Technique Programmable 10-Cup Coffee Maker with Grinder

Technique Programmable 10-Cup Coffee Maker with Grinder
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Make your own coffee to-go. It'll taste just like the coffee from that local shop, but cost a whole lot less! Along with brewing up to 10 cups via a 24-hour programmable clock timer, this coffee maker also grinds your own coffee beans for the freshest possible flavor. Running late? Use pre-ground beans. From Technique(R) Cookware.

  • Includes coffee maker, glass carafe, grinder, and filter basket
  • Filter basket and grinder are removable for easy cleaning
  • Pause and pour feature
  • Auto shut-off
  • Permanent filter
  • Water window
  • Measures approximately 16"H x 9-1/2"W x 8"L
  • UL listed; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

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NOT WORTH SALE PRICE I bought this coffee maker, it died,manufacturer replaced it because of warranty, then had to replace the replacement, then had to replace the replacement's replacement!!! Do not waste your money or time-buy a Cuisinart for $99 and never have a problem!! 12-14-10
Great Pot Yes it does beep but it is to WARN you that you have not finished setting up the pot yet or you forgot a step... I bought this for my office and I love it so much at this price I bought a second one.... I have a high end coffee pot at home I paid $150 + for and I have had to replace it tree time for thee motor going out from grinding the beans....... it will beep if all the parts sre not in place or if you forgot something also .... it will leek out the back if you over fill it and the beans will stick in the grinder if you don't clean it and wipe it dry.... The pot is not hard to understand... and it makes great coffee.... If you let you beans dry out... they will grind finer but I have not had a problem with this pot at all....and for the price.... I would buy it for a gift! 09-20-10
Wonderful coffeemaker I must say this is a wonderful purchase, and for the price it can't be beat! I have a more expensive Cuisinart and it quit working shortly after the warranty ran out. This Technique Coffeemaker makes as good a cup of coffee as the more expensive units, but a whole lot cheaper! Just remember to push the lever forward after adding the whole beans; you won't be disappointed! Thanks QVC and Technique, a great coffeemaker and a great price. 09-14-10
Grind and brew This coffeepot replaced my poor old worn out cooks ess grind and brew. I just really do not like this one. Hard to see water level, need PHD to operate. The coffee tastes decent but too much of a hassle to operate. Sorry, but I sure would like to find a cooks grind and brew again. 05-19-10
Extreamly Dissapointed!!! I bought this coffeemaker a few months ago, it makes OK coffee but rather noisy, & a bit complicated to use; also the little tab that lets the ground coffee down into the basket does not work anymore; & now I have coffee beans leftover & unable to use the grinder. To make matters worse I noticed it is now on clearence price, which is less than half of the price I paid; that is really even more upsetting; & since the 30 days to return items is up; I do not know if I can have it rplaced with a differant brand coffeemaker or not??? 05-07-10
Nice looking but.... I was very excited to purchase this coffee maker with grinder, however it must be the loudest machine on earth. It took a week to get the grinder to work and I understand the noise involved with that, however all the beeps when you set the timer. Never was able to get the timer to work with the grinder. Going back to ground coffee and just using it that way. It is very nice looking but..................If I hadn't kept it for a month before opening it, I would have returned it but was waiting for a new kitchen. 04-03-10
makes great coffee i bought this coffee maker for my husband and he really likes it except for the grinder being so loud. he says it makes good coffee and always taste fresh 02-24-10
Horrible Mine too is packed and ready to go back to the Q! I can see why I got it on a clearance price. The machine is NOT user friendly. 02-08-10
Many design flaws.. beeping stopped w/magnet trick Although it does make a decent cup of coffee, it is a coffee maker with many design flaws..** I try to explain how to work around the flaws and irritations if you choose to keep the pot because you like the flavor.. First.. even with a college education and a decent IQ.. the instruction manual was the worst I have EVER dealt with.. I read it front to back, and when I got to the how to make coffee, I was following along carefully.. But the instructions refer to pieces of the coffee maker that wouldn't be explained till later in the manual.. **If you are buying this.. read the cleaning instructions at the end of the manual FIRST so you know what parts they are talking about when they describe how to make coffee.. There are 3 parts with similar names.. try not to get them confused.. Once you understand How to work the pot.. then the irritation factor and design flaws kick in.. Worst is that it grinds the beans to dust, which effects the taste of the coffee and leaves a sediment in the bottom of the cup worse than Alaskan creek bank coffee my dad used to make on camping trips.. ** We have to use a paper filter