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You work hard. You give each and every workout your all. But do you know how many calories you really burned today? The number of steps you took and how many miles you covered? Achieve your full fitness potential with a wireless activity tracker from Fitbit. Featuring stylish designs, great battery life, and the ability to sync your activities to your computer and select smartphones, Fitbit exercise trackers are on the cutting edge of an exciting new era of exercise precision.

Knowledge is power. The power to know where there's room for improvement in your workout regimen, and where you should just buckle down and keep up the good work. No matter what your fitness goals are, Fitbit has you covered. Maybe the Fitbit Flex—which automatically tracks the number of steps you've taken and over what distance, the amount of calories you burned doing it, and information about your nightly sleep cycles—is the device for you.

Fitbit was founded in 2007 by two exercise-crazed entrepreneurs. They recognized the need for dedicated athletes to gain more insight into their workouts, and the potential of the latest sensors and wireless technology to deliver on that need. So pick up a wireless activity tracker like the Fitbit One today, and be inspired to live a more active lifestyle every day.

Designed to fit on your wrist with ease, devices such as the Fitbit Zip offer a seamless way to learn more about your physical activity. Select Fitbit devices can even serve as a sleep tracker, offering insight into the quality of your sleep cycles. So whatever your fitness goals are, Fitbit has an assortment of innovative products that combine the latest tracking technologies and easy-to-use software that can help you track your performance and have fun at the same time.