Cake Mix Doctor Set of 3 Cake Mixes with Frosting Recipe Cookbook

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The best chocolate cake ever!! While looking to buy more of this cake mix I found these poor reviews. I was compelled to comment. My fellow home cooks/bakers -- these cake mixes do not contain the CHEMICALS commonly found in box cake mixes. These cake mixes are made with only the ingredients home cooks would use. If you have only used Duncan Hines and other mass produced store brand boxed cake mixes to bake your cakes --then-- this boxed mix is truly NO comparison. I will admit I was skeptical at first. After baking the chocolate cake I was highly impressed. The yellow cake sealed the deal. No, they do not rise out of the pan like Duncan Hines because they do not have the aluminum based baking powder as an ingredient. The "Cake Doctor" mixes also do not have the chemicals for "increased mouth feel". Many of the poor reviews remind me of a former co-worker who reported that when she made FRESH mashed potatoes for dinner her husband and children thought they tasted funny and refused to eat them. The reason for the "mashed potato" revolt was simple -- this co-worker had always used boxed potato flakes and had never prepared fresh wholesome potatoes for her family. If you've always had boxed cakes from the Duncan -- this mix will not taste "right" to you. These "Cake Doctor" mixes can be used on their own but seem to work better when used as a building block for different flavors. I will admit to adding 2 tablespoons of extra vanilla extract (NOT imitation extract). 01-21-13
NOT GREAT! Was looking for mixes that would save me time. These did not meet my standards. Too expensive (average out to almost $10 a box). Then you have to include all of the additional ingrediences which is another added expense. With that said - I could have done better with other name brand mixes at a fraction of the price. If I had not added additional vanilla extract to the yellow cake, it would have been quite bland. With the chocolate mix, I blended in some chocolate chips. Also, the moistness of the cakes were just okay. At least I gave them a try, but sadly I am not a fan. 04-10-11
Perfection This is a product that I ALWAYS want to have in my pantry. I made a beautiful chocolate bundt cake for Christmas dinner and have made cupcakes and a layer cake using the yellow mix. The flavor and texture is identical to a "baked from scratch" cake, but so much more convenient. (Be sure to follow the directions on the box) I don't buy regular cake mix because of the artificial ingredients. I bake a whole cake and freeze the individual slices. My daughter loves to grab a slice after school with a glass of milk. She microwaves it for 30 seconds. It is perfection!! 03-04-11
Delicious Cakes!! After I tried this cake, I bought several for holiday gifts, and everyone loved it! The Vanilla cake mix baked up nice and high and had a buttery vanilla taste - just like homemade! The Chocolate cake mix was rich and very chocolately - also delicious. The six people I gave these gifts to all wanted to know where to get these cake mixes, they were so good. Thank you for making this great all-natural product available! 03-04-11
Duncan Hines is MUCH better!! I used the chocolate mix for a cake I was making for Christmas. It was AWFUL!! Didn't raise at all and did not have a good chocolatey flavor. Luckily I had a box of Duncan Hines in the pantry, since I threw this one out! The 2 yellow cake mixes are going back as soon as I can get to the post office to drop them off! Don't waste your money on these terribly overpriced cake mixes!! Even if you priced the frosting recipe booklet at $5.00, these cake mixes are still over $8.00 a piece!! 12-27-10
These Mixes Need More Testing! I baked the yellow cake today, followed the instructions word for word. It did rise, but the taste is not good at all. It's like it needs more sugar and vanilla, something is missing that's for sure. I guess I should of treated it like a cake box brand you'd get at the market and followed her directions in her Cake Doctor cook book for better results and taste. Will not purchase again unless more testing is done on the yellow cake mixes. 12-17-10
not very good I bought this to bake for my husband birthday, did not rise, and was terrible, tasted old, not fresh, and tasted gritty, not very good, would not buy again, I send it back. 12-14-10
Tastes like homemade! I was so excited to try Anne's new mixes. Of course, chocolate is my favorite, but they are both delicious and easy to bake. There will be "homemade" cakes at my holiday table! 12-06-10
Best cake mix on the market I'm a from-scratch baker, but no more. The taste, rise and texture of this mix is beyond compare. I've made all three and gotten rave reviews with each. One note for those who haven't used this mix before -- make sure to follow the instructions and use room temp butter for the yellow mix. You can easily make three beautiful layers from one mix. And your kitchen will smell divine! Can't wait to see what comes next in this line. 12-06-10
Honest Opinion I can really cook everyything but cakes!!I keep trying even brought the Kitchen Aid Mixer which I thought would magically make me a perfect cake. Nope! I guess it is me because I love the mixer. Anyway for Thanksgiving I was going to try baking again but saw these at the last minute and said This is IT!! The chocolate is good with a rich chocolate taste. You add sour cream,eggs and water. The cake did not rise the way I liked but I used a tube cake pan. The vanilla to me needs more flavor. It is not a sweet cake at all or could i taste any vanilla. In this one you add 1 stick butter,eggs and water. Also did not rise too much but okay. I still have one vanilla left and I am going to add some sugar and vanilla. These are not bad at all but I think really I could have used Duncan Hines for a fraction of the price.. 11-30-10
well if you like flat cakes i purchased these in hope they would give me some relief from all the holiday baking I was facing....WRONG! they simply dont rise I used a 9" round & got nothing maybe I shouldve used a muffin tin & got something! 11-27-10
From-scratch taste that comes in a box! WOW!! I tried the vanilla mix first and made them into cupcakes. I usually like to add vanilla when I'm using a box mix but I didn't have to with Anne's mix. I resisted buying these mixes because I just knew I'd fall in love with them. Sure enough, I am now a cake mix snob and I want more of Anne's mixes!! Great job, Anne!!! Can't wait to find them in the store. 11-25-10
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