Tova Cactine Emollient Duo

Tova Cactine Emollient Duo
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Tova Cactine Emollient is one of the best-selling products in the Tova skin care line. This highly concentrated formula helps provide deep nourishment and relief to extra-dry and over-stressed skin. Includes two 1-oz emollients.
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The Best Lip Balm You really need to bring this product back. It is wonderful. It is the best healing product I have ever used for the lips - I even used it on my finger nail cuticles. Tova and QVC please bring this one back! 03-10-13
BEST BEAUTY PRODUCT Please please bring back Tova cactine products! Especially cactine this and the mask! Tova STILL HAS LOYAL CUSTOMERS! 12-11-12
Bring it back This product is a must have. It's great for so many things. Why would you stop making a product that is this good. Please bring it back! 07-10-12
PLEASE bring this back Now that Tova has brought her signature fragrance back, I'm wondering if she will offer her skin care line again? I especially miss the Cactine emollient. It is an exceptional product and I, like so many others, miss it. 05-19-12
Help! I'm Running Out! This is the best stuff for my chapped lips, hands down. I live in the desert southwest. I've fried EVERYTHING else - nothing works like this. Please, please, please bring it back, QVC. 04-06-11
PLEASE BRING THIS PRODUCT BACK I too am searching aimlessly for this product. It is the best product that Tova and QVC had on air. It has wonderful healing properties in it. I heard Tova state on-air that it was used by hospitals to help with wounds after surgery. I can attest to that. I myself used it after a surgery and it aided so well in the healing process. I have searched the internet aimlessly trying to find it and it just does not exist anymore. Please Tova and QVC bring this product back. Dont let a wonderful product like this fade into a memory. 12-30-10
I AM ADDICTED TO THIS EMOLLIENT This is the best stuff I have found for my lips. I have extremely dry lips and believe me when I say I have tried everything. The emollient softens and last, last, last. Is not slick or greasy. PLEASE bring this back. I have always ordered when I have one jar left but cannot find. I will have to go to REHAB. PLEASE TOVA!!! 10-13-09
Most Needed Skin Care I am desperate for Tova Cactine Emollient. I have sun damage to my lips, the dermatologist has treated it for a long time, but the ONLY relief I get is from Tova's Cactine Emmolient. I cannot believe this product is not available. When may I find it again? In the VERY NEAR FUTURE, I pray. I'm in my 70's, grew up on SoCal's beaches, and naturally have some skin damage. Tova's Cactine Emmolient minimizes these areas. Please help me. Thank you 05-04-09
LOVE TOVA's CACTINE EMOLLIENT Where did it go????? I have been using it for about 15 years and it is the absolute BEST for chapped lips and elbows. I have not found anything else to compare with it. IF it is truly gone for good, I'd like to make a strong plea to bring it back! Tova, sweetheart, are you listening????? 02-18-09
PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!! This is the best product ever! Everyone in my family and my friends use this for lips, cuticles, rough spots, etc...there is no other product that is so PERFECT, especially for LIPS..Please bring it back. I did a google search and QVC in UK carries it but I am unable to order it as it has no option for United States. How can you not bring back an item that has such fabulous 5 star reviews? 12-11-08
BRING IT BACK!!!! This is the best product ever, for so many things - lips, cuticles, sores, burns, rashes, bee stings, etc. And with an overall rating of 5 stars, why would it no longer be available. PLEASE RECONSIDER making it available. 11-26-08
Best Lip Saver on the Market I have been using Tova's Emollient for many years. It is the BEST product for dry or chapped lips, and I have tried pretty much everything else. I also use it around my eyes at night, on dry spots, and cuticles. It is sometimes on backorder, so I order a new 'duo' as soon as I open my second jar, just to be sure I don't run out. Tova, thanks for such a great product! 01-06-08