Side Solution Standard Pillow

Side Solution Standard Pillow
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On your side. Side sleepers, rejoice--the Side Solution pillow is designed just for you! The innovative, patented pillow cradles the entire head, neck, and shoulders to give you maximum support for a comfortable night's sleep.

  • Includes removable cover and pillow
  • Cover: 100% cotton, 260TC
  • Cover: machine wash, tumble dry
  • Pillow: outer cover 65% polyester/35% cotton; fill 100% polyester fiber
  • Pillow: spot clean only
  • Pillow measures 19" x 17" x 7"
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

H13280 - Side Solution Standard Pillow 3.9 5 79 79
No cheating on this pillow... I'm the biggest pillow snob there is. I used to sleep with up to 9 pillows at night to get comfortable. After 2 serious car wrecks one by a drunk driver, I could only sleep a certain way for about 10 months. THIS pillow has literally changed the quality of my sleep for the better. I've had mine since '09 and just came back today to buy some more b/c nothing lasts forever. Now I see this is no longer sold. I'm devestated. ANYONE out there that know's where to get these, hit me up at this ID @ yahoo. Thanks! 08-09-11
Best Pillow for Side Sleeper This is the best side sleeper pillow I have ever had. I did not wake up with neck or shoulder craps as with other pillows. Thank you QVC......Unfortunately my home recently burned and I need another one. Help Me QVC....... 02-11-11
Side Pillow Love this pillow..Like the design and the ability for my neck to feel cradled without strain on the rest of my back. This is the pillow I will go to bed with for years to come. 10-16-10
No neckache, now my back hurts. The shape and purpose of this pillow if great, however it is just too thick. If if was pared down by one third it would be better. My neck did not hurt after being cradled in the pillow, however it is so thick that my back was not flush with the mattress, and I have a Select Comfort bed. So I ended up with a backache. Back it went. 09-23-10
Are they kidding with this? TOO THICK! This is a great concept, if it were at least two inches thinner. I tried this for several nights and could not adjust to it. It's just too thick and I woke up with a sore neck more times than not. The search for the perfect pillow continues... 08-12-10
Fabulous! Great nights sleep at last! I can't say enough about this pillow, my neck pain is gone, headaches gone, no more tossing and flipping my pillow. Perfect pillow is all I can say. I actually can sleep on my side and back with this pillow even though I'm a side sleeper 90% of the time. It is perfect. I love it ! I'm actually purchasing more because I'm afraid they'll be gone. I have slept on the pillow for about 2 weeks now. I wanted to actually try this pillow out before I wrote a review. My neck pain was better the first night of sleeping on it and now it is completely gone! All I can say it is worth trying and if you're not a fan send it back! I actually can't wait to crawl into my bed now. Thanks for making the perfect pillow! 05-30-10
can't live without it! I've had this pillow over a year... it took a little getting used to at first. But now I can't live without it. The shoulder notch makes it so comfortable and it supports the neck. I used to sleep on my side with my arm under my pillow, and my arm used to fall asleep. Now I sleep on my side with this pillow and it's much better. I even take it to hotels or whenever I'm away from home because I don't want to go back to a regular pillow. 05-12-10
Fantastic Pillow This is the best pillow I have ever used. I purchased this pillow on August 18, 2009 and I've now come back to puchase another one because I want a spare. Since I've been using this pillow my neck and shoulder pain has disappeared completely. I'm a side and tummy sleeper and I wouldn't give this pillow away for anything. My shoulder fits perfectly with no pressure at all. Just wish they would make additional covers for purchase. 03-28-10
Finally a pillow that works! I love this pillow! I just couldn't find a pillow that was right for me. For years I would wake up with a stiff neck and shoulder pain. I tried all sorts of pillows, but I couldn't find relief. By the time I saw this pillow I was desperate and thought I would give one more pillow a try. Am I glad I did! It is one of the best items I've purchased from QVC. It didn't take me any time to adjust to sleeping with the pillow, but I felt the results almost immediately. Sleeping in a well supported position helped alleviate my aches and pains. No more stiff necks for me! 02-08-10
50/50 - comfortable but hot I really like the cutout part for your shoulders. That makes this pillow very comfortable. It's rather firm, which I also like. My complaint is that it's very hot! Even with cotton pillowcases it makes it uncomfortable to sleep. I haven't slept on anything except feathers for years but have been unable to find a really comfortable feather pillow recently, which is why i though I'd try this. If you are used to the man-made fibers then I would highly recommend this. I have rather broad shoulders and the shape of this pillow is perfect, as is the height. Wondering if they could do this with the core out of whatever this is and then put an outisde layer of feather? 02-07-10
Great Pillow My husband and I are both using this pillow and love it. We've washed the pillow case a few times in warm water and dried on knit and haven't had any problems with shrinking. The pillow has squished a little, but it needed to. We just puff them up a little and we're ready for a great night's sleep. The pillow seems really small and strange looking. Don't judge a book by it's cover. I recommend it highly. 02-06-10
Wonderful!! I needed no time to adapt to this pillow. It was wonderful from the first night. I have been having a lot of shoulder pain on one side and it was especially problematic at night. I'm not going to say the pain went away, but at least I can sleep better now. I put a regular pillow case on it and folded the extra fabric around the curves. I was a little concerned about ordering a side sleeper pillow because I shift positions a lot, but this feels fine when I wake up on my back. 02-01-10