RLM Studio Sterling Erosion Ring

RLM Studio Sterling Erosion Ring
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Looking for a signature jewelry piece? The search stops here! Magnificent in sterling silver, this erosion ring features a large, free-form, concave circle at the top that's sure to garner admiring glances. From RLM Studio by Robert Lee Morris.

  • Sterling silver
  • Sizes 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
  • Measures approximately 1"L x 3/4"W
  • Box, pouch, romance card
  • Made in China

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Totally Blissed Out W/ This Ring I happened upon this ring late in the game.Still,it was love,so I ordered it in the only size left (6) reasoning when I lose weight (yet again) I'll go down a ring size( reasoning only women can appreciate,I am sure!).The ring arrived and I am so happy to have it! No,it does not fit my ring finger,but who cares,it looks fabulosa as a pinky ring!YAY! It is so zen looking,feeling.Sensual and the silver has a liquid look & feel.Tactile,I keep rubbing the bowl of the ring,it is like a modern day worry stone.It totally rocks a Elsa Peretti (Tiffany & Co. designer) 70's vibe.Boho chic.Here is a ring who's design transcends time,it is yesterday,today and the future.I say,grab this ring while you can! Even if it won't fit your finger,wear it around your neck on a black velvet cord,it will look smashing! 01-29-11
One of my favorites !!! Love this ring, super shiney silver and the design is beyond words. Fits perfectly, is weighty but not top heavy. Everyone will ask me about it, when I wear it. One of my favorites by RLM. 10-14-10
AMAZING!!! This ring is one of, if not the best RLM piece I've ever bought. The ring is large, but not gawdy, and super comfortable!!!! Just stunning on the hand. I've been looking for a ring like this for sometime and it totally exceeded my expectations!!!! Don't hesitate on buying this one ladies, it's a winner! 07-16-10
LUV, LUV, LUV x INFINITY! This RLM's ring is one of my most favorite rings EVER! I purchased this ring after looking at it for a while. I was on the fence, because neither the photos nor the videos were able to, truly, translate the complexity of this amazing piece of jewelry! I received it yesterday; and, it is even more fabulous, bold, shiny, intriguing, sensous, asymetrical, substantilal, mysterious, and unique than I can ever imagined! It is so elegant in its simplicity; and, yet, so complex as a form. And, that is what I call HIGH art! It is creativity at is finest. It is what separates a great artist from the rest. This ring epitomizes the nuance of what real beauty is. Contrary to popular believe, beauty is felt NOT seen--because it is so succeptible. Everyone has her/his own idea of what beauty is. However, it is not until one feels it in her/his soul that one, truly, understand the meaning of it. And, that is how this ring makes me feel (although, I, also, agree with the comments of all the other five stars reviewers). I, first, liked the ring, because I felt more sophisticated, feminine, confident, and taller wearing it! But, then, something happened: I was admiring the ring when I found myself smiling and taken back to my wonderful and happy childhood moments. This abstract piece of sculpture all of the sudden brought back memories of me as a child: Jumping into puddles of water, after the rain, and splashing mudd all over the place. White-water rafting (level 4 and 5) having the sparkling, cold water rushing us down into the whirl pool--and then paddling for dear life to get out of it-- before I drowned! Climbling mountains and finding that special boulder with the concave indentation to seat on it and enjoy the sun. Spelunking. 90 feet, down a cave into a--neither oval nor round--pool of icy water and into a raft-- just so I could climb up another cave and crawl through concave holes in order to explore all the other caves! Climbing the tallest trees and having the joy of searching for a branch where a seat seemed to have been carved out just for me to rest on and to dangle my legs! Going to a rubber/gum tree and collecting sap-- from this unusually shaped oval hole--so I could use it as glue. And, lets not forget when my brother left me in the middle of a, very dense, forest, gave me a compass to find a destination that he had drawn in a piece of paper! To my relief, I was able to find it. And what a beautiful sight it was! It was an enormous cascading waterfall-- where the water rested surrounded by large rocks. These large rocks looked ondulated --eroded by the natural elements-- their tops were the shape of, an asymetrical, neither oval nor round, soup spoon. The rocks were imperfertly concave in their perfection! They were cold, smooth, and silky to the touch. Some rocks had little pools of water glistenning within them. They looked very solid and were substantial in size. They sparlked as if they were sprinkled with silver dust; but, it was the water falling on them, of course They were beautiful and ABSOLUTELY perfectly-imperfect--as nature intended, And, that is what RLM's pieces of jewelry (especially this one) are to me: An inspiration to see how beautiful and elegant--in its simplicity-- nature is. And, to remember our moments of total bliss or total humanity. Just being perfectly-imperfect as nature intended! Thank you Robert! You are an inspiration to me. I hope your hands will heal soon! And, Q, thank you for working so hard in getting me the ring. As usual, it has been VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. I am one happy customer! 07-09-10
Showstopper!!! This ring is HUGE, but is still very comfortable. Right on the mark as a showstopper piece! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! 07-04-10
So Cool! It's a bit hard to describe this ring - the shape can be so many things - it is this silver pool that can reflect your thoughts and images right back at you. It is beautifully constructed of a single piece of sliver that rises up into this pool of silver - super comfortable! ... and Super beautiful! Another amazing ring from Robert Lee Morris! 05-12-10
Holy Moly!!!! Absolutely gorgeous !!!Perfectly perfect !!!!Don't miss this one because no one who owns it will ever give it up or , maybe ,even loan it to you !!! 03-18-10
Love this ring! Beautiful ring, I love it! The ring has a nice weight to it, in no way feels cheap, very expensive looking. It would look great on the middle or index finger. I purchased this ring for my ring finger and it looks great! The design is unique, I can't say enough about this ring. I'm a fan of RLM! 02-27-10
RLM at It's Best! This ring is just beautiful...indeed it is RLM at it's best! It looks like a piece of art. It really does feel like it was made just for me! It is just beautiful! 02-26-10
Love! Love! Great ring! I have alot of rings, and they have to be a stand out and unusual piece to keep. And this one is a keeper!! Thanks, RLM. 02-18-10
FABULOUS! I own a lot of Robert's silver rings, but this one may be the best (I also love the silver/black obsidian ring, too). As soon as I saw it on Lisa Robertson's finger, I knew I had to have it. It is so me. I wear it on my index finger. First of all, its so comfortable. Feels like it was molded just for my finger. Its has lots of light reflection and shine. The shape is that of a pottery bowl, in process...the walls of the bowl are organic and imperfect in shape, but very pleasing in form and size. I actually had a stranger grab my hand yesterday and say "I love your ring. Let me look at it closer." This will be a great everyday, go-with-everything ring. Very chic and artsy. Striking, yet simplistic. Vintage Robert Lee Morris! 10-30-09
Bold and Unusual! Not just your plain old big circle ring. Looks just like a cup from the side. I like how it is scooped out, it adds such an artistic dimension. Fits true to size. Very comfortable to wear. I wore it to work and it is low profile enough that it didnt bump into anything. I really like this piece. 09-19-09
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