Magic Fur Ball Pet Hair and Lint Remover Dryer Ball

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Magic Fur Ball Pet Hair and Lint Remover Dryer Ball
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De-fuzz. Pop the Magic Fur Ball in the dryer and let it work wonders in removing pet hair, lint, and other surface fuzz from your clothes. At the end of the cycle, the debris is collected in the dryer's filter. Sized and shaped like a softball, it's made from fleece and microfiber materials and is suitable on wet or dry clothes.

Measures approximately 5" Diameter.

Made in China.
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V23523 - Magic Fur Ball Pet Hair and Lint Remover Dryer Ball 3.3 5 132 132
LOVE THEM!!!! Have checked many times to see if they were back in stock, i have 6 cats and these Magic Fur Balls work great in the dryer...hope to see them come back, have told many friends about them and they would be interested in getting them too...not just for pet hair works great for lint also....some said they had problems with them losing thier air and flattening out, all you have to do is reinflate them with a bike tire or basketball pump and thier as good as new, mine lost air once, inflated it again and haven't had a problem since...LOVE THE MAGIC FUR BALL!!!!!!! 08-03-12
Don't Waste Your Money Definitely don't waste your money on this one. It does not remove hair from the clothing nor did it significantly help drying time. I still had the same amount of cat hair on my fleece sweatshirts as when they went in the dryer. I usually like what I get from QVC, but this was a big let down! 02-12-10
Love it I really love these balls, I read the reviews before I bought them and went with one of them and got two, and that is what I use and it takes the hair off my clothes even the fleece. I have a Jack Russel who sheds white hair every where. ( Wish I could put her in the dryer). Buy them you won't be sorry. 02-11-10
Wonderful I have been using this for a while now and almost all the dog hair is removed and the static electricity is reduced. My dog got a hold of it and chewed it up and my laundry is hurting! I need a new one so I will purchase another. This is the best thing ever! I have a Newfoundland and his hair get everywhere. It doesn't remove the hair and none gets on the ball. It releases it from the clothes and it shows up in the lint trap, and there is so much of it there with this item! I don't know why there are negative reviews, but they must be using it incorrectly. 01-25-10
These are great! I was very nervous to purchase these after reading some of the reviews, but they are great! I have four cats and a dog, and there is a LOT less hair on my clothes when I get them out of the dryer. I would definitely buy these again! 01-06-10
Love this Have to say I have used several laundry products for lint removal and find this one to be the very best. Lasts about a year therefore worth the money. Love this... 12-10-09
Love this!!!!!!!! I have a dog with short white hair, it's on everything. Since I have started to use the magic fur ball in my dryer, everything comes out hair and lint free!!! Please keep these in your inventory!! What a great invention.... 11-28-09
WOW! Dries SUPER FAST! This is an amazing product! Not only does it do a great job of getting rid of pet hair (I've got an orange cat & a black dog...so I know!) but it also helps the clothes dry super fast & fluffy. I have been using this for OVER A YEAR now and LOVE IT! The one time I had one "go flat" I emailed the company and had wonderful and fast customer service. I can't say enough good things about this product and this company. Give it a try you will not be sorry! I also think this would be a cute and creative small gift for holidays! Teachers get enough cookies, give 'em something they can use! :) 11-11-09
Great product I was like some reviewers and thought the hair would be found on the ball. I used it once and thought, "Where's the hair?" Then I figured it out. The extra hair is in the lint catcher! I ran the next load through the dryer without the ball and cleaned the lint catcher. Then I ran it again with the ball. Seeing how much more hair was in the second cycle really showed how much this ball works. (Of course, any second cycle would have caught some more lint. I think, though, that the ball caught more hair than without.) It doesn't catch everything, but it helps to remove the visible hair on my clothing. 11-05-09
This Thing Actually Works! As the owner of 2 yorkies and a papillion, just I have to say this is some of the best money I've spent lately. I didn't really expect it to, but this thing actually works pretty doggone (better make that hairgone) well. I don't even dread washing and drying the towels we use for grooming anymore. It's certainly worth your time to give one of these a try. 10-09-09
Excellent! I have tried so many products to get rid of pet fur on my clothes and this ball is simply amazing! As a lifetime pet owner, I don't remember when I didn't have fur and lint on my clothing but this little contraption has finally resolved this issue for me! I have no clue how this works but it's the best $$ I've spent to cure my constant "tweed" look! Thank you!!! 10-08-09
works somewhat I received this about two months ago. I wanted it to mainly get my black clothing fur free because it shows up the worse on black. It does get some of the fur off but not all of it. 09-10-09