Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment - 4.6 oz

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2009 Customer Choice Beauty Awards

Customer Choice Beauty Award Winner: Best Hair Treatment

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Reviews & Community QA

A162910 - Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment - 4.6 oz 4.2 5 221 221
sad what happen to this product, I need some more. Will it be back? 04-20-11
Ojon Product Please why is this great product not avalible ir's my life safer. Why ie it everytime I find a great product that works for my hair it" gone. WHAT HAPPEN? Please bring it back i love the product it it really works. DESPARET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! E.MILLER 04-17-11
Miraculous I am now addicted to this stuff. Have you ever seen old, water damaged wood? Dull...lifeless, old looking? That was my hair. And this stuff did to my hair what a really good wood treatment would do for that damaged wood..it made it gleam and it's full of life. Just last night my 26 year old daughter asked me what I was doing differently with my hair because it looked gorgeous. I actually kind of like the smell and definitely prefer it to the overly perfumed, unnatural fragrances some products use. The Ojon Restorative Treatment makes my hair shiny and manageable...it's wonderful. 03-19-11
NASTY STINKY DISGUSTING SMELLY GROSS!!!!! This stuff smells soooooooooooooo bad I can't bring myself to use it a second time. My hair is thick, and in pretty good shape. I don't color it or abuse it with hot tools and I try to treat it with products like this fairly regularly. I am always looking for the next best thing to keep my hair looking its best. This is NOT the next best thing simply because of the smell! I did like the shine I got after I rinsed my hair out, but I can't fairly rate its performance for long term treatment because I just won't use it again. Its odor is just too offensive...it smells like those clove cigarettes to me and the odor does not rinse out immediately. I even wore my hair up out of my face for a couple of days so I wouldn't smell it. Seriously Ojon, your other products don't smell like this - WTH?? 03-15-11
just like magic Let me start off by letting you all know I am a beauty junkie, you name it I have it or have tried it. I finally bought this and oh my!! I have colored treated,long, fine hair and a lot of it. It tends to tangle if I wear it down so I always have to have it up in a ponytail or bun. Well let me tell you...after using this as an overnight treatment I was able to wear my hair down without a "rats nest" forming at the back. My hair is so soft and shiny. It has been a week and is just now beginning to dull. I also used it on my 10 year old daughter who has very unruly curly hair and it completely transformed her hair. No more frizzes and is so manageable. Please try this product you well not regret it. 03-09-11
Excellent Hair Treatment!!!!! This hair treatment is one of the best hair treatments I have tried in my life. I am a African American women and I order this product the last time Ojon was on. I started to have some breakage from another product I was using so on March 4, 2011 I put this in my hair overnight I let it stay in from 7pm-10am the next morning. And let me tell you when I washed out my hair this stuff made my hair so soft and the comb just went straight through my hair without any problem and I'm 5 weeks post relaxer and guess what after one treatment no more breakage. I'm telling you if you been wanting to try this product try it because I was back and forth for a while but I'm glad I did. For chemically and relaxed African American women please don't be afraid to try this product because it does what it says. Awesome product!!! 03-06-11
LOVE THIS STUFF! I have been using this since it came to QVC! After I use this product my hair has volume, softness and body!! What a difference it makes in my hair! I miss the Tawaka shampoo! Please don't ever stop making this! 02-22-11
Sadly disappointed but tried for almost 90 days I purchased this product after watching OJON's 8th year anniversary show. I figured it had to work if QVC kept them on the air for 8 years. I shared this product with 3 of my sisters to test how it would work. We each have very different hair. I have naturally, frizzy, kinky curls and my sisters' have hair that ranges from straight to wavy to permed. Pros: There was a shine after washing the product out, Easy to apply after warming up in your hands, Directions easy to follow Con 1: Smell is very unique. It reminded me of going to an Indian food restuarant. The scent was very strong and lasts for days. I applied my OJON to my hair while watching a movie downstairs. The scent was so powerful that when my house guests came over, they asked what I was cooking and if they had to eat it. The smell had traveled all the way upstairs. Con 2: Not a noticeable difference immediately after use or after 4 uses...or after 80 days, when it comes to texture. We all used the product once a week like recommended and left the treatment in overnight for max. results. Con 3: Hair was left greasy-looking. The product promises a shine but what it really delivers is an oiled-weighed down look and feeling. Sent the product back to QVC half empty with no hopes of it working. 02-19-11
