Paula Deen Butter Keeper with Swirl Design

Paula Deen Butter Keeper with Swirl Design
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Keep butter soft and spreadable with this convenient storage crock. Butter stay fresh for several days up to several weeks as long as you keep the bottom filled with cool, fresh water. The pretty swirl design makes it a pleasure to place on your table for serving. From Paula Deen.

  • Includes crock and lid
  • Not for stovetop use
  • Measures 4"H x 3-1/2"Diam
  • Made in China

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K26918 - Paula Deen Butter Keeper with Swirl Design 4.4 5 34 34
Just what I have been looking for! I jumped on this butter keeper when I saw it as a lunchtime special and am extremely happy I did. If you read the directions and follow them- it absolutely works great! the only way it will fail is user failure. I ordered the red which is sort of a light burgundy color-perfect for my kitchen. It looks great on my counter-like a piece of ceramic art instead of the old tacky plastic butter dish. You do have to remember to change the 1/3 cup of ice water every couple of days-no big deal to me- I love it! The price was a steal- a win/win purchase. Thanks QVC! 09-20-12
Love this! I read the reviews before I received this, so I let my stick of butter come to room temperature then packed the butter into the bell. ( I put a baggie over my hand so I could pack it well). With my measuring cup 1/3 cup of water got the edges of the butter wet, so I use about 1/4 cup. Butter is soft and spreadable, has never fallen in the water. Great product. 09-10-12
Love it! First time I have used anything like this and we love it!! Soft creamy butter in the morning ...works beautiful! 09-03-12
Butter Bells Are Great I have been using a butter bell for years....I have never had a problem with the butter falling into the water. This is a great way to keep butter convienient on your counter and the right softness for spreading. If there is a problem with falling out of the bell into the water, it is not the fault of the bell but of the user not following directions. As others have said, just soften the stick of butter a bit on your counter and pack into the bell. Keep the right amount of water (about 1/3 full) and change as directed. No problems, ever. Butter bells have been around for generations because they work. 08-28-12
Water level is critical I love this! I prefer chilled butter, but my husband likes it at room temp so I bought this. First few times, the butter ended up in the water. Then we figured it out...the water level has to be slightly above the level of the butter holder. If you only fill with 1/3 cup water, there's not enough water to form a seal with the butter holder section. So, just put in enough water so the seal can form. Even fill it higher, just less than 1/2 full. If you put in too much water, the excess water will simply overflow the top - wipe up the water and this will work great. Don't forget to change the water frequently. Good luck. 08-27-12
does not work Before I purchased this product I read the reviews and saw that several people had problems with the butter falling into the water. I decided to purchase it anyway and was careful to follow the directions that come with it. It doesn't work. Butter falls into the water frequently. Got tired ot digging my butter out of the water. What a mess and a waste of butter! Did not return it because it wasn't cost effective to do so. ( didn't pay much for the thing). But I most certainly don't use it. It sits in my cupboard. Don't buy it, you will waste your money. 05-15-12
Read the directions People! I have been using a butter bell since I was a little girl.My grandma always had one on her table. I ordered the blue one and we have been happy with it since day one. I am very happy with the quality! It comes with directions that state clearly how to use it. Butter too soft will fall into the water,butter too hard will not stay in the bell. Just take the sticks out of the refrigerator, let them soften for a bit and then put them in the bell, I use a spatula and just scrape the butter off the paper it is wrapped in.Simple. And as for "throwing away wet butter"....Really? Who does that with the price of butter these days? Thank you for another Awesome product QVC! 03-15-12
Marevelous I love this butter keeper, my husband had just dropped my butter dish and broke it, so it was meant to be!! My daugther was just home for a visit and seen the butter keeper she went crazy over it. 03-13-12
Cute and it works After reading some of the reviews I was a bit nervous about purchasing this butter keeper. I was quite skeptic but ordered it anyways. I LOVE it!!! My butter stays soft and spreadable. I have had no problems with the butter getting wet!! Works Great!!! 01-22-12
Butter Bell User I've been a butter bell user for years. Let me share some secrets. Soften the butter on the counter until it still holds its shape but is somewhat softened. Very soft butter will not work. Wash the butter bell and rinse with very cold water. Then dry the bell thoroughly. Butter will not stay in the bell if it is still wet. With the back of a teaspoon, press about 1/3 of the stick into the bell making sure that it is firmly packed. Repeat with the rest of the butter stick, firmly packing into the bell. Add very cold water to the container, then insert the bell. Change the water as recommended--more often during the warmer months. You can enjoy soft butter and it will not fall into the water. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I do. 01-01-12
wish this was a crock with a tight seal lid.. I was so shocked to see how this was used and it doesnt work..butter falls pot in water...I so love the look. of this and wish it was just a butter CROCK with a sealed lid 01-01-12
butter in water I tried 3 times to keep my butter in the bell and every time I ended up with butter in the water. The crock is very nice to look at it, but I can't keep throwing wet butter away! 12-19-11