Tria Beauty Skin Perfecting Blue Light & Bonus Cartridge

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  • Watch a video demonstrating how to use the Clarifying Blue Light.
What is it: The Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light is a revolutionary, FDA-cleared handheld acne device that brings effective, therapeutic power of blue light into your own home.

Who is it for: Women and men in search of consistently clear, healthy-looking skin with fewer breakouts. The Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light works on those with mild to moderate inflammatory acne, and leads to fewer blemishes, pimples, and acne breakouts, and more clear, smooth, healthy-looking skin.

Why is it different: The Tria Skin Perfecting Blue Light uses gentle, non-UV light to eliminate acne-causing bacteria at the source--deep within the skin. The result is an elimination of blemishes, pimples, and acne breakouts, and a brighter, clearer complexion.

How do I use it: Treatments are easy. To ensure maximum blue light effectiveness, cleanse your face thoroughly. "Paint" the blue light over the face either twice a day for 2-1/2 minutes once in the morning and once at night, or once a day for 5 minutes. Touch the tip of the device to your skin--this will automatically turn on the blue light. (If you lift the device off your skin, it will turn off.) After 2-1/2 minutes into your treatment, the device will make a special tone. This special tone will be made again after 5 minutes, at the end of the treatment.

You can treat your entire face or you can focus your treatment on specific areas. Treat your skin by gliding, or "painting," the tip over your affected areas, concentrating on areas that concern you most, avoiding the eyes and eyelids. You should feel the blue light warming your skin--this is normal. You will also hear a beep every 30 seconds while treating with the blue light.

From Tria.


  • One blue light device
  • One battery charger
  • Two blue light cartridges, each providing approximately two months of use
  • Measures 6-1/2"L x 2-1/4"W
  • UL listed charger; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

