Technique Set of 2 15" x 11" Silicone Baking Boards

Technique Set of 2 15" x 11" Silicone Baking Boards
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Make cookies and other treats with little cleanup using these baking boards. Silicone construction allows even heat distribution and quick cooling for conveniently prepared, mouthwatering sweets. From Technique(R) Cookware.

  • Includes two baking boards
  • Sturdy edges for durability
  • Not for use with metal utensils or abrasive cleaners
  • Dishwasher safe; heat safe to 450F
  • Measures 15"W x 11"L
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

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Silicone is Amazing!!! Silicone is the best invention since sliced bread & Teflon coating! I would rather bake in/on silicone than most any other surface! Clean up is a breeze, although sometimes some things stain, it doesn't affect the performance. LOVE IT! 07-11-10
Great Cookie Sheets I have these in the Aqua and they are wonderful for cookies. I agree with some users about the cleanup. They seem to show a grease like stain where the cookies have been and washing with warm soap and water doesn't seem to get rid of this, but that doesn't really bother me. The next batch of cookies just doesn't stick and I know the sheets are clean. I will continue to use these for a long time. The set I have also has a baking sheet with holes in it for things like pizza, it works great too! 06-13-10
these are great! these are great for everything from heating frozen pizzas to appetizers(nachos) to baking cookies. no burning no wierd smells. not sure what the other reviews are about. don't cut your pizza on it though because once cut they are ruined. great purchase! this is my second set, love clearance price! 05-12-10
Just as expected I already have Prepology splatter guards that I bake on with success so these were a no brainer. I just got them this week and am currently baking chocolate chip cookies on them. As of now I would call them a success. They clean easily and bake things more quickly than regular pans. It does seem that initially the baked product is softer on the bottom than regular metal pans so the cookies are harder to remove without breaking, and it requires two hands to remove the pans rather than one. But it seems to me will stay cleaner than metal pans. A few tips. Bake the item for the least amount of time called for initially. Expect a few broken items (or perhaps I am just careless) 05-11-10
the smell !!!! I had these for some time and finally used one. The smell was terrible and the amount of smoke that came from the oven when I opened the door was large. The item I was baking came out okay, but I wonder how many times the stink will be with the baking sheet. 05-04-10
Worst Product Ever I bought a set for me and a set for my son but used them after I had them for 30 days. I used them once and threw them in the trash and told my son to trash his new set.. They are flimsy, they stain, and they burned my cookies. Don't waste your money! That's whey they are on clearance! 05-02-10
Non-stick BUT they stain The sheets do prevent sticking but from the first use they stained something awful. 05-02-10
good...but i bought 2 sets of these because my son loves to bake food, says he burns things less, they work fine, however , they do not come clean weather you hand wash them or use a dishwasher. i just threw one away because it split but i had used it for a year so i figured i got my moneys worth. it is a useful item but has a few flaws. 03-29-10
Worst Purchase Ever These Silicone Baking Boards are terrible. When food spills on them, the food sticks and is hard to remove! If you put too much pressure on them while cleaning, they will break or tear through. I should've returned them when I opened the package. 03-27-10
great! we bought a couple sets of these in brown (mine) and red (hers) and we love them. I'm especially fond of them for reheating pizza but Mrs Camo does cookies, fries, garlic bread, and many other things and she just loves them too! We've been using for months now and have no complaints! 03-23-10
I love these pans ANY silicone product should NOT be used over 350 degrees, generally. They can sometimes handle up to 450 degrees but it can be iffee. BE AWARE! I used them to bake cookies; as a base below my glass pie plate for cherry pie; and last night to bake bbq sauce coated chicken drumsticks. They all came out delicious! The shiny coating goes matte after one use, but that is ok with me.... and sometimes a little discoloration is normal for any silicone product. Also let it cool before using any utensil that is sharp at all, they should be plastic and dull edged. When it is hot it gets softer, and when it cools it gets firmer again. SO with those rules in mind, these are WONDERFUL PANS! I have a purple set and a red set. LOVE THEM! (PS If you burn cookies due to forgetting them in the oven like I did on one batch, they do not look burned. But they will taste burned!) The rest of the cookies cooked at normal time beautifully! They tasted great and looked better than any I ever cooked before, including using a baking stone or expensive aluminum cookie pans. 02-23-10