WEN by Chaz Dean Tea Tree Bath, Body & Hair Oil- 4 oz

WEN by Chaz Dean Tea Tree Bath, Body & Hair Oil- 4 oz
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What is it: Combining the unique healing properties of Tea Tree with the moisturizing nourishment of essential oil, this product is an allover treatment to rejuvenate your skin and hydrate your hair.

Who is it for: All hair types.

Why is it different: An ideal way to address dry, sensitive scalp concerns while promoting healthy hair follicles, which is particularly beneficial for those with thinning hair.

How do I use it: To use in the bath, apply two to four full droppers into bath water. To use on the body, apply one to two full droppers to skin after showering, before drying off. You can also add one to two full droppers into the WEN Nourishing Body Lotion for extra hydration. For use on your hair, apply three to five full droppers to dry hair before bed. Tilt head back and apply directly to scalp, massage vigorously, brush through, and leave in overnight. Cleanse with the Cleansing Conditioners the following morning. We recommend doing the overnight scalp treatment at least two to three times per week for maximum benefits and quicker results. The Bath, Body and Hair Oils may also be added to your leave-in conditioner for extra moisture. Apply one to two drops into your leave-in conditioner to help prevent frizz and for additional hydration. You may also combine the WEN Bath, Body and Hair Oils with the WEN Body Cleansing Creme for an extra rich, hydrating, allover body treatment.

From WEN by Chaz Dean.

