Technique Cast Aluminum 8 qt. Stovetop Smoker with Accessories

Technique Cast Aluminum 8 qt. Stovetop Smoker with Accessories
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Smoking permitted--and encouraged! Everyone will want to sit in the smoking section of your kitchen when you prepare meals in this cast aluminum smoker. The perfect way to make food moist, tender, and flavorful without adding salt, oil, or fat. From Technique(R) Cookware.

  • Includes 8-qt smoker, lid, steel wire rack, drip pan, eight starter recipes, hickory smoking chips, mesquite smoking chips, alder smoking chips, and applewood smoking chips
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • With lid, measures approximately 7-1/2"H x 12"Diam
  • Lifetime Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Made in China

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Reviews & Community QA

K10354 - Technique Cast Aluminum 8 qt. Stovetop Smoker w/Accessories 3.8 5 35 35
Just terrific! Have used this 3 to 4 times a week since I bought it. Couldn't be easier to use - put the chips in, put your food in and turn on the stove. We have enjoyed restaurant quality food ever since. Everything from shrimp to chicken wings to pork tenderloin to burgers. Love putting in the meat or fish and then popping the fresh veggies on top for a sumptous meal! You should have this in your kitchen!!! 09-15-09
Pleasantly Surprised This is my 1st time writing a review although I have been a QVC shopper for years. I did not really think the reviews were real but they are. I purchased this smoker and found it to be excellent. I question whether I would get the taste of an outdoor smoker. How could you smoke anything on top of a stove and get the outside smoker taste. I was pleasantly surprised. I only use a small amount of the chips that came included and my whole chicken, ribs, turkey legs, etc all came out just perfect. Thank you Technique for making such an excellent product. My kitchen was not all smoked out and my family was pleasantly surprised also. 08-18-09
Fantastic Smoker Received smoker last week and was so excited. About 25 years ago I found a way to stovetop smoke a chicken using foil and a pan using dried tea leaves and wood chips. Tried it. Was the best chicken ever BUT I had to throw the pan away, so needless to say, I never tried that one again. Then when I saw this smoker, I just had to have it. It is PERFECT. You MUST follow the directions enclosed with the cooker (make sure you see little puffs of smoke BEFORE putting the lid on) and you will enjoy the best smoking indoors ever. No more ruined pans and no more tin foil tents and no more setting off smoke detectors indoors. For anyone who loves smoked foods this is a must!! Can't wait to try my old family receipe of sweet smoked salmon. If you've been on the fence about this one, jump on it while it is still available. You will be glad you did. Both DH and I are tickled pink with this purchase. Meat was juicy, smokey and just out and out fantastic!! Will be using this one ALOT!! 08-10-09
Love this Smoker! What a great buy! I can't recommend it enough. It's easy to use and cleans extremely well. My only suggestion: we need more recipes for the smoker! :) 08-09-09
WORTH EVERY PENNY! I've had my smoker for months now and wouldn't give it up if they offered to pay me for it. I use it once a week to smoke whole potatoes. You can't believe how good they are. I smoke 5 lbs. at a time and then keep them to use in a variety of ways all week. I have an electric stove and set it on medium, and let them cook for 45 minutes then shut it off and let them finish cooking for another 45 minutes. I have also used it for chicken, pork chops, pork loin, and hamburgers. I don't use any cooking spray and have never had a problem cleaning it, but then I put the racks in hot, soapy water to soak as soon as I've removed my food. I just rinse the pot out after it's cooled so it keeps a natural seasoning. Only drawback is that I cannot find more wood dust to use. PLEASE QVC - provide a source for buying more! 07-27-09
love love love put two teaspoons of chips in bottom of pot under tray,lined tray with foil & placed in pot,,sprayed rack with cooking spray,laid 5 chicken breasts i'd marinated on the rack & put that layer in pot,,put lid on and turned on my electric stove burner to about where the 5 would be on a clock,set timer for 40 minutes...when timer went off i turned off stove and set the timer for another 40 minutes...did not touch the pot;let it sit; when timer went off second time i took the chicken out. put provolone cheese on top and popped them in the microwave 20 seconds and had the best chicken sandwiches for lunch! Am going to try a brisket next...please offer more chips please because i will be using this smoker every other day...thank you Technique and QVC! 07-24-09
My favorite kitchen pot I've had this little indoor smoker for years. I wouldn't be without it. Our chicken is always flavorful and moist. I was actually just checking to see if the Q still carried it because people have asked me where to get it. I will agree though.....it's a pain to clean but it's worth it. 07-21-09
Didn't hold up..... My husband bought this for me. I cooked in it 1 time & the food was ok but it wasn't as GREAT as they said. I boiled water in this pan & it turned gray & discolored. For the money we paid, it wouldn't hold up after 2 uses. I wouldn't have a pan I couldn't boil water in. This is the 2nd piece of Technique I ordered & sent back. I will STAY with Cook Essential from now on. 06-30-09
FAB-U-LOUS and DEL-I-CIOUS!!! I picked up my smoker this morning at the post office and went right to the store where i purchased 10 chicken thighs. Washed the smoker, sprayed both sides of the meat tray with a namebrand non-stick spray, lined the bottom of the drip tray (not the side because of smoke flow). I seasoned the thighs with granulated garlic. seasoned salt, and Italian herbs. I did use 2 tsp. of Hickory dust and cooked the chicken for 30 min. and let rest for another 30 min. WITHOUT lifting the lid. It was WONDERFUL! This is NOT going back. I hope these comments can help those having trouble. Oh! Be sure the colapsable handles are out of the way of both trays as they may interfere with the lid fitting tightly. 05-18-09
returning it Very disappointed. Used it once-and am returning it. Food did not have smoked flavor. Pan is very difficult to clean. Not worth the money. 05-16-09
Great indoor product It took me a few times to get the amount of smoke chips right, but once I did (you don't need much), it worked out great. Doesn't give an overly amount of smoke, just a nice taste. I use mine a lot on the grill with great sesults. 05-03-09
Real smoked meats, Major Flavor-no extra Calories (I've had mine almost a year now). When you use this tool, you need to realize this is a different method of cooking. This is not like the smoker I have in my back yard. Your food will not come out brown on the outside...its about cooking the inside to capture MAJOR NATURAL FLAVOR. I think the people who might be rating low, are probably thinking the food should look differently.......example - the chicken skin looks white when meat is fully cooked inside. Now cut into that chicken and I will guarantee you that this is the most JUICY and FULL of flavor meat ever. And I mean without having to cover it with high calorie sauces or flavorings just to get some kind of flavor.. Chicken is usually boring, or too dry for my taste. Thats why I usually only prepare it on the grill. But this tool gave me a step-up result. THIS IS the SECRET to many chefs..why their food is above the normal flavor. A simple smoking takes it to the next level. Here's what I do every week I mix my smoking chips, then I put in a big package of chicken thighs or breasts. I eat some plain (put the rest in baggies), add to salads, make homemade chicken salad, use the rest to make chicken enchiladas. I've even put on homemade pizzas. I'm from Texas so smoking tomatoes, onions, peppers and making salsa! Better than some of our finest restaurants down here.. It took me a couple of weeks to get the hang of it, just don't give up....cooking your meats first, then making enchiladas? Now serve that to your friends and see how they react! Bring out that inner chef.....experiment and you will get hooked like me. (I rate this as one of the most unusual and best products I've purchased from QVC.) 05-03-09