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A215030 - bareMinerals Buzzworthy 6-pc Color Collection 3.8 5 30 30
??? I don't know what happened but I think this is my last BE make up product ... I didn't like the lipstick at all and it didn't taste good - bitter-like taste so in trash it went - As others mentioned I have too been disappointed with the makeup in the past year and am looking for a new brand ...sorry but it seams that the quality of BE products is deteriorating... 01-20-12
Love it! For everyone mentioning wanting to buy glee radiance separately, BE sells Glee separately already! If it's not sold here on Q it is as boutiques or the BE website! This kit is beautiful to me, and the price and value is phenomenal!! I do think the lipstick is a bit dark for my taste but I am still happy with it. I really love the charisma eye color!! It's very brightening and perks up my eyes and makes them look well rested- without having to use the eye color well rested! Thanks BE :) 10-01-11
Not one of the best kits by BE I was wishing this kit would be as great as some of the others I've tried, but it isn't. There are a few pieces that are great. The well rested is a great eye base and really makes your lids look more awake. It evens out the lids and shadows stay on longer as well. They give you a large amount of this which is good as you only need a little. I do like the champagne shimmer shadow though it leaves sparkles all under and to the sides of your lids, so i place bath tissue underneath my eye when applying it so it doesn't get everywhere. The glee radiance is ok- it's like a blush only more sheer and more shimmery. It's nice to highlight and use with blush. It's a nice light pink color. I'm not a big fan of the darker eyeshadow, but it is iridescent almost like 2 different colors. It looks best when layered on top of the lighter shade. i LOVE the lip gloss, but once again the colors in the kit are not sold separetely! i would really like to buy them. PLEASE make them available to us!!!! Plus there is barely any in the tube. It doesn't last at all! But it's a nice pink color. The lipstick is ok, although i'm not a big fan of lipstick. I do prefer glosses. It's smooth and a nice darker shade for a pop of color. 09-18-11
LOVE THIS I love everything about this! The lipstick/gloss combo is perfect. Now I dont have to carry two seperate pieces, though I probably will, I hope you keep them coming. 08-01-11
One of my favorite sets! And I'm a collector! The pink/plum shades blend gorgeously with each other. Don't hesitate to pick this set up. I was suprised to find how much I liked the Glee all over face color!! 07-28-11
Disappointed... ...in this kit. I purchase products each time BE is featured, but I think this is my last BE makeup purchase for awhile. Although the Glee and Well Rested were fine products, I have both and was really looking for the shadows and lipstick duo in the kit. . Eye shades were WAY too shimmery, colors were not flattering at all -- perhaps for use at night, but not a daytime look. The lipstick was just OK, it did not have staying power. The natural gloss color did not seem to complement the lipstick at all. . Although I absolutely love BE cleanser, I have been very disappointed with the makeup in the past year and have moved on to a new brand also sold on Q which seems to work much better with my dry skin and age (54). Sadly, BE just isn't there for me anymore... :-( 07-12-11
Debated on returning This looked like a really nice, soft pink and neutral set that would be natural looking but better. I loved the lipcolor and the gloss is really pretty. The soft glee is beautiful and I wish that it had been available LONG ago! I hope it comes out as a single, along of course with the LOVE RADIANCE! The Charisma is ok, JUST ok, as it looked kind of chalky, light and shiny and not really great. It, like the soft glee, has NOT much color at all and should only be used as highlighter shades UNDER a pretty, TRUE SHADE. The strange "popular" shade isn't, at least not with myself or anyone I showed it to. It is a strange shade. It has an irridescence to it that is like a peacock blue and green with it seems like a little metallic and is the color of a bruise on the skin. It did NOTHING to enhance the eyes and I had to take a darker brown and go over it to cover it and add some depth and bring out my eyes. If you used the kit only with nothing else, it looks VERY BLAH and like your face is faded and colorless, except for the bruised looking eyes of course. Not even close to a good or fair kit. But I do like the lip color and the soft glee, so I decided to keep it for those two and felt it wouldn't be worth it to return it. I am trying to figure something to do with the "popular" color. It is not up to BE usual color quality and the "charisma" seems chalky looking. Not my favorite kit. 07-08-11
Love it! I am fair skinned with dark hair and blue eyes. I have been looking for a pink set. It does have shimmer but does't look like a teenagers make up so it works for me. Being in my 30's I do not want glitter! I love the eye colors and lip gloss the most. The WELL RESTED eye color is THE BEST!!!! It is my new staple. I wear it by itself. I also put it under my eyes too. It is named appropriately! Gave 4 stars because I would have liked a brush instead of a lip stick, but that is just personal prefferance. 06-27-11
2 out of 5 Great!! I was excited to try BM for the first time & really liked the Lip Stick color & Blush, but the eye shadows, might have worked in my early 20's with all the Shine of the light eye color. The darker Plum/Purple color made me look like I had never learned how to put on make up correctly..I was professionally trained! I did everything in the Video, and as described on QVC, but could not tone down the darkness of the Darker shade & the shine of the other was way to shinny. I gave it an honest try. The Lip Gloss was way to Sticky... But the Blush & Lip Stick were great..I would gladly buy those two items, if I can find them separate from the other 3 eye colors. I never used the natural eye color, as it seemed more like an concealer. I think this would be a great kit for those who like dark eye shadows & Very High Shine in lid or brow area, just not for me..I would love a kit with this Blush, with a Soft Brown & Pink Shadow, and the same lip color..Do wish the Lip color stay on longer...Just a Recommendation for a possible future kit,,Thanks KSP. 06-26-11
Beautiful I love this kit so much. All of the colors compliment one another, and the Charisma is so pretty and shiny. I wish there was more of the gloss; it didn't last long enough for me! 06-17-11
Love Glee Radiance This was not my favorite BE kit. I do like it though and will keep it because it is an great value. If you are trying to build up you BE collection this is a great kit but if you already own a lot of be you may want to pass. That said, I Love the Glee radiance! LOVE the high shine charisma too. Makes my eyes look very bright (I am fairly light, green/blue eyes and blond hair). I mainly purchased this kit for the double ended lip color. I have the nude one also sold on QVC and love that one. It is 19.50 so when I saw a double ended lip color on here for under 40 with 4 other pieces I felt like it was a no brainer but the lip color is not as great as the nude. The gloss is great, but small and will run out soon and the lip color is almost terra cotta colored. Not my favorite but would still purchase all over again knowing what I know now. 06-15-11
Too Much Shimmer, Looks Better In The Packaging I love BE but this is a miss for me. I'm fair and prefer wearing cool-toned colors. I thought this looked beautiful and was excited to get it. However, the colors are much too shimmery to me and I did not like the lip color combination which pulled more of a tawny shade on my lips. I returned this. 06-14-11