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F0407 - Get-A-Grip Everyday Ice & Snow Traction Slip-on Spikes 4.4 5 171 171
Excellent product,-Why didn't I just put them on? I bought my first pair about 7 or 8 yrs ago. I'm clumsy and always fall in the winter but when I wore these I NEVER slipped. This past winter, June 24, 2011 I had a pair in my purse but I thought "oh, it's just a little patch of ice". I fell on that SMALL patch of ice in front of my building and just steps from my car. I broke my right ankle, dislocated my left knee and just had surgery on that same knee in June. I had to drive myself to the hospital (had no idea the ankle was broken and it took a few minutes before the knee would "snap" back in place because it really was twisted like gumby). The pain was unreal and my knee will never be the same. This could have been prevented had I used better judgment. Please don't take a chance like I did, just wear them when they say "ice" in the forecast. I learned the hard way. Be save, and God bless you all. 08-14-11
Just get them!!! A must have for Winter. I have a set by the back door and a pair in my SUV, love them, and they work GREAT. 06-13-11
Very disappointed I was very disappointed with these. They would not fit over my sneakers (New Balance running sz 8). I ordered my regular size. It took me 10 minutes to get them on, after much pulling and stretching, and then I was afraid they would slip off. They certainly didn't fit like they do in the picture. I bought some for my mother at the same time, and she said the same thing. I should have just sent them right back. 05-30-11
Must Have! Although it's spring now.....these came in so handy this past winter! Picked up the black for my husband too! Look forward to having them for next winter! If you live in a snowy climate..MUST HAVE! 04-27-11
Saved My Behind! I had taken a couple spills this winter and thought it was time to take action. The ice wasn't going anywhere and the dog still had to get walked. I didn't believe something so affordable would do the trick, but it sure did. They are easy to chuck in your purse and slip on and off . Even though they don't seem like they are going to do much, those tiny little posts grab right in and keep you vertical. I wear a size 9.5 shoe and ordered both sizes. The larger size did fit over my shoe more easily, but I could see why some people complained that they popped off in deep snow. Chances are those people were on the lower end of a size range. Ultimately, I decided on the smaller pair. The top gripper does dig into my toes a little more, but it isn't horrible and I like the more secure feeling. If you are on the edge of a size range, I'd say order down. 03-12-11
These Spikes Really Work I've bought these slip-on spikes for myself, and multiples as safety conscious gifts. My spouse used them to walk on the icy grounds at his job when we had the multiple snow storms this winter. We used them for shoveling the snow in front of our home. His coworker even used them and loved them. I don't have to worry now about slipping in parking lots and in the front of my own home while walking on ice patches. Depending on what shoes you wear in the winter, you should size up accordingly for bulky shoes. I got regular sizes and they were just right for the types of shoes I wear. 03-10-11
Best defense for walking on ice. I'm coming back for more - I live in Nebraska and have had some pretty bad falls in the past and these give me the confidence to walk across a parking lot or go to the mail box - They work and they are easy to take on and off - I carry mine in my car - just in case - Don't miss this great price - it beats broken bones - and they even come in colors now . I highly recommend this product. 03-03-11
sure came in handy in indiana this winter love them , I bought them several years back, we had a wicked ice storms here in indiana.......... My husband , and my x husband that had them, both loved them..I bought 3 more pair........I will buy for mother in law and brother in law for xmas too. 02-26-11
Life saver! I love these! We are just coming out of a 2 day ice storm. I was completely sure-footed. I can't say enough to recommend this product. I may buy more for relatives! 02-22-11
WORTHLESS I purchased these over 2 years ago. There is too little stretch and impossbile to slip over shoes. AND I DON'T HAVE LONG FEET... WEAR WOMENS6 1/2 - 7 1/2. This product doesn't even deserve one star. IT'S AN ABSOLUTE WASTE OF MONEY UNLESS A SMALL CHILD WILL BE USING THEM. WOULDN'T EVEN GIVE THEM TO A CHILD, THE STUDS ARE NOT ADEQUATE. 02-19-11
perfect After dealing with 2 snows storms....All I can say is these were perfect traction while I was shoveling snow! I know for a fact that you can email the Manufacturer and get extra spikes. 02-19-11
Great I have had get a grips for two years now and just love them.I have had no problem walking on the ice.One did fall off but I didnt have it on good enough.Just make sure you have them all the way on and you hould have no problem. 02-17-11