Item Number

Style Piece: 1X2X3X

Sweep Straight100104108
Body Length from CB5454.37554.75
3/4 Sleeve Length from CB2525.87526.75
Armhole Height Straight1313.62514.25
Frt nk Drop Img line to seam1010.2510.5
Bck nk Drop Img line to seam1.251.3751.5
Neck Width Seam to Seam9.259.59.75
Collar Height at Center back111
Chest Circ 1" below Armhole646872

Style Piece: XXS - XL

Sweep Straight9092949699102
Body Length from CB53.2553.6255454.37554.7555.125
3/4 Sleeve Length from CB21.7522.3752323.62524.37525.125
Armhole Height Straight11.2511.6251212.37512.87513.375
Frt nk Drop Img line to seam99.259.59.751010.25
Bck nk Drop Img line to seam0.750.87511.1251.251.375
Neck Width Seam to Seam88.258.58.7599.25
Collar Height at Center back111111
Chest Circ 1" below Armhole505254565962