Item Number

Style Piece: 1X2X3X

X Back Shoulder set in sleeve192021
Front Body Length From HPS.31.7532.2532.75
Sweep Straight535761
Long Sleeve Length from CB343536
Armhole Circumference Curved2526.528
Muscle Circ 1" below Armhole1920.2521.5
Long Sleeve Opening Circ12.2512.7513.25
Frt Nk Drop-to ctr 1st button10.510.7511
Bck nk Drop Img line to seam1.251.3751.5
Neck Width Seam to Seam8.258.58.75
Chest Circ 1" below Armhole51.555.559.5

Style Piece: XXS - XL

X Back Shoulder set in sleeve1717.51818.7519.5
Front Body Length From HPS.29.7530.2530.7531.2531.75
Sweep Straight4244464952
Long Sleeve Length from CB32.253333.7534.62535.5
Armhole Circumference Curved21222324.2525.5
Muscle Circ 1" below Armhole15.251616.7517.7518.75
Long Sleeve Opening Circ1111.2511.511.7512
Frt Nk Drop-to ctr 1st button9.59.751010.2510.5
Bck nk Drop Img line to seam0.6250.750.87511.125
Neck Width Seam to Seam77.257.57.758
Chest Circ 1" below Armhole4143454851