Item Number A217566

Style Piece: 1 Top 1X

Description1 top 1X1 top 2X1 top 3X
Btm Pocket Placement from HPS000
X Back Shoulder tank/cut in1717.7518.5
XChest 5 / 5.5" HPS set in slv15.516.2517
XBack 5.5 / 6" HPS set in slv1616.7517.5
Waist Circ ___" from HPS*475155
Front Body Length From HPS.2828.529
Sweep Straight545862
Armhole Height Straight10.3751111.625
Frt nk Drop Img line to seam4.254.54.75
Bck nk Drop Img line to seam1.251.3751.5
Neck Width Seam to Seam8.7599.25
Collar Height at Center back5.255.255.25
Collar Point5.55.55.5
Chest Circ 1" below Armhole49.2553.2557.25

Style Piece: 1 Top S

Description1 top XXS1 top XS1 top S1 top M1 top L1 top XL
Btm Pocket Placement from HPS000000
X Back Shoulder tank/cut in14.2514.6251515.3751616.625
XChest 5 / 5.5" HPS set in slv12.2512.6251313.3751414.625
XBack 5.5 / 6" HPS set in slv12.6251313.37513.7514.37515
Waist Circ ___" from HPS*32.7534.7536.7538.7541.7544.75
Front Body Length From HPS.2525.52626.52727.5
Sweep Straight404244464952
Armhole Height Straight8.58.8759.259.62510.12510.625
Frt nk Drop Img line to seam3.253.53.7544.254.5
Bck nk Drop Img line to seam0.50.6250.750.87511.125
Neck Width Seam to Seam7.257.57.7588.258.5
Collar Height at Center back555555
Collar Point5.
Chest Circ 1" below Armhole353739414447