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Tria Beauty Next Generation 4X Laser Hair Removal for Face & Body
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Tria Beauty Next Generation 4X Laser Hair Removal for Face & Body

2014 Customer Choice Beauty Awards Nominee

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FDA-Cleared for Laser Hair Removal on Face & Body

Learn more about the Tria Beauty Next Generation 4X.

What is it: An at-home laser hair removal device that is FDA-cleared for use on the face (cheek line down) in addition to the body. With five comfort settings and a simple-to-follow digital display, this laser is easy and convenient for the at-home user. It uses the same laser technology employed by professionals for in-office laser hair removal, and gives you long-lasting hair reduction for a fraction of the cost.

The SmoothStart Calming Gel is a great complement to the Tria Laser 4X.

Who is it for: Women and men who want smooth, stubble-free skin and are frustrated with the hassles of hair removal; anyone who wants to be free of the endless cycle of shaving and waxing and would enjoy long lasting hair reduction on their face or body.

It can be used on those with fair to light brown skin tones and light brown to black body hair. Best results are seen on those with fair skin and dark body hair.

It will not work on some hair colors and skin tones. Please see the chart above to see if you fall into the correct skin tone and hair color ranges for effective use.

Why is it different: It uses the same technology employed by physicians and delivers professional-like results on people with fair skin and dark hair. With its updated digital display featuring the Tria Pulse Counter, this innovative device lets you treat yourself with more confidence than ever. It works better than the Third Generation Tria laser hair remover and provides results in half the time. Use it once a week for results in three months!

How do I use it: Turn it on, select a comfort setting, and place the laser tip on your skin. The laser will beep, which signals that it is time to pick up the device and move to the next area. Underarms take 4-5 minutes per side; the bikini area takes 8-10 minutes per side; upper legs takes 25-30 minutes per side, and lower legs takes 25-30 minutes per side.

Apply SmoothStart Calming gel liberally prior to treatment and reapply following treatment.

From Tria.

  • Includes laser handpiece, battery charger, and 4-oz SmoothStart Calming Gel
  • Plastic construction
  • One-time online or telephone activation is required before use
  • Handpiece measures approximately 8-1/4" x 3"W x 5"D, weighs 1 lb 5 oz
  • UL listed; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

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A234935 — Tria Beauty Next Generation 4X Laser Hair Removal for Face & Body

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Tria Beauty SmoothStart Calming Gel, 4 oz.

