Party on the Go Food & Dessert Travel Caddy with 4 Inserts

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K24140 - Party on the Go Food & Dessert Travel Caddy with 4 Inserts 2.5 5 76 76
I loved mine I bought this to take cupcakes from Georgia to Arkansas and it was awesome. I plan to use it again this coming weekend to take deviled eggs from Atlanta to Macon. I read the other reviews and I will be sure to use large eggs. I gathered as much from the size of the holes in the egg tray. I was not able to use the cupcake tray because the holes were smaller but they fit in the veggie tray easy. 10-20-12
Cheaply made I wish I would have sent this back when I got it but to return it wouldn't have been cost effective. This is very cheaply made and the tabs that close it don't close easily and it's not secure when it is closed. I do not like the cupcake insert and the cupcakes have to be really small to fit. It's a great idea but not well made. Normally I love everything I get from QVC. This hasn't kept me from shopping! 08-23-12
Great Convenience I really love it for transporting deviled eggs. Once the eggs slipped through and made a mess, but you can be sure to buy large enough eggs. It took me a while to learn how to lock it in place , but now it works all the time. Just be patient, read the directions and don't be rough on it. 05-08-11
love it it works great, I have used it several times with no problems. great for pot lucks and church gatherings. 12-03-10
500 Stars!! I received this as a gift... I am the designated "Deviled Egg Maker" for my family.. No hassle, and no messy deliveries!!! Also great for school cupcake deliveries!!! I would give it 500 stars!!! 11-06-10
works for us... I ordered two of these, one my myself and one for my daughter. We have both used on several occasions and been pleased . The first few times it was a bit difficult to lock the lid to the base, but after figuring it out...it was secure. There is definitely a "trick" to fitting all the components inside for storage, again, once you get it, they all fit. 08-12-10
Don't understand the bad reviews I bought several of these when they were a tsv and they have worked for me very well. We have used them for many things and would not know what to do with out them! I have had non of the problems mentioned in other reviews as for the cup cake problem this item holds more cup cakes than my very expensive can't say the name in review and it keeps them snug, they don't touch each other and they arrive in the same condition as they were when I put them in. I would highly recommend this item especially if you have covered dish suppers at church or family dinners. The red and green are perfect for the hollidays. 07-31-10
not secure I wanted to like this party-on-the-go caddy, but when I used it I was disappointed. The lid does not fasten tightly and the insert trays do not seat well. I carried it by the bottom and that defeated the whole convienience of the carry handle. A good idea but it didn't work for me. 07-18-10
save your money I don't believe it's even worth the clearance price. Not good quality, deviled eggs fall through the spaces .... I too would have sent it back except the postage would have been as much as it is worth. 07-11-10
Holding my Breath I hope this doesn't crack like the ones in other reviews! I just received it and am not satisfied with the latches. It is no Lock and Lock, but hopefully will work okay. Will keep and see. 07-09-10
soo sad very sad- the tray only holds 16 cup cakes. 1 box makes 20-24. if the cupcakes are normal size they do not fit. they must be small. afraid to try eggs. I would send it back but it would just cost me for return shipping. 06-30-10
Terrible Product The first time I used this the 2 inserts cracked right in the middle. I am sending this item back. Was excited about getting it, but it's just made cheap, cheap, cheap. 06-24-10