Garden Grabber Pro Lawn and Garden Rake w/ Locking Handle

Garden Grabber Pro Lawn and Garden Rake w/ Locking Handle
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Lawns--as well as your knees and back--are sure to love the Garden Grabber Pro. Its rake, grab, and bag abilities let you clean up around the home without bending or stooping. Pick up leaves, pine needles, clippings, and garden garbage without ever having to touch it. The round head conveniently locks so you can easily get around plants and flowers when cleaning flower beds and other areas.

  • Steel/aluminum construction
  • Soft injected mold grips
  • Some assembly required
  • Measures 5'L x 16"W
  • Lifetime Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

Reviews & Community QA

M18585 - Garden Grabber Pro Lawn & Garden Rake w/ Locking Handle 3.4 5 142 142
Garden Pro Lawn/Rake falure product Biggest piece of ......................donesn't work the way it is suppose to and now its past the 30 day mark. And can't return this.....DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!! 11-17-11
Does not work well Could not return because it was past 30 days but this does not work well at all for a petite person. 10-15-11
Waste of money! Not only is this product hard to put together, but it isn't easy to use. When you watch them on TV, it looks like there's nothing to it. When you try to actually use it, it's not so simple. I would have sent it back but once you add the freight both ways, it would have cost as much as the product. Save your money! 10-15-11
Awkward to use I found this product awkward to use. I had to constantly retighten the handle. Once I gathered leaves it was difficult to get them to the yard waste can without dropping some. 10-02-11
Back-saver but Not the same PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLDER VERSION OF THIS RAKE. This is the best rake ever- my husband has been using it for years~ when one wears out (after LOTS of use) we just order another. But this one was a little different from the earlier one. The wire was replaced by nylon and is more difficult to use. He was disappointed but we kept it anyway. We need this rake. Please bring back the wire version. We'll buy it again! A real back-saver product. 09-23-11
Grab Schmab Tried it...after tricky assembly and poorly-written instructions. As a rake, it is ineffective. As a grabber, it is ineffective -- debris slips through the tines way too easily. Takes excessive effort to pull grabbing-handle to close the tines and then you have to HOLD the handle pulled all the way back to keep tines in the grabbing position. Nope. Not worth it. Sent it back and lost $9, too. Be sure to read ONLY reviews dated this year. Seems like this product has gone through several iterations. 08-29-11
Garden Grabber Pro Lawn & Garden Rake w/ Locking H I think in all this is a good product....it's not perfect, I could not pick up a dead garden mole, no matter how hard I tried....but it does save the back from bending down and reaching as much as you have to do when raking and picking up debree.... I like the locking handle....makes transferring to a wheel barrel or what ever recepticle easier.... I would give this a 6 1/2-7 out of 10......It took me a while to figure out installing....and I had to wait 2 weeks for my second shipment as my first was missing the handle..... 08-25-11
Best Rake Ever I bought this several years ago and it is my favorite gardening tool. When lightning hit our 60ft pine tree, what a mess! Mix the mess with rain and time,,,,it's nothing you want to put your hands on. This was the most awesome rake. I am buying it again for a house warming gift and recommend it to anyone talking about yard work! 08-23-11
Disappointing!! I loved the original garden grabber. However, this new version is a piece of junk! The first time I used it, the handle came loose. Plus, the head didn't open up all the way when letting the handle down. I had to tap the head to get it to open up all the way. PLEASE BRING THE OLD VERSION BACK. 08-20-11
I LIKED THE OLD MODEL MUCH BETTER! I had the original model of this rake, and LOVED it. It was easy to use, even though I have arthritis in my back and hands. The old one finally broke, and I didn't mind paying for a new one. When that one broke after a few years, I STILL didn't mind paying for a new one. This "new and improved" one is HORRIBLE. First of all, it was sent without the handle. No problem, customer service didn't charge me to return it, and promptly sent a a new one. This one had all the parts, but was a bear to put together. The instuctions were not very clear. I finally asked my husband to put it together, and he did so, after several tries. This new model is SO hard to use. The lock is almost impossible to operate. I like it when products are improved, but ONLY if they are BETTER! The locking device was a good idea, but poorly carried out. BRING THE OLD ONE BACK, PLEASE!! 08-11-11
Too Hard For A Senior Woman....That's Me I should have read more of the reviews. It looks so easy on TV. I had to have someone help me put it together, and then to find out it's TOO HARD for me to use!! You really have to have some arm power for it. I have heavy Ice Plants and this is worthless for that. Unfortunately, it cost me $9 to try this and have to return it. 07-14-11