Love those curls! When you want to achieve perky spiral curls, loose cascading curls, the perfect waves, and more without the need to subject your hair to heat, turn to Bukli Haircare and their innovative curling flutes. See how these versatile wonders, which you can find at QVC, make it easy to quickly and efficiently achieve stunning, no heat curls you'll absolutely adore.

Bukli Haircare curling flutes are super-simple to use, employing soft rollers paired with nylon sleeves that slip over your hair to help prevent tresses from getting tangled. The sleeves also help to ensure the rollers stay in place, even during physical activity or overnight wear. And while the curling flutes are a cinch to put in place, you can create a variety of looks using different techniques! Try flat-wrapping hair for structured results, twisting and wrapping for a textured appearance, and wrapping in different directions for natural-looking waves.

Once you’ve placed the curling flutes in your hair, you can keep them in overnight and wake up to gorgeous volume in the morning. If you need faster results, you can use a flat iron to add a little heat, too. Find Bukli Haircare hair tools at, and pamper your lovely locks while getting the hairstyles you desire.