XL Glider w/ Resistance, Monitor and Easy Storing

XL Glider w/ Resistance, Monitor and Easy Storing
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Get aerobic and anaerobic exercise on one machine! The XL Glider provides a total body workout, helping to shape and tone your upper and lower body as you burn calories. The shock-resistant action is similar to natural walking and running motions, with minimal impact on joints, muscles, and bones. This quiet unit features an electronic monitor that measures time, speed, distance, and calories burned. Easy to start and stop. Includes a 15-minute setup video.

As always, please consult your personal physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Take a realistic approach: If you work consistently and follow the program, you maximize your results.

Measures 41-1/2"L x 27-1/2"W x 54-1/2"H.

90-day Limited Manufacturer's Warranty.

Made in Taiwan.
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Reviews & Community QA

F4164 - XL Glider w/ Resistance, Monitor and Easy Storing 4.4 5 48 48
so-so This machine is easy to use and the display is a great feature. But, it was not as easy as shown on tv to fold up and put away. I wanted something easy to move as I live in an apartment and the machine was really too heavy which discouraged me from using it. 06-09-09
Had my XL Glider for years!! I love it!! Always loved it! It's a great way to be able to slowly get in shape without all the pain and soreness. It's survived 2 moves, both to/from overseas. Time flies when you're on it when watching a fav TV show. For how many years I've had mine, it has paid for itself so many times over. No need to worry about how the weather is outside and it's great on the knees, because there's no impact, like when walking or running. My only complaint was the squeaking, but graphite has solved that problem. Just gotta re-lube it when it starts to squeak again. And honestly, if you feel like working your upper body rather than your lower, you just lean forward or backwards a little and you suddenly are using your upper body more than your legs. I normally turn sideways during my cool-down, so I can work my inner thighs, as well. So, it's really a full body workout. I've recently lost 30lbs in a little over 2 months, just by gradually starting at 15 min. and now I'm up to 1 hour. (And that's without even using any resistance.) I've recommended it to many of my friends! 08-03-08
XL Glider fits the bill!! I purchased the Xl Glider to suppliment my normal workout. If your under the impression that this is going to be your only source for a killer workout then join the 1 stars. I run and lift weights 3 to 4 days a week, I added to this by purchasing the XL Glider from QVC. I keep it in my sunroom and pull it out for a 1/2 hour to 45 minutes while watching tv. It is well constructed (I don't use the resistance pistons, cardio only) It folds up easily and leans against the wall taking up very little room. If your looking for a low impact workout to replace the daily walk, have a condition that doesn't allow joint stress or just looking to add to your routine or on days you miss the gym then this is for you. Also mine makes no noise at all and glides fairly easily. 05-21-08
Cheaply made, don't bother! This item is very poorly made, I had constant problems from the get go. The pedals on the item are plastic held on by plastic, they broke off within days, I only weigh 180 pounds so it was not due to a weight problem. The battery operated claculator eats up batteries because it won't turn off, within 2 weeks of use I had to replace them 3 times. It is supposed to be lightweight but it is very heavy and very bulky. I do not recommend this product. 03-03-08
Not A Good Cardio Workout I bought this because, at the time, there were no negative reviews and the 21 that had rated it raved about it. Shipped very quickly and was fairly easy to set up, no mechanical defects or issues at all. The problem was with the hydraulics (what gives it the resistance) was that it was too hard for me to use for more than a few minutes, so I thought that I would take those off and build up, but that was too easy. If you're looking for a true cardio workout, this is probably not the machine for you. 02-18-08
Not worth it I bought this glider thinking it would be the answer to my home exercise needs, but from the moment I set it up, it had problems. The electronic monitor didn't work, there was a horrible squeak in the right pedal, the hydraulics wouldn't stay attached, and it wouldn't get my heart rate up over 95 bpm--no matter how vigorously I used it. It was hard to package back up and return, but I did--only to pay a very high price for return shipping. Don't waste your money! 02-10-08
I wanted to keep this...but.... I really wanted to keep this item, but felt I had to send it back. I liked the exercise and it did give me a good workout. I appreciated the movement and the feel on the equipment wwhich is sturdy and seems well worth the price. However, mine was very noisy--only on the right side, but it was incredibly annoying. Perhaps it could have been fixed, but after repeatedly trying to fix it, I felt it wasn't worth more trouble calling and replacing parts. Also, like others who have reviewed, the computer did not work. Again, could have gotten another one, but combined with the noise, not worth it to me. Finally, it does get quite hot on the hydraulics, so be careful with your hands or with children. In the end, I returned it. You might get one that works the first time, and it is a good item overall. 02-08-08
Works fine Maybe I should've watched the video, putting it together was a little difficult but when I got done I realized if it had good directions it really would've been simple. Works great though. 01-30-08
Drove Me Crazy This exercise equipment was horrible!! I love almost everything I buy from QVC but this was a dud. My feet absolutely would not stay on the pedals no matter what I did. The timer broke after only a month. There was also persistent sqeaking. After applying oil to the machine the noise did lessen but was still there. I would not recommend this machine to anyone. 01-23-08
LOVE IT! Great machine and super fast shipping from QVC! Me and husband are trying to get in shape and this is a mean work out! I really like the fact that it can go sideways as well as front to back! Two machines in ONE! It's not too big and folds up nicely! 01-19-08
Great Machine, Great Price I just purchased this glider this month and hae been using it since the 9th, everyday for a half and hour. I love it that its low impact as i have buldging disk is my lower back and it hasnt hurt my back yet. The one thing I dont like about the machine is that it is very squeaky other then that I love it..... 01-19-08
Any suggestions to battle squeakiness? I actually like this machine very much. What I don't like is it squeaks, rather it SQUEAKS loudly at beginning and advanced levels. I am 145 pounds, so I am not sure that that's the problem. Anyone have any suggesions? I bought 3 months ago but didn't send back because shipping cost would approximate product cost. I have machine on level carpeted surface. I like this machine but I am going insane with the squaking and have started wearing Bose headphones. 01-12-08