The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Dance Cardio Workout DVD

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Change the way your muscular structure is designed. There's no need to go out and run or ride a bike to burn calories because you're bulking up and giving your muscles more power. This dance aerobic DVD helps you achieve a more lean, feminine body type. From Tracy Anderson.

As always, please consult your personal physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.

Take a realistic approach: If you work consistently and follow the program, you maximize your results.

  • Run time approximately 2 hours, 20 minutes
  • Made in USA

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The Tracy Anderson Method Presents Dance Cardio Workout DVD 3.2 5 10 10
Former Tracy Fan I used to love Tracy did her workouts for years. I stopped because of Customer Service Issues. In regards to this DVD. It stops working after a month or so and you will have to send it back and ask for a new one....and it will stop working after a month or so and you will have to send it back and ask for a new one and it will stop working after a month or so.....I hope you are getting the picture. Fun workout tho and great music. This is one of her best if you can find one that plays for more than a month. WARNING: this company has many issues with defective DVDs...bad customer service...The Continuity Program is not edited properly....The website rarely functions properly. 12-24-11
Bored me to tears with the over instruction Well, I really was looking forward to doing this tape..... who knew the entire beginning was her teaching all the combinations before any music played at all.... does she think we will remember this in the first place? Go to any gym dance class and everyone would leave if every step was explained for 15 minutes plus before any music played! Just play the music and we will follow.... kinda like the mat workout , ok? Tracy is great but this needs to be revised. Sorry! 11-16-11
Excellent cardio workout I purchased this dvd to use with the mat workout. I have lost 6 inches and 5 pounds in one week eating fairly clean with occasional desserts. To anyone thinking of purchasing this, do not listen to thje negative reviews!! You have to put in some effort to learn the combinations. It's easy and fun. I used to dance so I can offer some advice on learning the combinations. Learn each one slowly, she goes through it just like a dance class. After you feel like you have it, fast forward to the music, do the combination until you have it down then move on to the next one. This way you are getting cardio benefits while you are learning the other combinations. Go easy on yourself! Who cares if its not perfect, you are burning calories not auditioning for a musical! Good Luck. Tracy Anderson Method rocks!!! 10-22-11
NOT A GOOD TEACHER I have taken dance lessons for years, Tracy has great moves however it is way to fast and difficult. She needs to have others dancing with her to show modified moves for different level of dancers and people in the excercise levels. Sorry to send that one back! 09-08-11
Freakin WOW! This is Dance!!!! All i can say is WOW! Anyone who has EVER had Dance training - you need this! I was instantly impressed. THE MUSIC IS COOL. Moves are exciting. Exactly what you would be hearing in a Dance Studio. This is my very first tape from Tracy....I have now ordered every other Video she has. I'm so inspired. FINALLY someone figured out how to make cardio FUN! I cannot wait to see the rest. Great exciting moves. .......this will take me a while to get up to speed, but i can tell I'm going to have getting there. Way too Cool! Tracy you cracked the code - you are making Cardio Dancing fun. 08-29-11
Most fun I have ever had doing cardio! This is so much fun and you will loose weight doing this! 06-29-11
Tracy Anderson good dancer but poor teacher Ms Anderson is a good dancer but not a good teacher. Some dancers while instructing a class will give you convoluted exercises simply to impress you with their technique--she falls in this category. I've taken many dance classes and found this dvd not a good dance exercise dvd. QVC: Please look into an Ashley Marriott dance cardio workout DVD!!! 05-07-11
Best Dance Workout Video I loved this workout video for a many reasons: * You take the time to learn the dance combinations first before you start the workout routine. After you learned all the combinations you just turn on the DVD and go. Yes, there is an investment of time in the beginning to lean the combinations but once you have the combinations down you can just start right into the routines and get a wonderful workout. * The dance combinations really make you sweat. This video makes all of my other workout videos seem really easy. I love the challenge and I love that you can get such a great workout from dancing. It is a nice change from the Jillian Michaels workouts that I no longer do because I find this style of working out so much fun. * I haven't had this much fun working out at home that I actually find the time to work out and look forward to this video. If you have a background in dance and like to move and jump around, you won't be disappointed. * The last 10 stubborn pounds I've been trying to lose are now on their way out! I use this video in combination with Tracey's Mat workout. * Personally, I do not think you need a background in dance to enjoy this workout. Don't let the cover deceive you into thinking this some booty-shaking, stripper-tease type workout. It is not. The dances are set to upbeat music and some of the songs are really cute. It's a cardio workout so you do a lot of hopping and jumping with a little hip shaking here and there. Possible cons: * If you're not used to high-impact routines with a lot of jumping and turning, this video may not be for you. * Since the workout is comprised of a number of dance routines, you need enough space to do this workout. You will travel the length of a standard grapevine step. If you have enough room to do a grapevine to both sides and travel front and back, then you will be fine. 04-11-11
great workout! I bought this DVD as an adjunct to the mat work from Tracy Anderson and am glad I did. It does take a little practice to learn the dances but I recommend learning them one dance per day. For each song there is a short routine that is then repeated 8 times or so the entirety of the song. There are 8 dance/songs on this DVD for a total of about a 45 minute workout including warm up. This is a great alternative to my usual cardio, running, for the cold winter months. Also, be sure to use the tutorial at the beginning to learn the dances slowly as she walks you through them. It then has the option of doing the dances watching Tracy from the front or from the back. I find the back easier to follow. I also find that the dances keep me constantly thinking so I dont find my mind wondering to other things. Overall, I think this is a great cardio workout and would recommend it to anyone. 03-05-11
Too time consuming - moves are complicated I bought this DVD so I could have some variety (and a little fun) in my workouts. I'm fairly coordinated and used to enjoy the moves & pace of the occasional Jazzercise class. That being said, I had a difficult time following the choreography of this DVD. Learning even one of these "dances" took me close to an hour - who has the time? If you're interested in learning dance combos that entail loads of jumping & bouncing, and have a LOT of time on your hands, try this DVD. But if you're someone who works full-time and has a family (and not hours and hours to devote to learning complicated dance routines), you may want to borrow this from someone first or skip this one all together. 01-26-11
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