Thundershirt Deluxe Rugby Anxiety Treatment for Dogs

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What is it: A drug-free, safe and highly-effective anxiety solution for dogs. Thundershirt applies gentle, constant pressure to a dog's torso and has a dramatic calming effect for many dogs if they are anxious, fearful, or over-excited. Based on extensive survey results, Thundershirt works for over 80% of the dogs that have tried it. Anytime calming can have a benefit for a dog, a Thundershirt can have a benefit. Dog owners use Thundershirt for fear of thunder, fireworks, separation anxiety, travel, problem barking, general fearfulness, and much more.

Who is it for: Any dog with any anxiety, fear or over-excitement issues. While nothing works for every situation or issue, Thundershirt was determined through extensive surveys to have over an 80% success rate for dogs that tried it.

Why is it different: Thundershirt is drug-free, totally positive-based, comfortable, and requires very little time commitment by dog owners. Just put a Thundershirt on your dog and observe the calming effect of Thundershirt's gentle, constant pressure.

How do I use it: Simply put Thundershirt on your dog and observe the results. Made of a durable, soft, breathable fabric that is machine washable.

From Thundershirt.

  • Includes Thundershirt anxiety treatment dog wrap and reusable storage bag
  • Deluxe rugby design
  • Measures 19"W x 14"L
  • 55% cotton/35% polyester/10% spandex
  • Machine wash, hang dry
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

Thundershirt Deluxe Rugby Anxiety Treatment for Dogs 4 5 79 79
Runs Large...But Works for My Boston Terrier! My BT usually wears a medium...but I had to order a small for her. Which is unheard of with her wide chest. Love that the shirt doesn't have to go over/under her...you can put the shirt on with your dog standing (less stress for your dog). I read somewhere that the shirt works on 80% of all dogs, so I thought it was worth a try. Glad I did! My girl is definitely less anxious. Yeah, she's still a little nervous...but not as bad as without. Worked great with all the storms we've been having! 08-27-13
Great product! I have the gray "original" and this pink one for my dog. They are wonderful. She is a very hyperactive yorki. I didn't think it would work, since she didn't seem anxious. In fact, she seemed TOO confident. But, I was desperate, since she chases my poor cats all day, even though they are bigger than her. So, I tried it. Now, I would never be without this. She knows the words, "Do you want your shirt?" and comes running to have it put on her. She is much calmer with it on. And, over time, it seemed to make her calmer in general. She is not cured or perfect, but she is far better. Both the cats and I are thrilled to have found this product. 06-07-13
This REALLY WORKS!!! We live in Florida,and have many thunderstorms in the Summer,and this almost instantly relaxes our dogs!!! They even wag their tails when they see me getting ready to put it on them....It is a bit better to put on 10 minutes or so before the "stressful" event for them....HIGHLY RECOMMEND to ease your dogs anxiety!!! 04-21-13
Positive Behavior Difference I purchased this in a size small for my terrier. Fits great, looks good and is very easy to put on and take off. I purchased this product specifically for 'over excitement' issues. My 2 year old terrier gets very excited when seeing other dogs on our daily walks. I am working with a professional dog trainer on teaching her to calmly greet other dogs. I thought the addition of the Thundershirt would help keep my dog calmer especially during training sessions and walks. For my dog I have seen a positive behavior difference. She is calmer! 03-18-13
Awsome We bought this for our 7 year old lab after discovering, after many years of frustration, that he suffers from separation anxeity. When we put this on him, he is a completely different dog. Normally when he is not wearing the shirt he would bark at me even before I hit the door once I got home from work. When he is wearing his shirt, he stays where he's laying and I get a tail wag and a head lift, thats all. He does not find trouble in our home while we are away (has escaped many crates to so that is not an option). Our neighbors have even helped us out a few times and let him out to do his business and have had to go find him because he's not at the door after hearing it open and they call his name. Its almost drug like. He likes putting it on and we like knowing he feels safe and secure while wearing the shirt. 02-28-13
So thankful I got this I originally ordered this because my male Golden Retriever is scared of fireworks on the 4th of July. But since we haven't had any more fireworks since then, I really couldn't tell if it was worth the money. We had him neutered this week, and he is a licker and scratcher, so we put a cone around his head. He hated it. So I took the cone off, and tried the Thundershirt. What a blessing... he loves it, and it is so easy to put on and off. It makes it difficult for him to reach the surgery site, and comforts him at the same time. I can't tell if it is going to make a difference with the fireworks, but it was worth the money just for his surgery. I don't know if it would be good for a female dog immediately after surgery, because of the position of the incision. 02-21-13
Thundershirt I was so pleased to see that QVC sells these Thundershirts. I first heard about them from my dentist. He, like us, has a dog with anxiety issues. Our dog, adopted from the SPCA, has to be sedated to go the the vet. She also gets fearful of certain sounds. This "shirt" has helped considerably. It works best when it is snug fitting. It really makes a difference. This is not for training purposes, it is for calming a dog who gets anxious due to a variety of reasons. I am glad we purchased this Thundershirt. 02-06-13
Really Works AWESOME!! I would have never believed it would work if I had not seen it for myself...if you have a dog with anxiety get this shirt ASAP....it ROCKS!! Worth every penny especially since it helps my little baby girl feel better!! I am thinking about getting another one for backup since it works so well...don't want to be without...ever!!!!! 01-31-13
So far so good Put this on my granddog as soon as we opened it on Christmas morning. He is a very aggressive barker but a sweet as pie Schnaudoodle. He laid down beside me and never barked or even grumbled again while all the hussle was going on of opening presents. He seems to be getting a little used to it now when he is wearing it but it has definitely made an improvement. I decided to try it because a co-worker of mine told me they had gotten one for her parents dog that was trapped beneath the house when it collapsed during a tornado and they put it now on during storms to calm her. She said it has worked wonders for her anxiety. 12-29-12
maggie likes to go for a ride! I have a puppy who shook when we neared the car and she would get carsick every trip to the vet...I tried this after no success with motion sickness pills and I was amazed to see her actually just lie down on the front seat without getting sick...I now ordered a second for Gabi who stresses when I leave her...wonderful item. 12-18-12
This is NOT a Training Shortcut but for Anxiety! To reviewer chueyl. A 9 mo old golden will pull, goldens require gentle but firm training. They are sensitive dogs so be gentle with your pup. I have had 3 goldens, great dogs. This shirt, is to help your pets have a gentler time handling anxiety, fears, things that make some dogs skittish/bark. Thunder, fireworks, etc these type of things that could spook a dog. 12-06-12
GLAD I GOT THIS! My lab/mix just paced and paced and could not settle down during a thunderstorm and lightening storm. Our vet gave us some tranquilizing meds but the dog was "out of it" far after the storm was over. I bought the thundershirt in an effort to comfort my dog without medication. The first time I put it on it he was afraid to move in it. So, playing it safe, he just laid down where he was and fell sound asleep. After that, every time we used it he thundershirt he became more and more used to it and was very patient while we put it on him. He stopped his pacing, and became once again the dog we are used to. He didn't seem to be bothered anymore by the thunder and even became used to the lightening. This shirt worked wonders for our 60 + lb. "baby" and sure was worth the investment. 11-27-12