Technique 7" Japanese Stainless Steel Kohaishu Knife

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K3383 - Technique 7" Japanese Stainless Steel Kohaishu Knife 4.5 5 214 214
Use every day .... great knife ! I purchased this knife in February, 2007. It came in a wooden storage box and the knife is just beautiful. I love the way it feels in my hand and I use it practically every day. It is one of my essential kitchen tools. Could not recommend more highly ! 03-16-12
Best knive I have ever used! I bought 3 of these and gave 2 as gifts. I use mine everytime I chop vegetables! I would love to see this knife offered again. I would love to give it for a gift to my friends. Thank you! 09-02-09
Great I have this knife, it is great. Love the case that comes with for safe storage. The only negative that I have for the product, it is a little large for me to handle. I have to be very careful not to cut myself. 08-31-09
Chipped!!! Another item I bought fer my boyfriend he used it kept it in the bamboo box it was hsipped in and I very fullishly told him he needed to take it out put it with the other knives so he could use it more, needless to say after taking it out of the bamboo box and using it 1 month it chipped in like 3 spots, not sure what caused it the quality or us but will not buy a knife from this company again, just to make sure... 04-01-09
Love it I bought a Technique block with two knives recently at a reduced price, I didn't have any good knives, so they were a good start. The 5" tomato and 5" chef knives were great, so I ordered the matching Kohaishu knife to fit in the middle space of the block. I received it today, it is nice and sharp and looks good in my knife block, I ordered the matching steak knives that go with this set too, they arrived today and I love them, they are very sharp, and look very expensive. 12-30-08
Excellent I bought two of these knives, one for myself and one as a gift. This is the best knife that I have ever used. I use it every day for cutting everything in the kitchen. I have no fears when it comes to purchasing Wolfgang Puck products. Excellent !!!!! 11-29-08
Indestructable I bought this knife 1 year ago. I had to cut a large piece of meat that had a large bone in it in order to fit the meat into my pressure cooker. Since this knife was not so expensive, I figured I'd use it to cut through the bone. I got a hammer and started hitting the back of the knife to cut the bone in half. I was successful but damaged the knife blade end (wrinkle it a little). I gave the damaged knife my girl friend. She still has the knife and it still cuts as good as before I damaged it. The damage did not dull the blade! The steel must be a very high carbon type! I use that knife at her house and it is my favorite! I am ordering another one! This is a very high quality knife that it worth 3 times the price! 11-07-08
Best knife I own I bought this knife earlier this year and I love it. I purchased it along with the 3 piece super sharpener set and they work beautifully together. I can slice as fine as I want, chop with ease and mince without band-aids!! The grips on the handle and the shape of the handle make it very easy to use (and I have arthritis!). I'm buying one for my brother for Christmas! Great buy for anyone! 11-04-08
Great Cutter Love this knife. Find it easy to handle. Cuts like a dream 10-27-08
Use it regularly! Still sharp! We bought this as a TSV (I think). Its a great knife and I would consider getting another one. It slices through tomatoes easily and other things as well. Love it and may consider getting another one! 10-12-08
The price is right I have this knife for 19 months. I sharpen it once. It is pretty good for the knife this price. We cook for ourselves and entertain companies more than 4-5 days out of the week. This knife is for everything. Believe me, we have several expensive knife sets and they need more sharpening than this one. My husband uses this knife more and more than his favorites. I think I have to buy another one since we always grab this more for all our cooking and entertaining. But this knife is only for cutting not carving since the shape is not for it like for chicken or turkey. Using for slicing meat, vegetables and fruits is the best. 09-15-08
Love It! This is one of the best knives I've ever used. I reach for it every time I slice and dice. 09-07-08