Trudie Styler's Fit Mind and Body 3 DVD Collection

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Beautiful, Soulful Workouts I've never taken the time to write a product review. I've been working with this 3 DVD collection for two months, though, and it's so excellent that I want to recommend it to others. Yoga, cardio dance, Pialtes: Each DVD provides a balanced and demanding program that's also tastefully filmed and orchestrated. Bravo! 05-29-10
Wellness Sensation All my life I have been into eating well, doing excersices and trying to have a relaxed way of life. I love this collection because it relaxes my body and my mind. I try to make them early in the morning so I begin my day with a good disposition for what comes. The backgrounds are spectacular, I hope Trudy comes with another set for us to have variety. 05-11-10
You will love this collection I bought this DVD collection because I get bored easily and I like to switch up my work-out, and I love Yoga, Pilates and Dance, so this DVD collection is perfect for me. Since there is no information about what advancement level you should be, basic, intermediate or advanced, in order to be able to do the Pilates, I hope my review helps you decide if you are ready to buy this DVD collection, because when you do, you'll love it! My suggestion is that you do not purchase this DVD until you have some basic experience with Pilates. I say this so that you will actually be able to do the featured Pilates work-out, since if I had not done Pilates before, I would not have been able to do it. I started out with Mari Winsor Pilates and I strongly recommend that you buy either her, "Winsor Pilates Basic 3 DVD Workout Set" or another DVD that teaches you Pilates step-by-step, from basic to advanced, first. Finally, from personal experience I want to say that it is important to note that to be good at Pilates, enjoy and love it, you have to be patient, because it can take some time to get good at it. However, hang in there, because it is so worth it! You will feel better about your body than you ever have and see results faster than you could ever have imagined! 04-04-10
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