ZOMM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Keychain for Cell Phone

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You could always use an extra hand when you're on the move. That's where this wireless leash comes in. It allows you to chat conveniently and safely by serving as a fully functional speaker for Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones. The key chain leash also features a panic alarm and even helps prevent you from leaving your phone behind. From ZOMM.

Use of Bluetooth Wireless Technology requires Bluetooth software and Bluetooth-compatible accessories. Additional accessories may be required.

  • Includes wireless leash and USB cable
  • Connects to Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones
  • Fully functional speaker for cell phone
  • Panic alarm with ability to call user-selected emergency numbers
  • Device must be activated at zomm.com to use emergency calling feature
  • Lightweight design
  • Measures 1/2"H x 1-1/2"Diam
  • 2-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

E222118 - ZOMM Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and Keychain for Cell Phones 3 5 46 46
Peace of mind I purchased my Zomm quite some time ago and had been satisfied with it. However, my husband recently had a medical situation and we now use the Zomm for peace of mind. He carries the Zomm with him at all times and knows he can reach me just by pushing the button. He also has memory issues and the Zomm has helped him remember to take his phone with him wherever he goes. We both appreciate the electronic link between us that is as simple as the push of a button. 06-24-12
the answer for me I am always leaving my phone when I go places. I am always panicking when I do. I also just had me phone stolen when I dropped it out of my purse and the person who found it turned it off so I could not track it. That cost me $400. We set this up and it works wonderful! I am no longer worried about leaving it and not knowing it till it is too late. I am telling everyone!!! 06-11-12
Good concept, but not made strong enough. I purchased two of these a few months ago. Work ok, but not strong enough to take wear and tear of everyday use. Two weeks after receiving them my husband dropped his keys coming in the front door on the front door mat, and the Zomm broke into many pieces. We returned it to the manufacturer and they replaced it. Today the same thing happened, I will not try to ask for another one, this item is not worth it. Don't recommend it to anyone who lives a normal life. Only buy this if you never drop your keys and do not intend to use it everyday. I feel like I just wasted my money, definately NOT WORTH the money. 03-28-12
Reliable tether I love this thing. I gave it four stars only because I was a bit disappointed in the voice quality. It is a bit tinny sounding but then this isn't a bose system. I don't talk much on the phone during a drive but for a user who does talk a lot be aware. I got the accessory kit so it rides on the visor during a trip. I have owned Zomm about four months with daily use and have not had any problems with Droid X. As far as the charging complaints, I never did get it to charge via my lap top. Don't know what I did wrong so I just started to plug it in each night as I do the Droid. It announces "charging" when correctly connected. In the morning it is ready to go. Not sure how long the charge really holds because I do the nightly charge up. It has alerted many times that I have left my droid behind. It is adequate for me to take a quick call on thew road. If you require a lot of talk time on the road the invest in a hands free system. Well worth the price for me to not leave home without my smartphone or have someone pick up the smartphone in a busy workplace and walk away with it. You can adjust the distance before the alarm goes off. 03-24-12
saved my phone I have a Droid.. and this Zomm works great. I dropped my phone out of my purse getting into my commute vehicle last week,... my little zommbie started to light up and scream.. Then I realized it was telling me my cell was not with me. I picked up may co-worker and drove back to my house. found my cell right where it fell out of my purse... it was dark too. I have a company droid which I do not have linked to my zomm.. I dropped it too. in the snow a few weeks back and did not realize the phone was NOT with me till I got to work.. too late to go back 45 miles to look for it. fortunately it had landed in the snow and was covered up except by one little tip of the corner sticking out of the snow by my mail box. It survived the day in the snow and 5 degree weather.. but I would have not had a worrisome day if I had realized I had dropped it with a signal from my zomm. Then went to look for it before heading out of town. I wear my zoombie...all the time. I live alone and it gives me security that I can get help if I need it. and lets me know when I forget my droid at my desk, meeting room, break room restroom, etc.. I really like being able to use it as a hands free speaker for my cell. I can go anywhere in my house and answer the phone even if I am not close to the phone to answer it. I have told many others at work about it and they are planning on getting one too, as they see how it has helped me. I have purchased 2 for friends to keep them safe too. Charging is not problem it uses the same charger as my droid... it lets you know when it is hungry. takes only a few minutes. I usually charge it at work..it is ready in about 10 to 15 minutes when the light is steady on... I did have a problem with the leash.. but it was not my zommbie.. it was my droid. I just turned off the cell, removed the battery.. let it rest for a couple of minutes and the bluetooth function was working again when I rebooted the droid. Took me 5 minutes to fix the problem..a real no brainer for a 60 yr old to fix. which was not caused by my pet Zommbie. I wish they would make cuter shapes for it and colors or how about zommbie wear? hehehe .. it would be a great thing to attach to kids or pets.. if you just had a old bluetooth cell and attached it to the kid or pet.. you would know when they got out of range.. and zommbie would start alerting. I love my Zommbie.... it takes care of me and my droid.. 03-11-12
Great idea Bad product I thought this would be a great way to keep tabs on our cell phones. The trade off is now there is another battery to charge EVERY night. I wish I could have read the reviews from otber customers before purchasing for Christmas gifts. By the time we set it up and used ours for a time, the return date passed. I should not have been taken by the cute pink color! 02-26-12
A WINNING PRODUCT FOR SURE I purchased four of the Zomm units with the accessory packs during the Christmas season. I cannot say enough about how great this product is including the accesory pack which is a must have for the Zomm. Being involved in transportation safety for many years the very idea of not having to take your eyes off the road in order to answer your phone when the unit is in the visor clip is fantastic. 02-20-12
ZOMM My Mother bought me this product for Christmas, which I thought was a great idea. I had connected it to my phone, and had no problems for the first couple of weeks. However, soon after, I wasn't able to turn it on. I made sure it was still connected to my phone and plugged it in and made sure that it was properly updated. After all of that, it still would not work. I gave it a full 3 months before finally deciding it was too much of a hassle to deal with. 02-18-12
So far so good This is a great idea. I have had problems with it disconnecting from bluetooth on my iphone but I will persevere. If you follow the directions you will not have any problem using this but I think people give up on it too soon. I love that I can answer my calls when driving especially since I don't have to fish for my phone in my pants pocket while driving. Recommend it highly. 02-16-12
Idea is great Fortunately I have not needed to use this yet, so it is hard to judge as to how it works. It sounds like a great idea. I do wish there was a way to shut off the buzzer when the cell phone rings though. It's very irritating. 02-14-12