USI Plug-In Carbon Monoxide & Natural Gas Alarm with Back-Up Battery

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Make safety a priority. This innovative dual alarm alerts you and your family to dangerous carbon monoxide and natural gas in your home. A single sensor detects both gases, and the digital display screen shows CO levels for ultimate peace of mind. Operating primarily on 120V AC power, the unit also has a battery backup to maintain protection in the event of a power outage. From USI.

Familiarize yourself with all enclosed materials and make sure you understand what to do if your alarm sounds.

  • Includes dual alarm and 1 9V battery
  • Single sensor detects both carbon monoxide (CO) and natural gas (methane)
  • 120V AC primary power with battery backup
  • Battery meant for emergency back-up only
  • Plug into an outlet where it can receive continuous electrical power
  • Digital display screen shows CO levels and displays GAS
  • Memory button recalls peak CO level recorded
  • Microprocessor-controlled to help eliminate nuisance alarms
  • Audible alarm: 85dB at 10'
  • Sensor type: solid state, tin oxide
  • Measures approximately 4-3/8"L x 2-1/2"W x 1-3/8"D
  • ETL listed; 5-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty; Carbon monoxide/natural gas alarms should be replaced every five years for maximum protection
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

USI Plug-In Carbon Monoxide & Natural Gas Alarm with Back-Up Battery 3.4 5 99 99
Did what it was supposed to do! Within a couple weeks after we purchased, the alarm went off in our downstairs game room. At first we thought something was wrong with the alarm and then our first alert alarm went off on our first floor detecting carbon monoxide. The fire department and gas company came and figured out the problem was warming up our vehicles with the exhaust facing the garage outside in the cold weather had the carbon monoxide going directly into the house. This alarm has continued to work for us without any incident. Very happy with our purchase. 02-23-14
3 months and won't work I don't usually write reviews but this product is not worth the money. I bought it in November 2913 and here it is the first of February 2014 and it is broken. Do not waste your money. Please read the reviews. 02-10-14
Disappointed The presentation on this product really sold me. I felt like I was spending my money on something that would prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in my home. Unfortunately this product lasted probably a year to the date I installed it. The 'chirp' - which according to the website indicated low battery - did not stop when I installed a new battery (I used the required battery brand named in the manual). I called customer service at qvc and was told it had a 5yr warranty. When I spoke to a rep with Universal she said to send the unit back with a check for $9 and it would be replaced. The more I thought about it I'd be spending about half the cost of the unit to 'replace' it if I added the $9 and possibly $7 s&h. This to me is a lousy warranty. Wasn't worth it. I'll buy a different brand unit and throw this one out. $46 down the drain. 01-20-14
Good for gas heated homes I bought this mostly because of it's ability to detect natural gas leaks inside of the home. I have never seen another carbon monoxide detector that offers that feature. I tested it and it is nice and loud then placed it in the hallway where all of the bedrooms are located. I can't actually say, "It works great!" because it hasn't gone off and honestly, I hope it never does but I am glad that we have it just in case. 01-07-14
MY LIFE SAVER I am a sinus cancer survivor of 6 years, this month! As a result of that surgery and treatment, I have been left with no sense of smell or definitive taste beyond, sweet, sour, or bitter. I can no longer use a gas range or any other alternative fuel other than electric. There was a new gas range in my current home when I purchased it. I tried using it so that I could set up another working kitchen in my basement with my electric range. (I am a cake baker and decorator) On 3 different occasions my son came home to the smell of the house filled with the odor of gas. On 2 of those occasions I was asleep. Needless to say I had to get rid of the gas range. Thanks to my electric range I am still able to prepare tasty foods for my family, safely. I have shopped for a fire, gas, CO2 detector and found that I would have to have it installed by an electrician because they required hard wiring and I would need 3. That would be approximately $240, plus wiring and labor. Thank you QVC, I now have what I need! They were easy to install and I was able to place them on each level of my home. They are easy to read and they are in areas that are easily accessible for me to check them, should the alarm rings. I now have no fear of a gas leak that I would not smell. 01-02-14