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Tria Beauty Next Generation 4X Laser Hair Removal for Face & Body 3.3 5 146 146
My life has been changed! It really works! I am 42 and have PCOS. I have suffered with embarrassing, dark, coarse facial and neck hair for years. I have had professional laser treatments in the past, but after 4 once-a-month treatments at $150 each, and not much result, I stopped those treatments and kept shaving. I had plucked twice a day before the laser treatments. The humiliation I felt putting a razor to my face is indescribable, but it is easier than plucking. I've been thinking about the TRIA for a long time, but when it went on 6 easy pays, I decided to go for it. I hate for this review to be so long, but I know it will help someone decide. So here is what happened to me: --I started off very aggressively at a 5 and I did my whole face and neck every day for a week. I know this isn't recommended, but I want to be honest about how I achieved results. --My hair is very coarse and black, and I have fair to medium skin. I wouldn't say my facial hair is like a man's beard because I don't have nearly as many hairs as a man, but the texture is about the same. This was very painful at a 5 setting. If you can't stand it then start lower, but to me it was worth it to get faster results. I take 2 ibuprofen before treatment and use a gel ice pack for a few seconds on each area before I treat it. I also use the calming gel that came with it. -- Here is the best part! After the very first treatment, my hair grew MUCH MORE slowly. Before TRIA treatments, I had stubble by 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon. After 1 or 2 TRIA treatments, I could go almost 24 hours with no stubble! -- More good news! The pain gets less as you go along with your treatments. -- There are a few negatives. Since my hair is so coarse, I developed red bumps kind of like acne after the first 5 or 6 treatments. This has stopped now. Ice packs on the treated area help after treatment as well. Makeup would cover this, so I didn't think is was too big of a deal. -- I have done a total of 11 full treatments since June 6th. Every day I have less stubble, fewer hairs that I can feel, and no follicles that show between shaves! I still shave every day, but I most of the time there isn't much there if anything. I know if I keep using the Tria, my results will get better and better. My skin feels so smooth and I'm not scared to let my husband touch my face anymore! --I haven't used it on any other areas besides face and neck. I think doing a large area would be very time consuming. I can shave my legs. Nobody considers leg hair to be something a woman shouldn't have. --charging the TRIA is easy and I can get a full treatment out of one charge. The treatment window is small. I do about 500 pulses on my face and neck each treatment. This takes about 20 minutes or so. It is getting faster because I can stand to do it without using the ice pack as much. There are only a few little spots that are still pretty painful to zap. Some days I will just spot treat the places where I feel stubble ( after shaving it of course ). -- Bottom line. If you have a serious problem, this is a serious solution. It takes a little time and consistency, but the results are SO worth it. Every time I feel that little snap of pain, I know another hair follicle is going DOWN! I love this thing! I will use it until it quits and buy another one for touch ups. The cost isn't that bad considering that it has changed my life! 07-28-14
Doesn't work This product does not work. I did not see results. 07-22-14
Wow! Stop thinking about it and buy it! I am an Italian-American in my early 40s, light-olive skin with dark, thick hair. In my early 30s, I paid an enormous amount of money for professional laser hair removal which was painful, labor intense and an experience I dreaded on a monthly bases. Basically, I paid money to torture myself. I bought this Tria because the hormonal changes brought on as I am growing into my 40s has caused me some embarrassment with my facial hair. I've used the Tria 3 times in 6 weeks and I can't believe the difference. I stopped tweezing or needing to tweeze after the second use, one month in. The hair is staying away and my confidence is going through the roof. If you are thinking about buying this, stop thinking, do the easy pay and you will never be happier. It's one of the best purchases I've ever made !!!! Ever. 07-19-14
Will not make proper contact on face. Impossible to make it work on the face, but does work on the legs. 06-17-14
Thank you This product works. I have fair skin and brown to dark brown hair. I would have to shave my legs daily and have growth by mid day before using this product. You have to wait for it. I noticed significantly less hair after my second use, so week three. I wanted to see the difference so I did not treat one of my under arms. So funny. At week five I do not need to shave the one under arm. I of course have stared treating the other. It's important to shave before you use it. This really cuts down on discomfort. Shave between treatments too. The hair that is within the skin has to have time to grow out and be shaved off. Then there is no hair left. I use the system on five for legs and arms and on four for all other areas. I have had no skin issues with this. Great product. It does what they say it will. 06-08-14
