Discover luxurious skin-care products, cosmetics, and more that let your natural beauty shine through! Visit QVC to shop a selection of essentials from Edward Bess. This former model with a passion for beauty and makeup has created an impressive line filled with items designed to flatter and enhance every woman's complexion, along with other get-gorgeous must-haves.

The Edward Bess brand began with revolutionary lip colors that were quickly snapped up by Hollywood actresses and makeup artists. Because Edward found that many women he saw each day weren't wearing the most flattering shade of lipstick or lip gloss, he focused on a carefully edited collection to simplify the process of choosing the perfect hue.

While Edward started with lip colors, he's now expanded his offerings to include cosmetics that range from mousse foundation to chic eye color options and more. Using a sophisticated makeup palette and a less-is-more approach, Edward provides women with an ideal way to achieve a classic, yet modern look that's easy to put together. In addition, he's created skin care & other beauty greats designed to elevate your daily routine.

For a flawless face, start with the basics—like Edward Bess cream concealer and mousse foundation. They help ensure a lovely luminosity! Next, highlight your best features using just the right shades. Edward Bess makes the process easy, not overwhelming. And finding the correct makeup palette for your skin tone is key to making an unforgettably elegant impression, whether you're going to work or headed out on a date.

Extraordinary creativity and an eye for understated beauty are key elements that Edward brings to his eponymous line. If refined style is something you crave in your repertoire, then this brand is sure to have just what you're looking for.