Amber is nature's time capsule. This fossilized tree resin contains remnants of life on earth from millions of years ago, but when you wear it in the form of amber jewelry, it's a beauty to behold! Whether you're looking for an amber necklace, amber ring, amber earrings, or other types of amber jewelry, you'll find something you'll love in our rich collection of amber jewelry styles. Amber jewelry suits any occasion perfectly!

Amber has a rich history, and it continues to be a fascinating gemstone in present times. The Greeks called amber "elektron," or "made by the sun." Homer praised its bright glow. The Egyptians buried it in tombs for use in the afterlife. Today's scientists value amber because it provides a three-dimensional window into prehistoric ecosystems through the myriad animal and plant inclusions it contains. At QVC, we love it because it's just plain gorgeous!

Amber is traditionally set in 14K gold or sterling silver, but you can find it used with other metals as well. Generally, amber has a deep golden-brown color that's sure to add interest to any fashion ensemble. An amber necklace, for example, puts a unique finishing touch on an otherwise undecorated neckline. Plus, you'll sometimes see amber paired with other gemstones to create a number of captivating style combinations.

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