It WORKS !!!!! 2 Years Post-Tria GIVE IT TIME! I bought the Tria about 2 years ago and used it for about a month as per the instructions. I noticed a significant reduction in hair growth and had all intentions of continuing for a few more months for complete removal. However, life got a little hectic and I shelved it for over a year. But I didn't see the true results on my underarms until about 3 months AFTER I had stopped using it. It was significantly less while using it twice a week, but 3 months later the hair was almost completely eradicated. I didn't use it long enough on my bikini line, but the hair growth is much thinner and I don't get as many razor bumps as I used to. I'm going to start doing the treatments again until it's completely removed. The trick with Tria is time -- you probably won't be able to see the true results in a month or two, but trust me...the machine is working. I even used it on a few old lady hairs that were cropping up on my chin and they're g-o-n-e. Just remember that even though it seems the hair is growing back, it's really dead or dying and you won't see the results for at least a few months. As far as light hairs...forget it. I always know when I move to an area with faint or light hair because I don't feel any "current" (yes, a little bit of pain) and it does nothing to the hair growth. It's not the cure for peach fuzz. And it does sting. I've only used the highest setting because I want the fastest results, so the zaps are a little more painful. For sensitive areas like the bikini line, I'll do a few zaps on one side and then move to the other. Also, pressing down hard seems to make it less painful. I only wish it had a wider head to cover more area, but for the price and convenience, it's worth it. 06-05-14
No notice in change I have been using the product for almost 3 weeks a couple times a week and I have not notice any difference in hair growth. I used to get professional laser done it was expensive but in a week time I could see the difference with the regrowth just falling right off. In certain areas I use the highest setting and still nothing 05-22-14
Too painful Was exited about purchase.... When started using it.... What a disappointment.... I used it on my chin on setting 3 and the pain was unbearable... My husband thought that I was exaggerating, so I wanted him to try it and when he did just one sap, he screamed like a baby..... Don't know if this thing works but for me the pain is just too much.... Maybe because I have sensitive skin or courser hair??? I don't know... But this thing is going back today!!!! 05-10-14
Worth money!! I have used so many methods of removing the dark hair on my face, leg and bikini line such as shaving, waxing, etc. My friend suggested Tria 4x Laser Hair Removal so I searched its information and bought it. First, I started using this on levels 3&4 once a week for 3 months then once a month. It’s a bit painful but totally worth the money. Tria removes all darker hair and thicker hair that makes me feel more confident. I highly recommend this. It works well for me. 05-04-14
Works Fairly Well Having used this for over a year now, I can say it works well, but not completely. The darker, thicker hairs are gone, but the finer ones come back. I gradually ramped up to a 4 or 5 level as those thicker ones were removed. Otherwise, it is too painful. With fine hairs, a 5 doesn't hurt. But this takes quite a while to do. If you are patient, and can do only a small area at a time, and don't mind some pings of pain once in a while, it's a great product. Does get hot, so I limit the time. 04-09-14
Worth a Try I was excited to try Tria hair removal and see if it worked for me. I started at level 3 and was able to work up to level 5 within a few days. At first it felt like a rubber band snapping against your skin, but the sensation (I wouldn't call it pain) subsided with each use. I have fair skin, and the Tria did NOT work on my light leg hair. It DID work on my dark brown armpit hair. Some hair follicles you can see no longer have hair and the hair that is left is finer. However, I still have armpit hair. I was hoping for more drastic results, and I was using the unit 3-5 times a week during the 90 day return period to speed results. At the end of the 90 days I was only using the unit on my armpits, and was not thrilled with the results, so I decided to return the Tria since I did not find it worth the investment. Definitely something you just need to try for yourself. Take advantage of the 90 day return period! 04-07-14
Great in home treatment I was hesitant to purchase this item based on the range of the reviews & the cost. Decided to give it a try since QVC has a generous return timeframe. I have used this weekly for about 2 months & feel not one single regret. My hair growth has slowed down a great deal. I am at the point I no longer need to shave under my arms prior to my next treatment date. I am only using it at this time for my chin area & underarms. With such a small treatment surface on the Tria, I know I will never have the time or patience to use it on a larger area like my legs but that is just me. Make sure before purchasing you understand if this item will work for your skin color & hair coloring (I have medium skin tone & dark brown hair). You also have to understand that using the Tria is not pain free. From the first time I used the Tria, I had the setting on 5. I want the maximum results in the shortest amount of time. With each pulse, there is a split second feeling of pain/heat as it treats the hair. I apply some numbing cream to the treatment site about 1/2 hour prior to starting the treatment. The Tria gel also makes the treatment more comfortable. Honestly-what hair removal treatment does not cause discomfort? This discomfort is working toward a lifelong solution, not a temporary one! I wish I had gotten this when I was younger as I do have a few white hairs that I know the Tria will not be able to treat. The only reason I gave this a 4 star rating was due to the cost of the unit & the small treatment surface area on the Tria. 03-27-14
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