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Reviews & Community QA

WEN by Chaz Dean Tea Tree Bath, Body & Hair Oil- 4 oz 4.1 5 71 71
But if Not For The Smell... I am a Wen fan for sure. Started using the products 6 months after my second child was born and was having hair issues. I have used *only* Wen products since and have had great success. My hair is very curly, very dry and fine. The products have certainly made my hair healthier, stronger, and thicker to the ends than ever. I love the sweet almond mint, it is my go to staple. The winter vanilla mint seemed to give me even better results and loved that smell. Tried the gardenia, too, with good success. Wanted the benefits of Tea Tree but honestly I cannot tolerate the scent. At first I thought it smelled like Pine Sol, then maybe just a strong medicinal smell. I now think of wet potting soil. It is strong, it lingers, it is overpowering. I used the oil overnight and although I think it helped condition my hair, I continued smelling it all day , despite cleansing that morning with almond mint. I was sooo self-conscious. Sorry, it was just obnoxious. I don't agree that the smell does not linger, for me it certainly lingered. For what it is worth, I could not tolerate the Fig scent either which I wanted to use for my dry hair, but this was even worse. Sorry Chaz, I'll stick with my Sweet Almond Mint and keep trying the seasonals. 06-10-13
TEA TREE OIL I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I use it from head to toe. Of all of Chaz's products, Tea tree is my favorite. I love the medicinal ingredients in tea tree. I can see and feel it working. 06-06-13
Crucial part of my personalized hair care regimen When I first started Wen, it was a short fling. The first formula I used was Lavender. The first time I used it, I wasn't sure I could adjust to how different my hair felt and looked. Now, don't get me wrong, it was great, but I was so accustomed to the way my hair felt and the way it would lay on my head from using shampoo that I wasn't sure. I stopped the Wen but was still unsatisfied with the health of my hair. My scalp as oily but my hair was dry. So I tried Lavender again and as my scalp healed, it itched; so I ordered the Tea Tree Oil. One night I put it on all over and the next morning my hair was so full and moisturized it was amazing! Then when Chaz came out with Pomegranate, I switched from Lavender. The Pom formula is perfect for my hair. My hair was starting to grey and I started highlights, so the ends of my hair were becoming brittle. I used the remoist more frequently and I ordered 613 recently. Both work great but the combination of the water in my city and the many times my hair had been colored still left me with somewhat brittle ends. And over time, I've noticed my scalp being irritated from the color and turning pink and itchy. I no longer have an oily scalp. I realized that my young and inexperienced stylist was doing damage so I've switched but I needed to heal the ends of my hair. Desperate to keep coloring my hair and also not give up on Wen, within the last few weeks I tried something. Every other day, when I cleanse, I add this oil to my scalp, after I've applied the conditioner, I work it through with the conditioner, and leave it on while I shower. When I rinse it out, I add a couple of drops to my leave-in dollop of Pomegranate. You would not BELIEVE the change to my hair. It is full, no longer brittle, no split or dead ends, and I have a full head of hair. In addition, I have stopped what little blowdrying I did (I never fully dried it, just took some of the moisture out); I can now because Wen has allowed me to grow out my hair and it has shape on its own and my waves wave again. I am growing out an awkward cut that I couldn't get my then-stylist who was young and inexperienced to stop putting in (short ugly layers in the back, longer in the front = helmet head); others are trying to rescue the shape but leave the length so now I don't want to cut my hair at ALL except for an occasional tiny trim, and I can go weeks or months in between. Wen is saving my hair; it is saving my color, my cut, and my sense of style and what I want to look like as I age. Wen has helped me with my goals for my hair, which is to let it grow longer, and wave naturally. This oil is crucial to that prospect. What I had to do was experiment and come up with a combo and a regimen that worked for me. Our hair changes over time or in various circumstances, and I think we have to update our hair care regimen to keep up. I'm glad to have options and glad Chaz was willing to think outside the box. I'm glad I decided to be adventurous. If not for Wen, I'd still be spending a fortune on sulfates and silicones, and would not be happy with my hair at all. I love that these products have so many natural things in them. Thankfully, Wen has products for every situation. Thank you so much Chaz! 05-16-13
Tea Tree Oil I have been using the WEN hair care products for the better part of two years now. Up until last month I had never used any kind of oil hair treatment. Since my hair is short, fine, porous, color treated and permed...I always avoided hair products that could weigh my hair down. I saw this on one of the WEN presentations on QVC and realized it could improve the hydration of my hair. So I gave it a try. First of all it smells strong so I have only used it as an overnight treatment. The improvement in my hair being less dry and more shiny was noticeable within the first two weeks. I am very pleased with the results and will continue using this in addition to the cleansing conditioner, remoist, and styling gel WEN products. My hair is in such good condition that my hair dresser notices and comments on how healthy it is. 05-03-13
Smell Kept Me Awake All Night! I am one of those folks who rarely complains or notices smells/odors in cosmetics or skincare items. And while I am not a "WEN girl", since having hair loss and scalp issues, I decided to go all natural and give this oil a try. I have used tea tree oil before by adding a few drops to my shampoo, etc. But I'll have to say I have NEVER smelled anything this strong in my life ... and it is supposed to be diluted by the carrier oils! I put 4 droppers in my hair last night, massaged it in, and went to bed. I kept waking up wondering what that strong smell was and then realized it was ME! I got up early this morning to change my pillow case and wash this stuff out of my hair. I so wish I had tried another fragrance in this oil - this just won't work for me. 05-02-13
Terrible Scent I have only used this three times so the jury is still out on how it affects my scalp and hair. But I doubt I will ever use this again because the scent is horrible. This last time, I was tempted to spray my head with Febreze (lol). I can get past how it makes my hair so oily and yucking feeling for the night but not the smell. I even have to change the beg linen after using this product. If you have a partner, do not use this when he or she is going to share the bed with you . . . your relationship will suffer! I wonder if Wen's other oils smell as bad. 04-26-13
Not for me I was so wanting to like this. I have the Fall Ginger Pumpkin Oil and I absolutely love it. So when I seen this WEN oil at such a great price I was very anxious to receive it. I think that this Tea Tree Oil truly does help you hair and scalp. BUT ...The smell is HORRID!! I tried it several times ...hoping I would get used to it. This smells like TURPENTINE to me. I put it on my hair and the scent is so strong - it made my entire room smell just like this. I so wish that Chaz would please make this oil with the Six Thirteen scent. 04-05-13
Hugh Bottle i was quite surprised to see the size of the bottle _ i have just started using the product so i can't say whether or not it is going to help just yet. you do have to make sure you wash your hair thoroughly- i put in right before i went to sleep, braided my hair, put a towel over my pillow and went to sleep. it does have a smell but it was not to bad and if i get the results some of the other users are, then i don't care about the smell 03-26-13
Arrived Broken I've been wanting to try this for some time and finally bought it. It arrived and I screwed off the top to find that the glass stopper was broken where it connects to the rubber top inside the cap. Bits and pieces of glass fell all over the place. I packed it right back up and returned it. What a mess! I didn't get to use it, so can't comment on how it worked, but I can say the smell was a lot stronger than I expected. I don't think I could take the smell being on me overnight. So won't be reordering this at all - and probably not any of the other oils since I'm now concerned about the glass being broken again. 03-22-13
Love, love LOVE!! Why Chaz?? Why must you discontinue the original oils??? Please bring back these wonderful oils!! I like your new oils, but I LOVE the originals! Especially the Fig!! If it ain't broke, don't fix it! (HA) I really hate to see these go. I would use the on my pets, my feet, legs, hair, even my razor blade. But at the cost of the new oils, I'll just have to find something else, mix my own or ration the new. Because almost 60 dollars for a bottle of the new "treatment oils" is not feasible, for just an oil. However, I DO love these, and have stockpiled a few bottles. Thanks Chaz for listening...I know you do...AND you listen! 03-16-13
Holy Grail Product! I absolutely love this product. I use this weekly on my hair and scalp before using WEN. I either pull my hair in a bun and wear it all day. Then wash it out in the evening. Or I sleep with it in my hair overnight with a plastic cap. This has helped my scalp. It used to be dry and flaky. Not anymore. Also it has contributed to my hair growth. I also use it on my ends and as a leave in with the styling creme and cleansing conditioner. This product has been a game changer for my hair. I could hoard this product I would. I never want to be without it. 02-23-13
Amazing oil The smell does take a while to get used to but it is a great product. I have really dry skin and I use this on my hair and body. It helps with everything from dry scalp to irritation from shaving. You can mix this with other scents to get past the smell, the benefits are amazing. 12-05-12