Tova 5-piece Fragrance Bouquet

Tova 5-piece Fragrance Bouquet
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What is it: A five-piece collection of Tova's most loved fragrances, including her new Ambre D'Oro.

Who is it for: Anyone who wants to feel elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful all day long.

Why is it different: This collection embodies the sensual wealth of Tova's most popular fragrances--from the past and present.

How do I use it: Spray the fragrance in the air around you, allowing it to settle upon you. Avoid spraying and rubbing into wrists to prevent crushing the individual notes.

From the Beauty by Tova(R) Collection.


  • 0.5 oz Signature Platinum eau de parfum
  • 0.5 oz Ambre D'Oro eau de parfum
  • 0.5 oz Nights eau de parfum
  • 0.5 oz Body, Mind & Spirit eau de parfum
  • 0.5 oz Signature Summer eau de parfum
  • Made in USA

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Reviews & Community QA

A86835 - Tova 5-piece Fragrance Bouquet 4.3 5 7 7
Exquisite and Delicious Variety This is a wonderful way to sample Tova's perfumes before deciding to commit to a large bottle! I have all of the Tova fragrances now, after trying this set because I enjoyed them all! I took a star off because these scents have low sillage (meaning that most people won't detect the fragrance unless they're standing in your personal space and you won't leave a wake behind you in the elevator after you leave it). Personally, I like a moderate amount of sillage because if a fragrance is that delicous, why shouldn't you share it? After wearing these for a month now, these are my takes: Tova Signature Platinum - Reminds me of Avon's Odyssey; very pleasant with a powdery dry down; moderately low sillage Tova Summer - Gorgeous version with the same Tova notes but with a delightful grapefruit top note; (This has moderate sillage--much more that Tova Signature Platinum) It also lasts much longer than Tova Signature Platinum so if I would choose this over the Signature Platinum if I could only have ONE. Tova Nights - This is a Skin Scent - the fragrance is detectable on your skin for hours and hours, but only the people in your intimate space will be able to smell it after the first 15 minutes after you apply it. But what a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL fragrance this is!! It is not strong smelling. It reminds me of a creamy light musk with some gourmand underlying notes. There is almost NO SILLAGE in this perfume. You will not leave a trail behind you when you walk across the room. Tova Ambre D-ORO - I LOVE the citrusy, playful tangy notes in this perfume. It has the MOST sillage in the set. It also lasts the longest. I was complimented just the other day by a co-worker who was walking behind me as I entered the office. She said 'You smell good!' Now, I also have Body Mind and Spirit from another collection. That is a Gorgeous Apricot fragrance. The sillage is low to moderate and does not last as long. Tova's Turquoise is a beautiful, sweeter version that has Vanilla Bean notes. I LOVE both of these. Too bad they weren't made part of this miniature set, otherwise I would buy a half dozen more of these!! Bottom line, if you enjoy soft, beautiful perfumes and don't care about heavy sillage, and don't mind re-apply once or twice more in the day or evening, I highly recommend these fragrances. They are ALL BEAUTIFUL!!! I am a NEW FAN! (And I have never tried the original Tova Signature, I will add). 05-18-11
Fragrances of A Generation This is a top of the line assortment. I have been a Tova fan since the beginning, and have enjoyed every minute. I am always asked what I am wearing! Additionally, I am a big fan of the new Signature Platinum. Even reformulated it smells so much better than anything at a dept store perfume counter. In some ways, I like it better, find it crisper and cleaner. I highly recommend this to either try her line, or stash a few travel or office sizes away. For my adult years, I have worn Tova and appreciate the work gone into it. Thank you. 02-15-11
WOW ! TOVA ROCKS!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh ok so , I have watched tova on qvc for a while but I have never tried any fragrances from tova. I was always curious about how the fragrances really smelled , I fell in love with how she was describing all of them and when they came in today I spritzed on each of them and they were just perfect .Tova really knows how to describe her fragrances they smell exactly like her descriptions. If anyone is worried about them being too heavy don't worry there not, and they really are uplifting like she says. Right now I have them ALL on together and I just smell fresh and feel great . I can't wait to order all of them in the large sizes,I'm so glad I gave TOVA a try , THANKS Tova 11-11-09
Not worth the money I have been wanting the Tova Signature perfume since smelling it on a friend, but was wary after many reviewers said the original scent was no longer being made. Unfortunately, these five separate fragrances suffer from the problems in many of the reviews: the scent doesn't last more than a few minutes and it does smell like bug spray. Want a good, clean fragrance? Buy Philosophy's Pure Grace. I have been wearing that for almost 10 years and I get compliments on it anywhere I go. And the scent lasts. 11-08-09
GREAT SAMPLER This is a GREAT way to explore the fragrance selections offered by Tova. I have always wanted to order a TOVA fragrance, but without sampling the perfumes, I didn't know what to choose. Now I can pick a favorite and be sure what I am getting!! Thank You!!! 10-13-09
ORDER this set! Lovely gift What a beautiful set of fragrances Delightful!! At 1/2 oz each, these spray bottles are perfect for the dressing table, or to give as gifts. I always wanted to try Tova original -- I hate ordering a large bottle, and then not using it. Tova Platinum is a lovely, soft scent. Not overpowering, but longlasting on the skin. Feminine and sophisticated. Can't wait to try the other scents on subsequent days. I'm now a Tova Girl. 10-13-09
Spring Flowers in a bottle I have watched Tova for over 10 years. I finally decided to order. I am very picky about my perfumes. I was not hopeful, I would like any of these perfumes. I was so wrong. Every scent is different and they smell wonderful. Every perfume makes you smell like a beautiful flower. 10-12-09
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