hairdo by Ken Paves & Jessica Simpson Braided Chignon

hairdo by Ken Paves & Jessica Simpson Braided Chignon
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What it is: Affordable, lightweight, and easy to attach, this virtually undetectable hairpiece can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes.

Who it is for: For any woman who wants a sleek, modern take on a classic up-do.

Why it is different: This user-friendly attachment allows a woman to get a polished chignon without having to go to the salon. Also, a blend of seven to 12 shades gets the most believable result.

How do I use it: The braided chignon is attached to a flexible base with a large clip and a security comb. To begin, gather your hair in a ponytail. If your ponytail is long, wrap it into a bun and secure with pins if necessary. Open the large clip and slip into your hair behind the ponytail band. If needed, push the bottom comb attachment up into your hair. When the piece is securely in place, it should lay flat against your head. Check for any gaps between the piece and your head. If you find any, simply use your fingers to shape the flexible wire in the base of the piece to lie more closely to your head. Tuck in any stray hairs and finish as desired.

From Hairdo by Ken Paves.

  • Includes 5" x 3-1/2" braided chignon hairpiece
  • Heat-resistant to 350F
  • 100% polyester
  • Fiber made in Japan, Hairpiece made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

A202335 - hairdo by Ken Paves & Jessica Simpson Braided Chignon 2.6 5 16 16
Love This! Seems the blondes have had some trouble with color. I'm a brunette with caramel highlights and the medium red brown blends very well. Haven't had a chance to test drive it yet, and I can understand why wind could be an issue, because it's delightfully light weight. I just ordered another one to keep at the gym. My hair is medium to thick, naturally wavy, and when I tried to stuff it into the piece the lazy way it stuck out. When I brushed it into a pony tail, put a couple of hair pins in to hold it into a bun, and attached it carefully it really looked very good; both high on my head and at the nape of my neck. I'll know more about durability soon because I plan on wearing it a lot in the Virginia/DC heat. 06-26-10
Never Again! I was delighted to see this product offered (similar to one I used to have and can no longer find for sale) - loved the idea of this and the video, show and pictures looked great! I was very disappointed when I got it though, because it was much larger than I expected, but most of all due to the color. I had ordered the clip in bangs in the same color and these two items were not even close! The bangs were a solid yellow color and not usable at all - and the chignon was a combination of colors but none worked! I know they are not supposed to match your hair, as they say to blend only, but the blend has to have some relation to the head it will be going on! These colors were way too yellow and there were no other blond tones offered. Need blonds in different tones than just Jessica's - need some in ash, cool shades, strawberry blond, etc., yet none are available. This is a pretty item and the attachment design is good, but colors are too far off. It is too expensive to "try" colors when the shipping costs are added! I wanted to get some pieces for my mother, yet there were no gray, white or even salt and pepper colors that older women might have! Please -- add some more colors!!! The only way to get these to work would be to take to your hairdresser and change your natural color to match!!!!! 06-25-10
Doesn't measure up I purchsed this, along with the long Pony and the Bump Up the Volume. I have very long, but rather thin, hair and I thought I would try the braided chignon for those days where I didn't want to mess with bobby pins and hairspray, but still have a nice looking up-do. I noticed right away that the color of the hair on this piece was much different than the other 2. I have pretty much jet black hair, so I ordered Ebony. In the chignon, Ebony was not even close to black. I'd say more of a very dark brown. Also, the quality was sub par. My hairpiece actually had several spots of glue showing, where the hair was tucked into the sides of the under netting. The quality of the hair also seems to differ from the other pieces. This one was much more shiny and "doll-like" than the other products. I would never wear this in public, as you can spot that it's a fake immediately, both in color and quality. I just mailed it back for a refund this morning. 05-24-10
disappointed I was very disappointed in this product. It was cheap looking. The color seemed to be running a bit on the lighter side in the lighter shades. I have sent this back and would not recommend this product, however, you get what you pay for...it was only roughly 40.00. 05-11-10
