Toshiba42"Diag. 1080p LED/LCD 240Hz 3D HDTV w/ Internet App & 14pk 3D Glass

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What makes the 42TL515U special? Imagine seeing your favorite action hero leaping off a tall building and right into your living room. Or, picture a lush forest and feel as though you could reach out and touch the leaves. No, you're not dreaming. You're just watching 3D content on this HDTV.

So what do we mean by "content?" Movies, TV, and games. The movies could be 2D or 3D format, as the 42TL515U has Tri Vector conversion technology to upgrade 2D movies to 3D. And, your 3D TV shows could easily come from your cable provider. Or, because you have built-in WiFi, you can stream TV shows--and games--instantly. You can also go to your all-time favorite sites like Facebook, Yahoo, Skype, and more.

But what if you want to watch just regular 2D TV? The 42TL515U offers brilliant 1080p Full HD imagery in 2D. It also has local backlight dimming for precise and accurate dimming control for deeper images.

What's in the box? The 42TL515U HDTV with swivel stand, 6' HDMI cable and illuminated remote control with 2 AA batteries.

From Toshiba.

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  • Includes 42TL515U Internet-enabled 3D HDTV, swivel stand, 6' HDMI cable, illuminated remote control with 2 AA batteries, 14-pack of passive 3D glasses
  • 42" diagonal Cinespeed+ LED-backlit display
  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • ClearScan 240Hz technology
  • Natural Passive 3D
  • Tri Vector 2D-to-3D conversion
  • 3D resolution+
  • Local dimming backlight control
  • Built-in WiFi
  • NetTV with Yahoo, Skype widgets
  • DLNA-certified
  • AutoView ambient light sensor
  • CEVO chip
  • Native mode
  • Gaming mode
  • Expert mode
  • Invisible speaker system
  • Two 10W speakers
  • Audessey EQ sound enhancement circuitry
  • Mute/half mute
  • Input labeling
  • Channel browser
  • Sleep timer
  • Horizon Motion GUI
  • VESA 400x400 wall-mountable
  • Two USB ports
  • Four HDMI-CEC Instaport inputs
  • ColorStream component video, high-res PC inputs
  • Two composite ports
  • Ethernet port
  • Approximate measurements: With stand 39-15/16"W x 27-3/16"H x 11-5/16"D, weighs 37.48 lbs; Without stand 39-15/16"W x 24-3/8"H x 1-5/16"D, weighs 29.98 lbs
  • ETL listed; 1-year LMW
  • Made in Mexico