life saver I've read some of the reviews and i too had the one in the front bedroom constantly go off. I moved it to another part of the house and it stopped. I changed the batteries and it still after a while went off. Guess what. It did what it was supposed to do. The gas company had a leak at the curb my house and the fumes were puddling/drifting to the front bedroom where the alarm was going off. The entire block had to have the natural gas lines replaced due to age and the amount of homes affected. When talking to my neighbors they were complaining of headaches and the smell of gas. I do not accept there's nothing wrong and if it wasn't for this unit the problem never would have been corrected and all of us as well as our neighbors would have continued to be sick. So consumers should not assume the product is defective. The company is good to work with and the gas company took the name etc of the model to make sure they were aware of this type. NOTE TO QVC: you need a "who would this be a perfect gift for category that should indicate: ANYONE 12-28-13
Didn't Last We got 2 units in March and both have now gone bad, one last month and the other today. Last month the alarm was going off, so I took out the battery, then moved it to a different room. The other one stayed quiet, and this one kept going off. We had the house checked and everything was okay, so we threw the unit out. Then today, the loud alarm was going off on our remaining unit when we got home from work and we called 911t. They came, followed by the Gas Company. They checked the entire house and said we had a bad unit. I wish it would have happened within the first month so I could have gotten my money back 12-20-13
Should have read the reviews... This purchase goes back today. First the manuel was very confusing. Then when I finally plugged it in it would not operate properly. constantly wrong alarms. Save your money!!! Don't buy!!! 12-13-13
TAKE WITH YOU WHEN YOU TRAVEL These are fabulous and everyone MUST have one. Our kids were traveling from NC to California by CAR and we gave them one to plug into their HOTEL / MOTEL room every night. ( just unplug in the morning) . A hotel in NC had an issue with one of their rooms and on TWO separate occasions people died from carbon monoxide in that room. This scared me. I had to know these kids were safe in their room in hotels. While this is not a common problem, it does happen. I don't see why you couldn't use this with an adapter plug in a foreign country. Keep one with your travel kit. Also, use when visiting family, friends. NEVER be without one! Also, NEVER ignore the alarm! If it goes off, something is wrong in the room. 12-09-13
this product scared the daylights out of me!!!! i too, should have read reviews first. this is the only item after 20 plus years of shopping on qvc that i am writing a negative review on. in fact all reviews i have given are mainly 5 stars or four at least. i had this over a year and then one night while i was cooking this thing sounded off like an air raid signal. i made my fiance go outside with it to car to see if it would shut off once outside as i have another alarm in house- the most common one (kidde) which was not going off. Being alarm stopped outside we brought it back in upstairs and once again it sounded off. Because i feel it is better to be safe than sorry, i had to go bother landlord downstairs and inform her maybe we should get out of house( it was cold and raining). she called the fire dept. which with their dirty heavy boots and detectors went all around house to state that there was no problems. The level of gas detectable was of normal reading and one fireman stated that these products- at least this brand has caused them to make many unnecessary visits and that they are probably just too sensitive and will go off even if someone is just cooking. After disturbing my landlord who was sleeping who was feeling unwell with a cold and making everyone get out of house, wait in rain the only thing i got for purchasing this was: 1) landlords white rug in living room all muddied up 2)loss of 2 hours of my time and 3)a notice of rent raise( which may or may not have been forthcoming). Do not buy this product unless you are prepared for a deafening alarm to go off at some point for no good reason. 11-30-13
Do not buy This is such a poorly made item. Constantly goes off. QVC should take all the inventory and ask for a refund! 11-30-13
Defective I don't understand why QVC is still selling these units. I wish I had read the reviews before I wasted my money on this item. I had the same problems as other reviewers. It started chirping, so I changed the battery. Still kept chirping. I had the gas company come out and check the gas and carbon monoxide levels, which were all normal. So since it's over the 30 days, I'm stuck with a worthless unit. Into the garbage it goes. 11-28-13