Laura Geller Real Deal Arsenal 6-pc Collection with Lip Sponge

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Laura Gueller 6 Piece Collection I had heard such good reviews on this product I couldn't wait to try it. Wears off quickly. Poor quality. Waste of money. I do not recommend for anyone. Even my daughter tried it with the same results. Very disappointed. 07-13-12
wonderful product This is the first thing I tried in your line of cosmetics and I couldn't be happier. I have recently gotten the baked vanilla line and love it also. Just today I ordered your new spackle and cannot wait to try it too. A friend and I went to London for the royal wedding in April. I packed the Real Deal 6-pc collection, I didn't have to worry about how much liquid I had or if it was packed in the right bag for security. It also saved me from the worry of breaking my bottle of liquid foundation! We had a great time and I felt beautiful all day long. 07-19-11
its an ok deal i just recieved this yesterday in the mail i ordered it in the deep and i have to say i have both mixed emotions about this product. i do like the blush, the eye rimz and the gloss. i have decided to use my own primer cause it makes the foundation stick go on alot smother. and ill just use the 3 in 1 stick only on my t zones. the concealer is just not happening for me. i use my finger tip to apply and im still not liking it. its an ok collection, the blush gives my skin a glow. i use a lil of the blush as eye shadow and line my eyes with the eye rimz, beautiful. 05-03-11
some of the collection is nice I have to agree with others, the shadow really does make you look like you have a black eye. I immediately wiped it off the first time I used it because it looked like someone punched me in the eye. I like the foundation but the colour (medium) was a little dark for me. You only need a very small amount but I had a very hard time spreading it on my face because it is quite thick. For that reason alone I would not buy this foundation because I was really pulling and stretching my skin to spread it. It doesn't make me break out at all so I was happy about that. I tried the stick concealer which is easier to spread but neither that nor the remedy stick worked for me. My t-zone was extremely oil within a couple of hours of putting it on. The remedy stick is supposed to mattify and it did initially but my skin didn't stay that way. The blush is a beautiful colour and very natural looking. I'm sad I have to return it with the other items in the kit. The lip gloss is pretty but doesn't last long. On a positive note it was a good value. It would cost a lot more if you were to purchase the items individually. 04-16-11
LAURAAAAAA GIRLLLFRIIIEENNNDDD!!! Laura Geller is the TRUTH!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS KIT!! The foundation stick is awewome - - goes on smooth ; looks and lasts great! Remedy stick was different but I like it as well - - perfect for on the go. And the CONCEALER??? WOW is all I can say!! The marbelized liner if phenomenal - - absolutely love the color, but I could be biased as I have always liked pink but it goes on marvelously and lasts with that spectacular brush. THANK YOU LAURA - - HOME RUN! 04-16-11
Not up to LG standards! Didn't cover & eye shadow. What a shock! This was Not Not up to LG standards! Didn't cover as it should at all. Also the shadow color was embarrassing. A male friend asked if I had a 'shiner or two?' Color should have been much softer on that. So sorry, Laura. 04-13-11
NOT! I should have learned from my other experiences with LG's kits. I have now after the purchase and return of another kit (the vanilla nudes). The only thing that was a positive for me from this kit is/was the real deal concealer. I had never tried it before and now I do not want to be without it. I did like the light beams, too, and may get some one day, separately. I sent this kit back quickly! 04-06-11
My first LG disappointment I first used my collection yesterday. Had been in the hospital so looked forward to some new makeup. The color was o.k. but it was so cakey and showed my pores. Also had to blend and blend so the fine hairs on my cheeks would not show. Never had that happen before in any brand. I did like the blush and lip color. Really sad. 04-06-11
Disappointed Lip gloss is nice a color,but does not stay on long.....as for the rest of the kit....well the foundation is very dry and does not give good coverage the remedy stick feels very greasy,eye shadow not the best.I love my makeup,but this kit has to go back. 04-05-11
Half Bad-Half Good I am sending both mine back. Hate the foundation stick and hate the remedy stick (can't believe that one is "Customer Top Rated"). I ordered the both medium and light. Medium because Laura said the foundation stick runs lighter than her Balance-n-Brighten foundation and the Light because that is what works on me in the Balance-n-Brighten, in case the Medium didn't run THAT much lighter than the BnB one -- but she's right, the medium was light enough (and the Light was way lighter than I like). These foundations do run quite a bit lighter in color than the BnB, judging from the Light and Medium, at least. But the Medium comes with the Medium concealer, which I already have several of and is a little dark for me -- I prefer the light concealer -- but the Light was way too light to keep. But that crust on the outside and the crumbling made this a non-starter. Not to mention the fact that, even w/the Remedy Stick, or Spackle, or a different brand's primer, the foundation actually settled into my pores -- I look like I had little foundation dots where the pores are! And that remedy stick -- I don't know what's in it, but it feels super-smooth on my face, almost like silicone or oily. But, whatever it is, the foundation and concealer practically slid right off. I ended up applying more, especially of the concealer, WHILE I WAS STILL FINISHING MY MAKE-UP, TWICE. As for the Eye Rimz -- I saw Laura specifically say during one of the presentations on air that if someone was looking for an Eye Rimz that didn't have any black in it, this was the one to get. Don't know how she got that notion. The Eye Rimz are really full of black, especially when applied dry -- Ack!. At least when they're wetted, the purple shows up, but it's a really, really dark purple because of the black -- ends up being way too strong of an eye shadow when applied wet. I was really looking forward to a non-black-based Eye Rimz, and the plum/bronze combo sounded great both as a liner and as a shadow. Hint, hint Laura -- if you could make one that really didn't have such a blackness to it, it might be a great color. I do like the color of the blush stick. And I really like the Lip Beams product (although this particular color matches my lips so closely, all it does is make them a stronger color, but mostly it kind of disappears) -- especially the nice light citrus scent and the consistency/texture of the formula. So that's why I'm giving it 2 stars. But just those 2 products aren't enough for the price. So, please Laura, start making the Lip Beams available as an individual item! 04-04-11
half the kit is great THE GOOD: the real deal concealer is great. it is extremely pigmented so you only need a teeny bit for great coverage (and I have SUPER dark circles). I find the less concealer I need to use, the more natural it looks. also, it lasts all day. I really like the lip gloss, it is not super glossy/wet but nice level of natural pigment and feels emollient on the lips. THE BAD: the stick foundation is awful. it is super dry and crumbly and balls up as you rub it onto the skin. it does not blend in with the skin but rather just sits on top. yuck. I have no idea what the clear stuff is supposed to do, it is just like crisco on a stick. that went straight into the trash can. THE MEDIOCRE: The blush stick has a similar dry, hard to blend consistency as the foundation. It seems like you have to rub and rub to get any to come off the stick and onto the skin. I do like the delivery system of blush on a stick so I will probably keep this around but I would never buy it on its own. the eye rimz looks like a nice eyeliner color, though I wish they would have included an eyeliner brush. I have not used that yet because I need to get an applicator brush. the lip sponge is cute but not practical. If I could do it over, I wouldn't have bought the kit, I just would have bought the concealor and the lip gloss (though I don't think they sell the gloss here seperately). buy the concealer, skip this kit! 04-02-11
Best Product By Laura G Yet I am very pleased with these products. I gave it only 4 stars because I don't care for the shadow/eyeliner. I will purchase this again. Thanks Laura! 04-01-11