Smart Home

The brilliance of home automation.

Home automation systems provide convenience and peace of mind to your daily life. Learn about home security, personal assistants, home access & control, networking & Wi-Fi.

Security & Monitoring


Smart security allows you to monitor your home from anywhere. With components like wireless security cameras, you can make sure your loved ones are kept safe even when you’re not there. Elevate your home security with monitors, security cameras, sensors, and more—all accessed remotely.

Personal Assistants

Voice-activated personal assistants help us streamline daily tasks, enable online purchases, set reminders and alarms, learn about current events, control home lighting and thermostats, and listen to favorite songs, to name just a few capabilities―all with simple voice commands. Enjoy these devices as speakers or connect them to your smart devices without so much as leaving your couch. Not to mention, personal assistants are getting "smarter" all the time with more capabilities than ever before.

Home Access & Control



With smart lights, you can enjoy automated lighting, which may also help you reduce energy costs. Set brightness, schedule lights to turn on and off, or create personalized ambience with a variety of colors and hues.


Smart thermostats mean more comfort and convenience. Set and maintain temperatures from your smartphone, or create a thermostat schedule so you don’t worry about wasting energy on an empty house.

Smart Plugs

With smart plugs, you can teach “dumb” appliances to start talking to each other. Having a smart home connected to Smart Plugs is like conducting an orchestra: You can call on each connected object to power up in real time or set timers, and even monitor the energy that each connected item consumes!

Networking & Wireless


You need a Wi-Fi setup you can rely on to keep your smart home humming along smoothly. Give dead spots and dropped signals the boot with up-to-date routers, modems, and range extenders. They'll help ensure you have a network that can handle your current devices and those you'll be adding in the future.

More About Home Automation & Smart Homes

Enjoy innovation at home with the intuitive technology of home automation. Stay ahead of the curve—and your schedule—with smart lighting, home security, smart thermostats, and more to create a smart home that simplifies your life.

Home automation means just that—an automated home. Forget the days of manually turning on every appliance and light in your house when you can easily activate them from the convenience of your smartphone.

With smart thermostats, you can adjust the temperature of your home to fit your schedule. With smart lighting, you can control when you want lights to turn on and off. And with smart home security systems, you can remotely check to see if loved ones are safe. Home automation makes busy lives easier to manage.

Intuitive technology and programming have grown beyond our computers. Now you can connect your home security systems, appliances, lighting, thermostats, and more to a remote network. Connect your life to your home with our selection of home automation devices at