Agave Vapor Infusion, 4 oz

Agave Vapor Infusion, 4 oz
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What is it: Agave Vapor Infusion, designed for use with the Agave Vapor Iron (not included), moisturizes and conditions hair while helping to reduce frizz and split ends.

Who is it for: Women of all hair types.

Why is it different: Agave Vapor Infusion is loaded with agave plant sugars and other ingredients for ultimate shine and sleekness.

How do I use it: Agave Vapor Infusion is designed for use with the removable cartridge on the Agave Vapor Iron (not included). To release the cartridge, turn off the iron, unplug from power source, and allow to cool down. Remove the cartridge by placing the iron on a work surface and pressing down on the cartridge release button. Lift out the cartridge. Never try to refill the cartridge while the iron is hot or plugged in.

To open the seal, turn the cartridge over, pull back the rubber seal via the pull tab to expose the larger of the two holes. Be careful not to tear the rubber seal from the cartridge.

To fill the cartridge with Agave Vapor Infusion, twist open the Vapor Infusion bottle nozzle and fill the largest hole of the cartridge with Vapor Infusion until full. DO NOT overfill the cartridge. Immediately dry any spillage in case of overfilling.

To replace the seal, return the rubber seal to its original position, make sure to close the holes completely by pressing firmly into place. Remove any excess Agave Vapor Infusion.

To replace the cartridge, insert the forward tab of the cartridge at an angle, aligning the arrow on the cartridge with the arrow on the iron. Gently push down on the back-end of the cartridge (nearest the cartridge release button) until you hear a click sound, indicating the cartridge is in place. During usage, if more Agave Vapor Infusion is needed, turn off the iron, wait for iron to cool for at least three minutes, then refill the cartridge. For extra-long hair, have a second cartridge filled and ready for use, if needed.

From Bio Ionic.


  • Includes 4-oz Agave Vapor Infusion
  • Designed for use with the Agave Vapor Iron, not included

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