Awesome Product I am African American and I really have seen a huge difference with my hair. I have been using this product for over 2 years and have it on auto-delivery. I wear my hair in Sister Locks and my lock techican keeps asking me what are you doing to your hair? I told her that I ue Ojon. I gave her a small sample and she didn't like the smell (I love the smell). She said to keep using it, but I was going to anyway. I recommend this to everyone and especially African Americans who are scared to try new products. I also like the mist, especially since my Sister Locks needs only water and I add this to my hair and my locks love it and so do I. I wanted to add more stars. This stuff lasts a long time. My daughter have very coarse natural hair and she loves the SWA in those individual tubes. She said mama look at my hair and we have tried all types of products that did not work and so much money invested and were not good for our hair. This product is good because I hate using hair grease and this is so much better for African Americans. Ms. Green from Oklahom 02-17-11
Don't Like The Smell But The Results Are Worth It I love the smell of the other Ojon products (especially the swa ampules) but I don't like the smell of this at all. However, I'll certainly keep using it because the results are worth it and the smell washes out easily. I have naturally curly hair that has become softer, finer and straighter with age. This product makes my hair thicker and stronger like it used to be when I was in high school. At first I was a little bothered that my hair no longer felt baby soft but then I remembered that it wasn't baby soft when it was younger and healthier, it was more coarse and strong. I love how fast I've seen results so I'll be sticking with this product. I can learn to deal with the stench 1 night a week because the results are worth it. 02-11-11
MIRACLE PRODUCT!!! I have been using this product for 7 years now. I saw a difference the first time i used it, but since then i have seen my hair become someone elses hair. I have aways had dry, frizzy, curly, unmanagable, hard to grow hair. In the past seven years i have seen my hair get smooth, long, and shiney. I hardly have any broken ends anymore. also my curls are more defined and bounce. My hair endures alot and stays strong. i bleach my hair every month and a half. My stylist cannot get over what all it can takeand still look healthy. My hair wasnt ever able to grow past this one certain spot. It now grows like a weed. I cant believe the difference ojon has made. I use this with the revitalizing mist and the shampoo and conditioner set. I am constantly recommending this product to people. I believe in ojon with all my heart!! 01-23-11
Hair Repair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally took the plunge and bought this item after watching it on QVC for a number of years! I don't know why I didn't get it when I first saw it, but I am kicking myself for that now. I used this treatment last night for the first time and decided to go for gusto and leave it on overnight to get the full potential of the product. It did not fail me. I was expecting hydration from this, but go so much more. I washed my hair with my Wen cleansing conditioner (it is the only thing I will EVER use to clean my hair!!!!) and then blew dry it and WOW! The shine was out of this world. There was not a fly away hair on my head and I didn't have to use my flat iron at ALL! My hair felt stronger, looked healthier, and behaved better than it has in years! The smell of this product is something that you are either gonna love or hate. I personally thought it smelled awesome...kind of "woodsy" and "natural". In the end, if this product performs the way it does, who cares about the smell anyway?!? I also rubbed in the slight excess into my hands and onto my cuticles and this was as fabulous for them as it was for my hair! I will definitely be keeping this as a staple item in my hair care routine. I won't be without it again...it is that awesome. And one last thing...a little goes such a long way and the comb with the scoop on it is actually a fantastic, practical, and usable product. I have long hair and this little comb worked awesome to scoop out the right amount of product and to distribute the product throughout my hair evenly. Thanks to QVC for being such a great company and allowing us these phenomenal products at such affordable prices! You guys ROCK!!!!! 01-13-11