Hold It High Set of 2 Non-Slip Handbag Hangers

Hold It High Set of 2 Non-Slip Handbag Hangers
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Don't let your handbag gather dust and germs on the floors of public places. With these portable hangers, you'll always have a spot to stow your bag. Just unfold the wrap-around link to form a hook, and attach the nonslip disc to any surface.

  • Includes two handbag hangers
  • Stows easily inside any purse
  • Supports up to 10 lbs
  • Measures approximately 1"Diam x 1/4"H
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

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Not so great I tried one as soon as it arrived. It was difficult to open and then it didn't seem very sturdy when I attached my purse. When I tried to close it ,I think I broke it accidentally. The other seems to be working better so I will keep it. Don't get the heart design. Maybe the other designs will work better. 12-02-09
Nice product, great gift Purchased as a Christmas present for my wife, mom and sister and law. Great present and look nice too. Wish there were more designs to choose from though. 12-01-09
Great Idea I purchased the heart set. I have a B. Makowsky bag. It works great on my bag, and my bag is heavy too. I have no problem opening it or closing it. I am going to keep one and give the other to my son's girlfriend for christmas. 12-01-09
great idea but.......... i wae so exciteded about these,i got a set as stocking stuffers but wanted to test one first .it is hard to get to work right. also seems easy to break.it would be much better if the hook part faced front. it just doesn't seem to be the right design.it won't help when settting your purse on the floor either as desribed on the show. it's a great idea. 11-24-09
This is a great piece I received the heart set and plan to keep one and give the other as a gift. I love these, never used one before but my friend does use one like this. I may order more, what a nice gift this is ; ) 11-23-09
health saver Once I heard that a purse can pick up viruses like MRSA and E coli from being placed on the floor where people walked after their shoes have been in contaminated places, I bought these for myself and my daughter. Sometimes they don't fit on a thicker table, but that does not diminish their use. I hang them on window sills next to a table when I am sitting next to a window when the table doesn't work. The majority of the time, though, they will work perfectly with restaurant tables. I received a high-end catalogue with similar ones at a much higher price for only one purse hanger. Do your family a favor and don't introduce viruses into your home if they can be prevented. 11-21-09
Purchase Reason Resolved ! I thought I should give a "heads up" to those hanging this on bathrooms doors. Restroom hooks were taken down on purpose years ago to help prevent theft. Often, stalls are occupied with no one else in sight. A woman thief would reach over the stall door, grab the purse by the strap, then simply lift it up and over. A bit hard to run after her while sitting with your pants down, don't you think? Hanging it there now, with the gadget visible from outside the stall, is an advertisement for these thieves. Think of how easy it would be to reach over, grabbing the gadget with your purse attached. Don't say you weren't warned!! I bought mine to use primarily at the pub. I always set my purse on the bar, but if not careful it can get wet or sticky. This resolves that problem and I hang it close enough to feel my purse, knowing it's always there. It works great most of the time, but like others who have written, it depends on the the width of the surface. I've also tried a similiar product, but it didn't wrap around and store as well. I ordered the paisley, very pretty. 11-14-09
Love it! This idea is great even if you only only use it for the times when you enter a ladies room stall and find no hook. That alone makes it a good purchase. I just received them and have used them several times already in the ladies room and at the movies. 11-14-09
**~Better Than Most~** I have purchased several handbag hangers in the past, always being let down when I receive them. These are better than some of the earlier models I have bought, but they still don't work on most tables out in public, because they are not long enough. They do work on some tables, & are decorative so I gave them an "average" rating. 11-11-09
Great Idea! These are a great idea. I carry a lot of stuff in my bag so it's usually heavy and these can hold my bags. I like the way the hook wraps around the base so it's not big or awkward to carry in your purse and the velvet pouch is a plus. I am ordering a few more sets for presents. 11-10-09
A gem of a product I saw this demonstrated several times and finally gave in and ordered as I am frequent restaurant goer and traveler. This means my purse is often left to fend for itself on the floor of restaurants, etc. Sitting at a public bar is also troublesome as the stools are so high that you are forced to keep your purse in your lap or drop it on the floor which then makes it unreachable. It did take me a second or two to figure out the best way to hang it off the edge of a table. After reading some of the negative reviews I believe they may have tried to hang their purse from the wrong end. The flat end goes on table tops, ledges, etc. and the hook end goes on latches, etc. When I last used it at a restaurant it was very discreet and it kept my purse at ready access. I am often looking for glasses and other things in my purse during a meal. Not once has this little device slipped and dropped my purse. My only wish is that the hook was a smidge longer and that's why it didn't get 5 stars. It should come in 2 lengths and we would all be happy. 11-09-09
Nice idea I just got the butterfly and dragonfly set. The colors on them aren't that pretty. It also needs to be longer so it can fit over a wider table edge. But it's a good idea. I also think the price is too high for what you get. 11-06-09