Tasti Wave Deluxe 6-piece Microwave Cookware Set

Tasti Wave Deluxe 6-piece Microwave Cookware Set
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Do more with your microwave. In just a fraction of the time, this exceptional set makes it possible to transform fresh or frozen foods into meals that taste like they came right from the stove top or oven.

  • Includes base cooking pad, griddle pan, steamer insert, grill press, grill pan, and dome lid
  • Works for grilling, searing, roasting, baking, steaming, and frying
  • For use only in microwaves with a revolving turntable and interior measurements of 14"W x 14"D x 7-3/4"H
  • Base measures approximately 2-3/4"H x 10"Diam
  • Hand wash base; all other pans are dishwasher safe
  • Made in China

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K31615 - Tasti Wave Deluxe 6-piece Microwave Cookware Set 3.4 5 15 15
Too Complicated--would not save time I was really looking forward to this,especially to save time. When I received it, I opened the box and read the "directions" which were not easy to understand and very sparce and withy no recipes to help you get started. I put the directions back in the box and sent the package. I found it too complicated to save any time in a microwave. 02-19-12
Wanted it to work I waited for over a year for this to get to QVC. You can imagine how thrilled I was to see it there. When I received this, I went right to work reading the instructions. Extra large microwave - check. At least 1,100 watts - check. However, to my surprise it says to discontinue use if the item gets scratched. Well, what cookware doesn't get scratched. As hard as I try, mine can't escape that fate. Needless to say back it went. I hate sending things back, but I can't babysit cookware. 04-11-11
LOVE, LOVE , LOVE THIS COOKER I have had the Tasti-Wave for about 2 weeks. Love the way it cooks. Best filet of salmon ever. Great vegetables, especially asparagus. Great for dieting as you use minimal oil. A great time saver. Bought this for my daughter. Will now buy for myself. 03-22-11
Vital information not given... If you have a large microwave of 14 X 14 X 8 you can use this product. What was not revealed on TV was that it needed a large microwave with this much space and a turn table and an 1100 Watt oven. Had they mentioned these facts on air, I would have known it would not fit my microwave and not ordered the product. I am not going to order a new and larger microwave just to fit the product. Therefore, it is going back as I have no use for it. 03-19-11
Download the Manual You can download the manual with the recipes and instructions from QVC. It tells you that you need a 'Revolving turntable and the recipe rimes are for an 1100 watt microwave, I believe other wattage microwaves will work fine if you adjust the cooking times accordingly 03-10-11
Nice and simple way to cook I recieved my Tasit Wave, however, couldn't use it because it did not come with an instruction manual. I would have used it without one by watching the video, but didn't want to take a chance of ruining the cooker or my microwave. So, unfortunately, I had to wait another 10 days for my manual. I did recieve the manual finally, but it is a copy of the one that probably should have been included with the product. It's all in black and white and not even binded together -- It's just a bunch of copied pages. It's incovenient, since I will have to find a way to bind it together myself (it's pretty thick) and figure out how to store a bunch of papers in with the rest of my recipe books. After being a customer for 20+ years, I should have recieved the original manual and it should have been sent right away. I did cook chicken in it and it worked nicely. 02-14-11
life saver I work the 3/11 shift at a hospital.We have a microwave ,however other electric devices are prohibited. I am so sick of brown bag,or reheated meals.I broiled a steak,pork chop,and made fajitas.I had wonderfull fresh food that was healthier then take out..My coworkers are impressed and I do need to share! 02-08-11
Disappointed I was excited too get this cookware, however, after using the Griddle pan, I noticed that the nonstick coating was very thin and did not cook as stated on the presentation, The Grill pan cooks just fine. Very disappointed and will be returning it for a refund 02-07-11
Great item great price and works like on tv!! I was skeptical about this purchase as I have tried a couple other similar items that were supposed to do what this one does. I almost passed it up and I am glad I did not. It worked really nice with everything so far, macaroni and cheese, ruben sandwiches, steaks the possabilities are endless with this one. The only thing I would love to see is a time table for other foods that are not in the recipe guide. 02-07-11
Amazing Set of Cookware!!! The quatlity of these pans makes for easy clean up. We've done burgers, steak chicken and steamed veggies in it so far and haven't had one thing come out less than awesome. Food doesn't taste rubbery or dried out and it's hard to tell it wasn't done in the oven or on the grill. I feel so bad for the folks that had to return them because of no turntable in their microwave, because they are missing out on a great item. Perhaps next time it's aired they should mention that a turntable is needed for optimum use. But otherwise it's an awesome product. I bought it thinking I could use it for small meals for one or two, but they are actually big enough to cook for my whole family of six. I highly recommend it. 02-06-11
disappointing I was so looking forward to receiving this. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was that I had to have a turntable in my microwave which I don't have. Never mentioned during the presentation. My microwave also has more wattage than recommended and that made me nervous so it's going back. I was really looking forward to using it. 02-05-11
This delivers! I hate to admit it. This machine actually cooks food in the microwave as well as in an oven. I have cooked chicken, filet of sole, and even a piece of tenderloin steak (the ultimate "acid" test for this kind of machine.) I did make one mistake by trying to cook a frozen pizza - what was I thinking?? You do have to experiment a bit with the timing, but I am getting the hang of it quickly. I read another review, so now I can soak the pot section in soapy water, as I was not sure about that. I also like that there is NO plugging this in. It heats up totally from the microwave. Why 4 stars then? I did not receive any booklet in the box, and I searched "high and low" for the instruction booklet. I also would love to see more recipes. This machine has a lot of possibilities. 01-31-11