Mally Perfect Prep Eye Cooling Gel System w/ Activating Tool

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A199512 - Mally Perfect Prep Eye Cooling Gel Syst. w/Activating 3.8 5 46 46
Excellent Product I bought this product to pamper myself. I have some puffiness under my eyes and wanted to look refreshed and more awake. The applicator really caught my attention too. I got it and loved it, but my husband loved it even more! He has hereditary dark circles under his eyes that have bothered him since he was a kid. So I told him to try it and he now uses it more than I do. He loves the feeling and it really has lightened his rings and taken away both of our puffiness. We are now on our second order and will never be without it again. Mally is amazing and I love all of her products. My husband and I are both fans for life! Treat and refresh yourself. Thank you Mally and QVC!! 02-05-13
Awesome Product!!! This is a wonderful eye product. I am 65 soon to be 66 and my eyes are the youngest part about me, which I give credit to this product. I can't imagine even one negative comment about it. I was on auto- delivery until I got a notice that auto-delivery was no longer an option. Apparently too many people bought into negative reviews and sales dropped. I am really disappointed about that, cause now I have to order ahead so I know I won't run out. Hope I can continue to get it. Mally please don't discontinue it, I just LOVE it!!! 02-02-13
Ordering Again! I have puffy, aging, allergy eyes and dread looking in the mirror each morning. This is the only product that has ever made a difference in terms of the puffiness (and I've tried plenty)! I'm not sure why it seems to work well for some and not others. I apply first thing in the morning and let it dry before applying moisturizer and makeup. I haven't had a problem with stickiness or peeling. It doesn't change the fact that my eyes are 43 years old - that would be magic - but it does alleviate my chief complaint of puffy under eyes. I just reordered because I've already used it all! 06-09-12
Looks decadent but doesn't deliver Boy was I surprised when I tried this and it was a disaster! I was sure it would be a luxurious cool (from the metal applicator) and soothing for my eye area. It was just the opposite. The first time I put the stainless steel with product on my eyelids it felt good for a second- then blah. Then it dried quickly and sticky- my skin was being pulled around...before I knew it I had dried product in patches around my eye! I did try again a few days later using my fingers, nada. NOT soothing at all! I am still searching for a soothing experience for around my eyes in down time. Any suggestions? 06-04-12
The Metal Applicator Is All You Need Love the metal applicator - it feels fantastic and I'm now using it to apply my moisturizer and anything else to my eye area. I had a really bad headache and used it with cream. Not saying that it cured the headache - but it definitely helped with the inflamation around the eye area and maybe the fact I took the time to do this exercise and just relax - but we do whatever works! Her creme is very nice, but not worth the money. I will keep it and use it up. Knowing what I know now I would just get the metal ball applicator. Good quality. I am very happy with Mally's products. 02-08-12
Lov! Love! Love! This product! I am totally loving this product ...have used it for years and it totally makes a difference in the lift of my eyelid as well as the relaxing look of my eyes. I use it daily...usually morning and night and it has helped lift the corner of my left eyelid and it makes me look less tired after a night of poor sleeping. I absolutely recommend this! 01-15-12
Love the applicator I love the applicator in terms of how it feels when I use it. It feels cool and very soothing. The eye gel feels cool too bu I don't see any difference in terms of puffiness reduction or wrinkle reduction. I will keep but will probably not reorder. 11-17-11
OK product I exspected more from the product. It felt good and was cool, but did not show noticeable changes in the eye area. 03-10-11
Mally does it again I am 63 and work as a receptionist. the overhead lights and computer screen take a toll on my eyes. By lunch my eyes are generally quite puffy. i tried this product after watching Mally do a few demos on one of her shows. Long story short. This product works. It feels cool when I put it on and within a few minutes I can notice the puffness is greatly reduced. I tell my age so that women of different age groups will know this is for all of us gals. More and more I am becoming a Mallyette! Her products are easy to use and a good value. 02-16-11
Very Soothing This gel with the little tool is great at the end of a long day when I'm tired and my eyes are strained. Great little pick-me-up at the end of the day. Can't use this in the morning, though because it balls up and peels when I put on my concealer. 02-10-11
Amazing!!! I love this product! Not only does it look super cute, it feels amazing! It soothes, cools, and tightens. I have under eye puffiness. I tried many products, got Eh results. This product helped with the puffiness instantly! I am very pleased with the results! Mally girl, thank you so much! Keep up the good work! 02-06-11
Love Mally, But Not This Product I love her makeup, and use it everyday, but this did not deliver results for me. Will be sending this back. 01-11-11