Countless tools have been created to perfect and simplify makeup application, but none have transformed the category quite like the beautyblender makeup sponge! This breakthrough cosmetic sponge applicator changed the way beauty buffs apply their makeup every day. Get this essential tool at QVC, plus discover other must-haves from the beautyblender brand.

Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva developed the original, edgeless beautyblender as a way to give her clients that flawless-skin look—especially important in the era of HD cameras that capture every little detail. While she started out cutting up regular makeup sponges to get just the right effects with cosmetics (so DIY!), she went on to build what many now consider to be the ultimate application tool.

The beautyblender makeup sponge is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to love! You simply wet it, squeeze out any excess water, and then use it to bounce on your foundation. Plus, the beautyblender works with powders, liquids, creams, and gels. Cleanup’s super easy, too, whether you use the brand’s solid cleanser, liquid cleanser, or Instaclean.

How do you follow up on an act like the beautyblender? By introducing more applicators and other products designed to simplify and streamline the everyday makeup routine. Among the innovations, you’ll find a targeted blender for blush, a micro mini blender for detail work, and an amazing little device that helps you apply eyeliner evenly, including getting a great wing. The brand even has their own foundation in a range of shades, with a silky-smooth formula that blends beautifully. Shop for nothing-else-like-it beautyblender products at to see how stunning your skin can look.