Set of 7 Snap Capp Recloseable Can Toppers

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GREAT!!! I bought these for family & friend camping/fishing trips. These are great for my family & friends of soda-wasters. They actually drink their sodas now! No more half drank cans left around. Very easy to put on and take off. A TIP: Do not shake an open can even with the can topper on it. The can topper WILL shoot off from the pressure. 14yr old learned this the hard way when his popped off into the lake. I'm just bought another set. 10-17-11
best things Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just love these tops. I have 2 sets now. I even helped sell a set at the outlet stores in NC. It keeps my Dr. Pepper fresh. I use them everywhere, home, school, auctions and on vacaion. My grandson tryed to put it on without opening the can, boy he won't do that again. It's great for anyone who values their money and it's made here in the USA!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it.!!!!!!!!!!!! 10-05-11
Waste of money I bought these a few years ago and it was such a waste of money...every time someone comes over I have them try to get the tops on and it cannot be done without smashing the cans...... 09-28-11
Nice Idea and Tight Hold I've used these a few times on the soda cans. Like the other customer said they are difficult to get on. However, I have found a way to get them on without to much difficulty. I feel because they are difficult to get on they hold very tight to the can which eliminates any liquid from seeping out -- that's a great plus! I would recommend this to a friend because I could show her/him how I get the top on the can(s). But not as a gift because I don't think they would be used due to the difficulity. 09-05-11
not great I bought these several months ago,I have an 8 year old who waste soda because he only drinks half then it goes flat,So I thought this would help with waste,it was a big WASTE of money to buy them,we almost smash the soda can getting them on the can,unless I just dont know HOW to snap them on...and who needs 8 of them?complete waste of time and money for me. 07-29-11
Love IT !!!! This is a great idea, wish I thought of it. This works great when you have liitle ones and adults. There are times when you just can't drink the entire can and this allows you to close it off like a bottle and it keeps as fresh as if using a bottle. It is also good to prvent spilling all over the place as long as the lid is closed. My mom loved mine so much I gave her mine and ordered more. She loved it, it keeps the bugs out. I have used over and over and they are still good as ever, not cheap as you may think. 06-10-11
Useful and saves money ! First of all, love that this is MADE IN THE USA ! This product is well made, and easy to snap on the can. To remove, it's much easier, if the can is half-way or totally empty...difficult when full. It saves us money, because we don't have to toss out half -consumed soda cans. It also is wonderful to keep hornets , and other insects out of the can , when outdoors during the Summer. The caps are different colors, which also helps people identify their own drinks. I just placed two more orders, to give as gifts next time we're invited to a BBQ . 06-04-11
wonderful invention i first read the on line reviews,so i was a bit leary,as so many said they had difficulties getting the lids off the cans.i decided to try anyway.and i am really glad i did.they work great and i have no problems separating the cans from the lids.have been using at work for about 2 weeks and so far,no leaks ,spills or other mishaps. 05-25-11
Can't drink a canned drink w/o these!! These toppers are a great help to me...for some reason (??!) I can't drink from a can w/o leaking onto myself. These are easy to apply...sit the full can down...open it...place the topper on top w/lid on....push straight down....CLICK! It's so easy. To remove...slowly press on empty can w/one hand....push top off with other hand! This too is so easy! Great invention for me. My hubby makes sure I have one everywhere we go! 04-06-11
These Can Toppers are GREAT! I don't understand the low reviews either. The quality of this product is excellent. The topper snaps "firmly" on the can. I sent several of these can toppers to my husband in Afghanistan. The guys really appreciate them! It's so dusty where they are located, and this topper keeps the dust out of their pop cans, along with the bugs! 04-06-11
CHEAP PRODUCT Terrible product. Found it very cheap. i really do not think these toppers will last and I think it is a waste of money to buy these toppers. 03-28-11
Excellent Product Have had these for quite some time and finally decided to write a review, esp after reading so many negative reviews. I have arthritic hands and have had no problem using these can toppers every day on a can of diet coke. They snap on easily when you set them level on the can and come of just as easily with a little pushing in of the can. I never seem to finish a full can in a day and really enjoy still having a "fizzy" drink the next day. Good buy, Q --- now I am going to get another set because I keep giving them away to friends and family. 02-17-11