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Josie Maran Pure & Simple 4-piece Argan Skincare Ritual 4.3 5 385 385
tinted moisturizer is the only good thing here The cleanser is odd, doesn't leave your skin feeling clean and causes blackheads to appear on your nose. The lip/cheek tint was a pretty color for summer but it started to smell bad after a couple weeks and it was hard to blend into the cheek area no matter how many times I tried and has no staying power. The oil smells bad as well after about a month and I was careful to not touch the dropper to contaminate it. The moisturizer is about the only thing that was ok, BUT I have to dilute that w/a regular moisturizer because it left my skin with an oily greasy sheen if used alone...wow, just didn't have a good experience with this product. Good luck. 10-29-13
The moisturizer is the Bomb I give this 5 stars for the Argan Daily Moisturizer Protect and Perfect Broad Spectrum SPF 40 TInted lotion.. which I can only find in this package and can not find it ANYWHERE else on the internet. Unfortunately for me the cleanser I immediately throw away. I have color sticks coming out of my EARS.. but I can always use the Argan oil. Please Josie & QVC.. sell this moisturizer as a stand alone product!! ...So I can stop contributing to our land fill problems. 10-25-13
Love Everything in this set Title says it all... I have sensitive skin and it all works for me. I like the simplicity and the multi-use possibilities. My skin is medium toned if that is helpful. These are some the pluses: Makes my skin feel soft and silky and have a natural looking glow. I don't need mascara remover. The tinted moisturizer gives sheer coverage enough many days so that I don't need additional foundation. If I do, it makes a great primer. The blush looks bright and bubblegumish in the tube as some have said, but it goes on very sheer and so it never looks garish, but like a natural flush and highlight for your cheekbones. I put a little on my lips too for a soft natural look. Now, I don't find this product very long wearing, but I wouldn't expect that in a natural product anyway. You could use powder over your foundation first to make it last. Or just carry it in your purse for a touch up. Only small amounts are needed, so it is very economical. The cleanser lasted me a year. After I wash my face at night, I leave it slightly wet and use a couple drops of the oil. It spreads all over my face including over my eyelashes so it holds the moisture in. After that soaks in, then I add any retinol products etc... and you can use the oil anytime you want a little more moisture, even during the day over your makeup. just rub a drop or two in your fingertips and lightly brush where you need it. Even your hair for the frizzies! I could go on and on... 10-17-13
Don't Be Fooled By Some of the Negative Reviews! I love the Daily Moisturizer but I learned that the Cleanser is bad for my skin. Some complained it was a "throw away product." I'm allergic to a lot of things and very sensitive to soaps. Right now, I've only got one soap that works well for me and my friend makes that for me. The moisturizer is a product I now use alone, without any other parts of the sets. I would like to point out for those who, like me, found only one product was needed, that even if QVC does not offer these items singularly, you can purchase them separately elsewhere. Some people below complained about that and used it to lower their rating. Also, I'm allergic to most chapsticks/lip moisturizers, even Burt's Bees products. I found that Maran's Lip Quench is the only thing I can use for my dry lips and it does wonders! 10-13-13
Irritating ingredients I started to use this cleanser about a week ago and noticed that my skin is very dry and blotchy. This is a throwaway product. 10-12-13
Smartest Purchase This was my very first QVC purchase. I've no regrets. The cleansing oil changed my life as has the argon oil. Every item in this package has served me well and I'm hooked for life. Now my mother, best friend and daughter-in-law have all received this as gifts and love them too. Josie, you've done a fabulous job. Keep bringing us these great products! 10-11-13
Perfection I am a 30 something with combination/acne prone skin and this kit is amazing! This has balanced out my skin leaving it smooth, moisturized and clear! The tinted moisturizer is perfect and the color stick is a great color that is a great on everyone. Thank you Josie for making skin care that is actually GOOD for our skin and WORKS!!!! 10-10-13
Tinted Moisturizer LOVE this product. PLEASE make this a single purchase. I am unable to purchase any where. It is perfect for my dry skin. I use this as my foundation. 10-06-13
Wonderful & Complete Kit Thank you Josie and QVC for bringing us this well thought out kit. The Argon Oil has totally changed my complicated PM skin care system to just cleansing and then applying the Oil all over face, neck, upper decolette. No more messing about with serums, night creams, eye creams....... I even add this to my body and hand lotion. Simplicity from Nature and it changed my skin to the better. The daytime tinted SPF lotion is just right- evens out my skin tone, hides my big pores, and gives my light skin a bit of summery color. It gives me just enough moisture and hydration along with a bit of coverage and sun protection - perfect for summer! The " beautiful" shade of the Color Stick is just right and a better smell and texture than the other kit which contains "petal pink". I love this stuff as the color is build able and gives a pretty natural blush and a youthful glow (without any obvious shimmer or sparkle). And it works great as pretty and sheer lipstick! 09-27-13
My skin never looked better! Love the products. I agree with another reviewer that the cleanser needs to be sold separately. I love the way my skin looks. What is really great about your products is that your make up goes on a lot easier and looks much better. Thank you for bringing these products 09-07-13
Tinted Moisturizer I really like the tinted moisturizer and I'm almost to run out. Please sell it seperately. I need more. I already have enough argan oil. 08-26-13
RANCID COLOR STICK, AND... Sick of the same bright pink color... We are not twelve y.o. wanting bubblegum color sticks...tone it done a bit. I've ordered this kit several times for the face wash mainly b/c it runs out faster than the the other products...Josie will not offer the cleanser alone. The color ''beautiful and glow" way too pink! YUCK! Can't even give it away cause its rancid upon receipt. Will have to find another cleanser can't afford to continue at this price. Sorry Josie, just frustrated. I do love your products...but please make some improvements and offer the face cleanser INDIVIDUALLY please! 08-23-13

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