Technique Enamel Cast Iron 10" Round Grill Pan

Technique Enamel Cast Iron 10" Round Grill Pan
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Even if the weather outside is frightful, you can still grill up something delightful. This cast iron pan creates an optimal surface for browning and searing burgers, chicken, and fish for a meal that's sizzled to perfection in any season. From Technique(R) Cookware.

  • Porcelain enamel exterior
  • Oven safe to 500F
  • With handle, measures 16"L x 10-1/2"W x 2"H
  • Lifetime Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

K6997 - Technique Enamel Cast Iron 10" Round Grill Pan 2.6 5 66 66
Don't waste your money I bought two of these grill pans one year ago; one for me and one for my daughter. What a waste of money. Each time I use it, it gets more difficult to clean. I just grilled chicken in it yesterday. The chicken came out fine but I had to fill the pan with hot water and a squirt of dish detergent, brought it to a boil and left it for an hour. Went back and the crud hadn't budged at all. I let it sit overnight with the soapy water and I still couldn't scrape it off. I put fresh water in it, another squirt of dish detergent, brought it to a boil and simmered it for an entire hour. It's still sitting on my range still caked with gunk. It takes an hour of elbow grease to get it clean. I've tried spraying it with Pam, brushing it with vege oil and/or solid shortening but it doesn't seem to help. I called my daughter and asked her how she liked the pan (since she'd never mentioned it before) and she said she doesn't use it because she can't get it clean, further adding that she hadn't mentioned it because she didn't want to hurt my feelings. So there you have it; a good concept but, again, poorly manufacturered. I have several Technique pans and have always been extremely happy with them...until now. 06-12-10
Great Pan- But you have to give it a chance! I have had this pan for over a year now. It is a bit difficult to clean at first, but if you give it a chance, it becomes easier with use. I use this pan everytime I cook steak inside. It does a wonderful job with anything that you would normally cook outside. The grill marks and caramelization (Maillard reaction) which one can achieve is superior. Great for grilled sandwiches too. If you deglaze it with water while still hot, or reheat it later and do this, it cleans easily. Especially with use. It kind of keeps seasoning itself with grease from cooking and the surface becomes smoother and less food adheres to pan. I never use soap. Just heat the pan and pour in water and scrape with fork a little where there are chunks or whatever. I think the one star reviewers did not give this pan a fair chance. Mine is a breeze to clean now. I LOVE IT! 02-17-10
i love it I purchased 2 of these one for seafood and one for everything else. Because with cast iron it soaks up the flavors of food as season on the pan. I grilled steaks on it to medium well and it came out perfect. when its to cold to barbecue this is the replacement for summertime fun. For cleaning i soak it for about 20 minutes right off the heat and with a little handwork in cleaning its fine. But it is cast iron it will stain but thats with all cast iron pans. i love grilling chicken on it as well. i think some are mistaken that its suppose to look like non stick and its not. So im very happy i purchase them for more reasons than one. i use mine everyday great item if you are on a low fat diet as well ridges keep fat off the food...and if you add juices it steams them because the ridges are deep. 01-11-10
fine pan I received this pan as a gift. It heats and cooks evenly. It has a flat bottom that sits well on my flat-top electric stove. FYI - this is NOT a non-stick pan. It does not need to be seasoned, because while the pan is cast-iron, the COOKING SURFACE IS NOT. The description on the website is misleading. This is an enamel coated pan - inside and outside. It is no more or less difficult to clean that any other grill pan. As a matter of personal preference, I like bare cast iron, without any enamel coating, (as those really are non-stick when seasoned properly) but this pan works just fine. 01-09-10
Not Quality This looks wonderful on TV but when you receive it and read care requirements you are warned. IF the enamel cracks you have to treat it with oil to keep it from rusting. With that possiblity I choose to send it back. Of course I had to pay $2.50 just to have the honor of seeing it in person. Big mistake! 01-07-10
Bittersweet Grill Pan This pan cooks food beautifully and comes in fun colors (I ordered the orange). However, it is very heavy and difficult to clean depending on what I am making with it. Anything that I cook with seasoning, even with oil, the seasoning will burn and stick onto the bottom of the pan. It is a real challenge to remove, between the scrubbing and the soaking for hours. Overall, it is an good pan if you don't mind a putting a little elbow grease into cleaning it. 12-29-09
Love this cast iron grill pan. I love cast iron and if used properly as instructed, this pan is a wonder . I love it. I am ordering the cast iron press cover next. 12-21-09
Very Pleased! I read all the bad reviews about the terrible clean-up of this skillet. I bought it anyhow. This is the first time I used it. I fried a couple boneless/ skinless chicken breast without using any oil or pam. When the chicken was done I removed the chicken and it did stick to the pan. I added water to the still hot pan, as you showed during the on-air demo. I used a wooden spoon to dislodge the stuck stuff, it came off easily and after washing in the sink, it looked as if it had not been used. I am very Pleased. Thank you. By the way, the 8 1/2 inch cast iron press you sell fits this pan perfectly and it also cleans up easily. 12-16-09
Worst pan in my kitchen This pan is terrible to clean. Foods stick even when using adequate oil. Couldn't get those beautiful grill marks on veggies no matter what I tried. Clean up requires LOTS OF SCRUBBING and soaking. Never again will I get this type of pan. 11-30-09
No problems w/ this pan; works nicely. I too, was hesitant b/c of all the negative reviews but I went ahead & ordered it anyway in teal. It works just fine. I've had NO problems cleaning it either. I spray a little olive oil (or a l'il non stick spray). My meat never sticks. The trick to cleaning it: Immediately after turning the heat off I douse it with water from the tea kettle - don't let it cool, do this while it's still hot.... YOU WILL HAVE NO CLEANING ISSUES AT ALL, I PROMISE! All the little bits come right off. It cleans up in 2 minutes. I do not see what everyone's problem is: follow directions & you'll get good results. Also, expect a very heavy pan. It is after all, cast iron. If you have problems lifting heavy things, don't buy cast iron. Buy a lighter-weight grill pan such as Technique's cast aluminum grill pan (I have that, too) or Cook's Essentials. FYI: Pre-seasoned does NOT mean non-stick. Pre-seasoned means pre-seasoned. Nowhere it is advertised that this is a non-stick pan with a non-stick coating. However, you can get "non-stick type properties" if you know what you are doing. Heat the pan for few minutes first, get it hot, a little spritz of oil, & don't try to turn your food too soon...and you'll be good to go! Happy grilling! 11-12-09
GREAT I ordered this in red with the press and it is wonderful. I ordered one for my daughter in the square also and she loves it. I cook with cast iron and love it. Mine are the traditional type so I was worried about this one. My concern was that I would have a problem with food sticking while cooking. If you have cast iron and it's not seasoned properly you will have these issues. No problems with this one it performed great was so impressed. This is a smaller skillet but I was able to cook 4 thick hamburger steaks at one time. Highly recomend this product and would get the press also. The press is sold seperatly so worth every bit. I will be ordering more of these for sure. 10-16-09
Handy I like this little guy - the even heating is just great - easy to clean and an all year round way to "grill" steaks indoors. 09-18-09