along with the basket to help deal with the sediment.. There is no way to make the grinding time less, but using fewer beans helps if it is too strong.. ***Do NOT forget to wash and dry the grinder daily, the powdered coffee left in the grinder makes hard brown clog and you will get hot slightly brown water the next day. The next irritation factor, the constant beeping.. beeping.. beeping.. as long as you are working with the pot.. either cleaning or preping.. Personally, I unplug the pot just to make it shut up.. ** My husband just figured out that if you take a refrigerator magnet and lay it on the front left corner of the coffee maker while open and then turn it till the poles align, beeping stops.. Bless my dear husband!!! I just tried it and Yes, it really works.. Next.. There is no backlight for the clock and it has small numbers, Very hard to see... You need to bend down to the level of the clock to set it.. my husband is 6' with a bad back, he finds it very frustrating to set or program the clock.. No work around for that one.. Sorry.. Next, the basket is so tight that I have to either have someone hold down the coffee maker while I pull, or use my fingers holding the sides to push while pulling.. It's hard to explain but just know it is a 2 handed move just to take out the basket.. Next, The carafe catches on the hand hold of the basket above it when you try remove it.. ** hold carafe totally level and pull strait out till rounded top is past where the basket handle sticks out.. <catches for me half the time even when I am careful> Next, when I pour the coffee, the spout is SO narrow, unless I pour it in slow motion, I have coffee on my counter.. I keep trying but so far in 3 days of coffee, I have managed to spill it everyday.. My husband says to tell you, he has spilled his daily also.. My husband also has concerns.. The plastic tab that opens and shuts the door to allow the coffee to drop down after grinding is quite flimsy and may break with repeated use.. Finally, the manual says to be VERY careful when filling the coffee maker not to spill any water into the motor unit.. Who makes a pot where there is the potential to accidently pour liquid into the motor unit on a daily basis??? The water reservoir is right next to the grinder which is where the motor is.. **Remove and fill the grinder, replace grinder, put lid on grinder, THEN fill with water to keep from accidently spilling into motor.. And be careful to pour the water from the right side of the unit< the side away from the grinder> to lessen the chances of spilling around the motor area.. I feel I can get a better pot of coffee using my old grinder and pot.. with a Lot less irritation PRO.. it seems to heat the water hotter than my old pot.. 02-07-10
please, DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!! this is by FAR, the worst purchase i have ever made on qvc! first of all, you need a degree in engineering to get this to work, second, it makes the WEAKEST coffee with the MOST coffee beans!! please bring back the cooks essentials grind and brew that i bought maybe 10 yrs ago....even with a few problems with that, it is miles ahead of this one!! 01-28-10
WHATS WITH THE BEEPING I love the coffee maker it makes GREAT coffee. I really like the fact you can grind the beans and have the freshest blend. What I tolerate and do not understand why technique would want to put out a product that beeps constantly at you when you are adding water, beans or clean the darn thing. Ok this is what the beep sounds like (for those of you reading reviews before purchasing) it sounds like you are in the hospital hooked up to a heart monitor or some sort of machine that may need attending to by a nurse. So one way of looking at it if ever I am in the hospital and the machine starts beeping I may have to ask the nurse who is making coffee. I sort of gotten used to the beeping. My husband however is very clever and has figured out how to disable the annoy beep. He has explained to me that the company not only installed one magnetic switch for the beep when you open the lid. There is also a second area that beeps when you open the top to the grinder. So it comes at you double. So he is going to stop the beep for me. I think it annoys him quite abit. Good luck love the coffee maker it makes great coffee. We just have to get used to or disengage that silly annoying beep. 01-22-10
Love It! I am so happy that I bought this product. My sister is jealous I told her where to buy it. I did have to call the manufacturer for one thing. My filter basket does not slide out easily by the outside handle. I have to grab hold of the basket under the bottom and gently pull out the basket holder in order to clean out the grounds, not a problem. I love having fresh ground beans in the morning, the coffee taste is exceptional compared to a Mr Coffee coffee pot. Huge difference in taste, and the coffee actually remains hot in the glass decanter. I feel that this is a wonderful item, so far. I have heard the negative reviews. I do not agree with them. The grinder works very well, I have not seen any huge pieces of bean, it all has been ground to an even consistency much more fine than store bought coffees, I did have to cut down on the amount of bean per pot of water, which does make a difference. Less coffee used more flavor! 01-21-10