Spray-N-Grow Micronutrient Concentrate 20 oz.

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Spray-N-Grow Micronutrient Concentrate 20 oz.
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Plants need 17 nutrients for optimal growth. Fertilizers typically have only three. Spray-N-Grow gives your plants all 17--everything they need to look their best.

  • Mix one ounce of solution in one gallon of warm water; let stand for 15 minutes or until the liquid turns a tannish color, then spray plants
  • Mix only enough to apply to plants within four to six hours
  • Organic and nontoxic
  • Net weight 20 oz
  • Made in USA

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Reviews & Community QA

M7459 - Spray-N-Grow Micronutrient Concentrate 20 oz. 4.1 5 326 326
Fantastic Results I really love this product and use it on all my indoor and outdoor plants and bushes. I spray the product heavily on the leaves (both sides) and also the stems and woody bark. Last season, I was really diligent in spraying frequently in the very EARLY spring as the annuals were just "waking up" and WOW did that make a difference in the growth of the plants. I had one daylily that for some reason had never bloomed, but last year I got 21 blossoms on it! I recommend spraying often, especially in the spring when the plants deep down begin to form the buds and need a lot of nutrients to do so. This is especially true of any plant that only blooms once during the season, like lilies. Remember, it is best to spray early morning or in the evening when the plant's pores are more open which aids absorption of the nutrients. If you apply during the day, the product will still work, but it is much harder for the plant to absorb the nutrients before evaporation occurs. (The pores close during the day in an effort to retain its moisture.) So it is best to spray when the plant will get the full benefit of the product. I have recommended this product to friends who do not have a green thumb, and they are astonished at the bountiful growth that is achieved. You cannot over apply this product so it is nice that you don't have to keep track of when you used it last. It is completely non-toxic so you can spray it on fruit or herbs and feel assured that you can eat them. If you don't use this product, you just don't know what you are missing! 01-25-11
GREEEEEAT! I have used this product for two years. My neighbors say I give my plants, fruit trees, and flowering plants "steroids". All of these grew healthier, stronger, and full of blooms and fruit. I have to give away my lemons and apples because I have too many. Recently planted a peach and orange tree and have already had two peaches and now have orange blossoms (after only three months!!!!!). This product MUST be used as directed. Maybe that is why some have problems with it. Spray twice per month on everything!! 08-20-10
Spray & Wither& Die This product ruined all of my new landscaper installed perennials. The flowers and leaves turned brown in just two days and completely died off within a week. I can only hope that the plants will return next year. 08-18-10
It really works! I use this product exclusively on my houseplants (I have over 35). I looked all over to find a product like this. Some plants will respond faster than others. Your plants leaves will burn if you don't "follow the instructions excatly". If your plants are outside do not spray during mid day sun. It does seem to matter what type of water treatment you have. At first, I always had to add baking soda to the solution. You can also try boiling your water on just use distilled. However, after moving to another county I have no problems. Remember you are to use Spray-n-Grow in addition to your fertilizer. It does not work by itself. And you must wait between applications of fertilizer, fungicide, or insecticide and Spray-n-Grow. 07-19-10
Amazing stuff! I am so impressed with this stuff! My geraniums are so full of blooms like never before and alot of my plants in the yard after 3 sprays are so healthy looking and can tell a difference. Even some of the leaves are bigger! Wonderful product!! 07-18-10
Incredible results! I simply don't understand the less-than-five-stars reviews. My results are just incredible. I spray each and every plant in my garden (flowering & vegetable) every Saturday, and the results have earned me a showstopper of a garden that will be featured in a garden walk next spring sponsored by a local nursery. All of my plants have benefitted from this product but there are two in particular that were doing nothing until I sprayed them with Spray-N-Grow and now they've sprung to life and are prolific producers of gorgeous blooms. I don't know why I've been successful when some haven't, but I love this product and my gardening arsenal will forever include it. 07-11-10
Works everytime This is an excellent product. My plants can't get any. More blooms and more vegetables year after year after year. 07-09-10
Didn't work for me I ordered this product hoping it would work as advertised. I read the directions and used accordingly. My flowers have almost died. My ten year old rose bush is dead. I really wanted this product to work, however I would not recommend this product. 07-06-10
Grow Baby Grow I have been using Spray N Grow for 4 years now. I use it on all of my outdoor plants and vegetable garden. My plants have deeper richer color in the foliage and in the blooms than previously when I did not garden with Spray N Grow. I apply it every 2 weeks and this is somewhat time consuming but I feel it is well worth it. I also use Root Blast when I plant new plants and I think that product also contributes to the health of my plants. 06-25-10
Disappointed I purchased this product last year and was not impressed. There was no dramatic growth as promised. Tried again this season and one plant stopped blossoming and looks poorly. Save your money. 06-23-10
Great product I have used this for years on my plants both indoors and out. I think it really works. My house plants are large and healthy. I am back for a second bottle this year. 06-17-10
WOW! WOW!! WOW!! I love this product. I planted six tomatoes in pots. I was very dubious as to the success of those tomatoes. The tomatoes were to be smaller than other tomatoes because of the pots. I have used this since the plants were little. You should see my tomatoes! People who see them cannot believe how large they are. Combined with the great sprayer, it is easy to use. If there was a coating on the plants of another buyer, she must have applied too much. Also, I apply it when it is sunny. It will dry quickly and will be completely absorbed. 06-17-10