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Reviews & Community QA

Tria Beauty Skin Perfecting Blue Light & Bonus Cartridge 3.9 5 22 22
Best Purchase Ever! The little machine is awesome. My skin has never been better. I love it!!! 01-17-14
Remarkable I don't know where to begin in recommending this device. I have really good skin because I have taken good care of it. However, I would still get occas. acne in certain facial areas...and although the acne blemishes were confined to a fairly small area, when the acne appeared it would become a large bump under the skin which could take days to erupt to the skin surface and when this happened it would be so sensitive and sore along withbeing very red and taking sometimes 2 wks. to disappear. Although the acne blemishes were confined they could become large enough to require a visit the dermatologist for an antibiotic. This was not only costly but inconvenient in that I had to wait for an appt. and even w/the medication it would still take over a wk. to resolve. So after much thought I decided to invest in the Tria device. Well it's the best decision I could have made. Now when I see the smallest beginning of an acne pimple or blemish I immediately use the Tria and overnight it begins to reduce the pimple and in a day or two it usually disappears. My skin looks so blemish free that I sometimes forget that I ever had acne (until I get another sign that a bump is emerging.) But now I know that I can take care of the problem and clear it up completely w/n a few days w/this amazing little device. I love it! I never go on a trip (even overnight w/out it!) I would recommend it to everyone...it will save you so much money in dr. visits and you will feel so much prettier w/out having to worry about acne. One thing to remember (at least I've found this to be important...) always clean the top surface of the device w/alcohol to make sure that you are using the Tria w/out the bacteria from your last use. I can't imagine that you won't love it. And if not-you can return it. I'm SO glad I took a chance. Hope you have equally successful results. :) 12-13-13
Really Works...Thank you Lisa! With daily use, the Tria has really worked for me to decrease healing time and even stop breakouts before they progress I would rate the effectiveness of the Tria Beauty Skin Perfecting Blue Light at 5 stars. The only negative that I see....and almost all of the furious customers who post on multiple websites agree...is the need to replace the unique and expensive cartridge( which is in reality the on-off switch and operation timer) 6 times a year.. This seems a bit like purchasing a car and needing to rent the key - a definite design flaw or customer relations problem. Had I just read those reviews, and not heard show host Lisa's endorsement, I probably would not have purchased the Tria blue light, which would have been a shame since it is so effective. Considering my budget for skin creams, which I do not intend to give up, and the really wonderful help that I get from the Tria blue light, I say Thank You Lisa and QVC.! I am glad that I found this very helpful skincare product here! 10-06-13
As far as I can tell, it made my acne worse First let me say acne is a complex problem that has different causes for many people. I have sensitive skin and I think the pressure from applying this device aggravated my skin. This machine is designed to kill bacteria that cause acne, but if that isn't the main cause of your acne, then the device won't do a thing for you. This is not made for all types of acne. If your acne is caused by overproduction of skin cells, lack of exfoliation, sensitivities to certain ingredients, hormonal problems, or side effects of medications, then this probably won't work for you. Everybody is different. I'm sure there are people whose lives will be changed by this, you just have to have the right type of acne. I returned it after using religiously for 30 days. QVC has an excellent return policy and I appreciate being able to try this. 08-15-13
Inconclusive I read reviews for this product before trying and found the reviews inconclusive. I'm sorry to report that, after 3 weeks of use, my report is inconclusive. I wish that QVC had extended its trial period beyond the usual 4 weeks, as it does for some of the skin instruments. That it doesn't may say something in itself. The first day of use, I had 2 new pimples on my forehead. I applied the blue light to both, in the same way. One grew bigger and one started to disappear. As a former microbiology student, I wonder why? Perhaps different bacteria were involved? Perhaps they were at different growth cycles? It was also frustrating not to get better directions and to get conflicting directions. Lisa Robertson said she uses it by applying the wand to the needed spot and holding it there. She doesn't say for how long. The written directions say to keep the wand moving. There are small patches in the kit to be applied to focus on the needed area. It says to keep the wand moving within the space of the patch...but in such a small area, moving the wand is not possible. Should be more scientific precision in description of use. 07-12-13
My skin was pretty good Now its a mess ! After one treatment everyday for about 10 days . My skin is now more broke out, with dry, red blochs 05-11-13
This is a "maybe" Sadly, this didn't work for me. After dealing with my adult acne for 4 years (after turning 40 - another nasty surprise!), I have come to the conclusion that each of us has different skin so what works for one, may not for another. So, I didn't notice a difference for me but I can see from the reviews that it works for others - so even though it didn't work for me, you might still want to try it. I still gave it 3 stars because using the light each night is still very relaxing! 05-11-13
Feels good and works! Only had for a couple of weeks, but noticed improvement right away and it feels soothing while using. I'm 66, and, yes, I still get an occasional breakout. They aren't gone, but the inflamation disappeared almost immediately! I won't give this up, and am thrilled and the quick results! 05-04-13
Returned It The first product I have ever returned! It would not stay charged nor did I see any results!! 04-25-13
done I've spent lots of money on replacement cartridges for the last 2 plus years, with no results. :-( 04-10-13
I would pay 10 times this price!!! I'm 49 and due to recent surgery am in instant menopause. I'm on bio iden H, they are adjusted every three months. I NEVER imagined that I would develop acne in places I never ever had it even as a teenager! This is a miracle product for me. I was using the blemish therapy from Bare Minerals (and it is the best product of its kind that I have ever used) but how WONDERFUL it is NOT to BREAK OUT at ALL!!! I have only used it two weeks. When I got it, I had a huge zit right between my eyebrows! That first night, I did what Lisa said she does, I held it there for a little while and then "painted" my face with the blue light. It was GONE in the morning. Now, if someone had told me that that would happen, well, frankly, I would not have believed them. How wonderful to experience the fact that it is true.... at least for me! If you are "on the fence"...JUMP, you have nothing to lose but your acne blemishes! 01-05-13
After a year of use, it still works Te long term usefulness of this product has proved itself worth the money. I have used this for a year - on and off, as needed. At 50+ yrs old, I still get occasional break-outs. Using this blue light 'kills' the break-out overnight, without the dry, itchy flakey skin that is left behind by so many chemical treatments. Worth the outlay. Keep in mind that the re-fill cartridges are hard to find, and cost $40. I replaced about 2 or three over the year. 11-27-12