Simply Elegant I am an order woman who likes to keep up with trends, yet do it tastefully. I, like several other ladies, ordered the wrong color my first go around. I ordered the medium golden blond. Upon its arrival I immediately loved the quality and the over all appearance, so I sent that one back and ordered the light golden blond. The highlighting is superb and blends perfectly with my own hair. A lot of thought was given to securing the hairpiece, the large clip works magnificently. I have a similar hairpiece that does not have the clip and it is a little worrisome, especially in brisk winds. I am more than satisfied, I am happy with my purchase. When I wear it I feel like Grace Kelly. Well, that just gave my age away. Buy this hairpiece you will love it. Ken, a little more help with color selection is probably in order. Thank you so very much. 05-08-10
ON AIR VIDEO PRESENTATION LEAVE TOO MUCH INFO OUT! I loved the idea of this piece as I have long hair and was looking at purchasing this as a variety piece to use occasionally. If you missed the initial program as I did and want more information on this product, I feel the on-air video should receive less than one star as not enough time is spent on showing the individual colors, you are therefore left to make a stab in the dark as to what shade you should order and the "bonus" video isn't of any help in this area either. You are therefore subjected to pay for S&H each time you "hope" to reorder a shade closer to your color. I am fully aware this is not intended to match your hair perfectly, but at least give us consumers a better opportunity in trying to get it right the first time by displaying the colors and going over them. That said, I was a little surprised at how very small this piece is---don't expect any bang for your buck on this, but it is a clever idea, I will give it that much. 05-02-10
Not what I expected I had really high hopes for this item since I like to wear my hair up during the summer & evenings out. There were two problems with it. First, the color wasn't even a close match to mine, & second, the hair looked fake because there was no shading. In the future, I would suggest that the Q offer a color swatch to determine color match, as well as a better grade of faux hair. As it stands, it looks like the hair you'd find on a Barbie doll. 05-02-10
None of the blonde shades match I tried 4 of Ken's hair pieces and this is the only one that I might have been able to use if the color blended with my hair color. There isn't a blonde shade offered that I can use. I'm thankful I have good hair. I was just hoping for some more options. 04-27-10
Not For Long Hair I thought this would be perfect for those days that I'm lazy but still want to look polished. I'm sorry to say that this is not for people with a lot or long hair. The pocket inside the chignon is small, perfect for women with tiny ponytails but not enough room for me. It's hard to attach the clips on and even when I do I fear it hangs off my scalp, making it obvious that it's fake. I could see why some people might think that it looks "plastic-like," so I would only recommend this for inside or night wear. 04-26-10
Ken, its time to get real with RED! Ken I ordered this beautiful chignon in Medium Red Brown hoping it would have enough red for my Irish copper red hair. When it arrived, there was no red in sight! It was an ash brown! The Light Red Brown was no better: no red in sight! Your Blonde Red is too blonde and I lose the red color in my hair completely. Ken I have spent a fortune returning various pieces that I've ordered from you. I can't afford to do this anymore. I need RED! PLEASE!? As for the chignon, its beautiful and it kills me to send it back. I'd love to be able to keep it and wear it. It is sophisticated and elegant and well made, so I'll give it 2 stars. I know there are those out there who will be able to wear it and I wish I was one. Ken, those of us Redheads who love you are waiting for your reds to ring true: I see the other reviews asking the same thing. I am waiting patiently! 04-25-10
Does Not Look Real I really wanted to like this, as I would like to have an up-do for my daughter's wedding next month. I thought this might be the perfect solution since I don't have long hair... But, it just doesn't look real, not even nearly real. It's way too shiny, for one thing, and just too overdone to resemble a real hair style. It's going back and I'm not ordering any more Paves/Simpson. 04-23-10
very dissapointed I don't know what color I was actually sent. I ordered dark blond and this is dark brown red color that came. there is no identifing color indicated on the packaging. It is very small and tight, and to me is not natural looking at all. I have very thin hair since having surgery last year and have several hair pieces, real and synthetic that I wear on a daily basis. sorry to say that this is going back. Be careful of color choices is all I can say. 04-23-10