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Reviews & Community QA

E222110 - Toshiba 42" 1080p LED/LCD 240Hz 3D HDTV w/ Internet Apps 3.8 5 16 16
Do Not Purchase This TV I purchases this TV in June 2012 and I can't use the remote. Customer service for Toshiba told me the part is on back order. That lets me know the TV has problems. My TV freezes and turns on and off by itself, can't use any of the apps and the volume button does not work. I have to unplug the TV and change the Volume when it boots back up If I get the TV to come on you can't touch any buttons on the remote because it will freeze and turn off. I believe the TV's were defective and Toshiba knew it. I am now skeptical about ordering any more TV's from this site. I definitely will not order another Toshiba no matter what kind of deal it is. 10-31-12
amazing!! WOW!! This has to be the best item I've ever bought from QVC! The picture is sharp, clear. The sound is great! If you can you should pick-up this TV what a great value for all that it delivers!! 09-19-12
Great Value..terrific TV Easy to set up. It has a crystal clear picture and the sound is good. Very happy with this purchase 08-16-12
Amazing! Simply Amazing! This 3D TV reminds me of the movie theatre experience. I remember watching Avatar in 3D at the movie theatre, and this 3D TV replicates this experience 100%. The volumn problem is the tv channel line up problem. Every channel comes back with a different volumn setting. There is no equalizer in this set like my LG had. But to me this is only a minor problem. I will be buying a surround sound system soon and this should solve that problem. Bottom line, LUV this 3D TV 08-16-12
Love This TV Overall this tv is amazing & even though I've read several reviews that complain about the sound, I feel that for the ultra thin sleek design the sound is acceptable. It's a beautiful tv that provides beautiful picture quality & amazing 3D effects. Even the 2D to 3D switching capabilities were better than I expected, although some content doesn't transfer effectively which, again, is to be expected when the content is not originally designed for 3D viewing. The only complaint I would have is the power up time, but I've read you can enhance that by turning off your wi-fi. So, considering all factors this is an extraordinary tv & would definitely recommend for purchase. 07-24-12
Toshiba 42" LED/LCD 3D TV I read all the reviews before I bought this TV and I got to say this is one of the best TV's that I have ever purchased and I would highly recommend this TV to anyone! I have heard all the complaints about the sound and really it is not that bad and if you don't like the sound buy a cheap sound bar and their you go problem if any is fixed! For the money you cannot beat this TV Period and the 3D is Awsome and they provide plenty of 3D glasses and thanks QVC for the Valuepay!!!! 07-03-12
Nice TV for Low Price Crisp Picture, vivid color, so many options. I didnt expect to receive a box of very good quality 3D glasses, what a bonus! I read a negative feedback on the sound and hesitated to buy. I have great sound and am glad that i ordered this TV. 5 payments made this deal too hard to pass up! Thank you QVC for another good transaction!! 06-14-12
Horrible sound Lives alone...so this was for family room when guest are over. Volume is horrible....sometimes no sound at all or you have to turn it really high. At first I thought it was programming for show we were watching, but it has happened consistently. I am not in this room very often., so I didn't know for sometime it was actually the TV....don.t buy 05-27-12
Great picture, sound quality not so much I've had this set for a couple weeks now, and I love the picture. I dont think you will see a TV with such a great picture for the price. It has many great features like 3D and Net TV, which is cool to have, but its a little slow. I'm not too crazy about the buttons on the remote, but not a big deal. The thing that really disappoints me is the sound quality. I would much rather have visible speakers that sound good, than invisible speakers that sound like garbage. Good thing I have a surround system so I just turn that up and don't even bother with the built in speakers. If you can get by with that, the picture makes up for it all. Overall, a good buy and I am pretty happy with the purchase price, and easy pay makes it that much easier to buy. 05-21-12
BEST bang for the buck. I'm not sure about the problems other reviewers have had. But I can tell you that this is the best 3D TV you will get for this price. The television is thin. The top of the unit is just a little smaller than the diameter of a quarter. The bottom of the unit has some parts that are a little thicker than this due to connections and inputs and outputs. This unit is good looking. It comes with a glass like square stand, or you can mount it to a wall. (Stand is included). The television's picture is great. Now, let me say I'm rating this unit on a "bang for your buck" scale. So, no, it doesn't blow away a $5,000 Samsung unit. It doesn't even blow away a $1,500 LG unit. But that is not the goal of this unit. You're not trying to "win" against other televisions, which seems the point of so many reviews. Your not an audio/visual expert trying to measure pixel and light output. You just want a television that you can watch sports, movies and other shows on that looks great. Let me tell you, this television accomplishes that hands down, especially for the price. The picture is bright and colorful. The blacks are acceptable for this price range. (Everyone talks about the blacks). i can watch Star Wars all day long and not think "geez. if only my blacks were blacker!!" Now then. The 3-D performance. You only need passive glasses. It comes with 4 pair. If you go to any Real3D movie at the theater, keep your glasses, their the same ones. I've always been one of the "yawners" about 3-D. Mainly because I didn't want to spend an extra $20 on my movie tickets. However, now that I have it on my television, I'm a serious convert! I ordered Tin-Tin on BluRay to get it when the television arrived, and it BLEW ME AWAY. The 3D performance is really excellent. You can also watch 3D videos on YouTube (through an xbox 360 or Roku or other box) or if you have a PS3, there is a service called VUDU that is like Netflix. They have about 30 movies in 3D. You can buy or rent the titles. Otherwise to do 3D you need a 3D compatible BluRay player, your cable company must have 3D channels, or you can watch 3D movies you stream from a computer or that you put on an xbox 360. There is actually a lot of 3D content out there if you look for it. Also, you can easily turn on 3D with the remote. There is also a 2D to 3D conversion built into the television, but it's kind of gimmicky. It works okay, gives some depth to some shows, but it really doesn't work like true 3D content. Still, it's nice they added this feature. The apps. Ok, so the picture and the 3D performance blew me away, the apps, eh, not so much. They are just okay. A 3 out of 5. They DO WORK. They are just not up to the same level as on a Roku box, an xbox 360 or PS3. Browsing through the apps is a little slow, some of the menus are a little clunky. One cool feature is that you can put movies less than 4 Gigs in size on a flash drive and watch them via the televisions built in USB ports, or view photos that way as well. Again, bang for your buck. I didn't get this television for the apps. Remote: I've really come to love the remote. It's all glass like see through, backlit and has a lot of functions. It is not a universal remote. It will only control other Toshiba products. The buttons are nice and clicky feeling. You can adjust your picture ratio, get down into the nitty gritty on colors and settings, and access your apps like Netflix all from the remote. Sound: Ok, the big complaint of other reviews. I'm giving the television a 3 out of 5 on sound. I'll admit, it almost got a 2 out of 5. The sound is fine in terms of quality. Bass is fine, etc, the speakers don't sound very tinny or anything. BUT....as someone else said, the speakers are not very loud with SOME content. I don't know if the television is auto detecting the sound levels or what, but some content is fine sound level wise. In fact, I have to turn the speakers down. Other content, I literally have the sound all the way up. Usually in the later case it's okay. I can hear it. But I just wanted it a LITTLE louder. Yes, if you're trying to watch something with screaming children in the room, you might need to consider this. But to be honest, almost any television is not loud enough with screaming children in the room. Don't let me downplay this though, the speakers are less loud than any I've heard before. They are fine for most situations, and we are talking "bang for your buck", remember? BUT....you probably will want to consider a soundbar down the line. You can pick up a Visio for $89. This brings up one other item. The only output is a optical audio out. So if you buy that soundbar, make sure it has optical input or you can get an adapter for $10. Just google it and you'll find it. So, that's all the information i could think of about this television. I hope it helps. Look, you're not buying a $5,000 television. But what you get I guarantee will make you very happy at this price. The ONLY caution you need to think about is the speaker loudness. If you're buying this for a sports bar, it won't be loud enough as it is, and even then I imagine a lot of people will probably want to get a soundbar somewhere down the line. This really is a great deal and the best bang for the buck I've ever gotten on a televsion, especially one with 3D! 04-21-12
Best Of Everything, For A Great Price.... We have been watching and shopping around for a television with all the best qualities which this tv has by the way, the picture is brilliant, just watched our first 3d movie on it tonight and it lived up to what we had hoped and more by far. We would have paid more, but lucked out by Qvc's excellent price and value pays...... So glad with our purchase and we know we will have years of enjoyment with it.... 04-19-12
Not so happy I purchased this TV hoping to get what i wanted. The volumne on this TV is terrible. Toshiba cheapened up on the speakers. if you are more han 10 to 15 feet away from the TV you can barely. i have to strain my ears, and tell everyone to please be quiet so i can hear the whispering from the TV. Be careful out there be sure you know what you are getting. i didn't.. Export Guy 04-15-12