grants the line a distinctive personality—lush textures and inspiring fragrances are hallmarks of their products. L'Occitane hand cream is a coveted item for keeping dry hands moisturized. Like many of the company's offerings, it's rich in skin-loving shea butter.

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