St. Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Mousse

St. Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Mousse
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What is it: This ultra-lightweight, velvety mousse delivers an exceptionally smooth, instant, golden glow.

Who is it for: For the woman on the move!

Why is it different: Mousse is non-transferable so you can tan and go. It is also free from DHA.

How do I use it: Smooth on to apply and simply wash off with soap and water to remove.

From St. Tropez.

  • Net weight 4 oz
  • Made in United Kingdom

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Reviews & Community QA

St. Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Mousse 4.2 5 10 10
I love it. I bought this because sometimes you want to have some instant color without waiting for the color to develop. I went to a wedding this weekend and I wore a sleeveless dress. I used it on my arms and chest. I loved the nice color it gave me. The color also stayed on all night. 01-21-13
Love it! The best bronzer I have ever used. No dark streaks and it feels great. The other products I have used feel clammy, like you want to wash it off. But this does not bother me. I love. 05-05-12
I Just Love This Stuff I am so glad that I decided to try this instant tanning mousse. I'm very fair skinned and allergic to the active ingredient (dihydroxyacetone) in regular self tanners. I had previously tried the gel version of this product and thought that it was just OK, but the mousse version is fantastic! It's easy to apply and dries very quickly giving believable, natural color. I think that even if I could use regular self tanners, I would still choose this product because of the flexiblity and it's not messy at all. Just be sure and wash your hands with warm, soapy water and a hand/nail brush and it will come right off. I did both legs and was washed up in about 5 minutes and by then the product was dry and I could get dressed. No splotchiness, just even color and a light, pleasant scent. Will definitely have this on hand for the summer and vacation. May have to try the face version next! 04-05-12
I Love, Love, Love this stuff. I had been looking at this for some time, Just wondering if it really worked, I have use a LOT of self tanners that did not work. They would look good the first day but the next,horrible. I was about to give up self tanners, but didn't want to look snow white. So I decided to try this and I am glad I did. I got this a couple days ago, try it on one leg. I got it in the evening. Wore it to bed and the next morning none had rub off I was amazed. And best thing is it looks the same all day and can wash it off and start all over again. With self tanners if you make a mistake you have to live with it or try rubbing it off. I am so glad I tried this. And I am going to buy the one for the face. Happy camper!!!! 07-22-11
not worth it i thought this would be nice for those days my tan is fading and in between self tanner applications, WRONG-- it goes on nice and the color is really nice, BUT, it doesnt stay on your skin, and i let it dry for quite some time, sat down to have lunch, got up and where i was sitting, the tan had rubbed off!! does not last at all, i guess if you are not going to be doing absolutely anything, its fine...other wise you are better of with a regular self tanner once or twice a week. 06-04-11
My favorite way to tan! I love St. Tropez Everyday Mousse for a lasting tan, but I have gotten a little lazy about tanning and as a stay home mom, I don't go out every day, so I am gravitating more and more often towards the Instant Glow because it is fast and I can do it at the last minute. You don't need to apply with gloves. Just apply with bare hands and then wash your hands with toothpaste to remove the tan from your palms. Sounds weird, but it works. No self-tanner smell. This doesn't transfer onto clothing or bedding. It will come off with water so don't get splashed when you are wearing it. The person that said that green stuff was coming out of theirs either didn't shake it up before use or got an old bottle. Nothing green about mine. 05-21-11
Do not buy this product Horrible green foam that eminates from the bottle when you dispense the product. Product does not give you any color at all when applied. Product is a green tinted and is applied on the skin in a greasy format. 03-08-11
Best wash off bronzer I've tried a slew of sunless tanners and gave up on ALL of them because of the smell...found many though that turned out streak free and really realistic with olive undrtones so I didn't look orange...but still,the smell of DHA!!!I tried St,Tropez products recently and NO smell of DHA at all...this product is what I use as an enhancement on days I don't use their sunless tanning lotion...it's not a sunless tanner and yuck,I wouldn't use a sunless tanner daily because it would be waaay 2 dark...this lets the already developed sunless tan more evened out and not all sparkley like what I've experienced from a product think a previous gal said,( Lorac Tantalizer award show glow I think she may have been referring to).This is far better and realistic and compliments the already realistic beautiful non smelling tanner that St.Tropez offers! 05-19-10
Pretty cool stuff I am fair skinned with pink undertones (I wear BE in fairly medium if that helps) and self tanners usually end up looking odd on me. So, I bought this to see how it would work. One application gives me a nice warm glow that isn't orange and it disappears into the skin quickly. I have had it on for about 8 hours and it is still there and looks the same as it did when I applied it. I am going to stick to this stuff and give up on self tanners! 04-22-10
LOVE LOVE LOVE! I just received this product and I am already hooked! I was looking for an alternative to a streaky fake tan and this is it. I tried another product that was similar to this in that it washed off but had wayyyy tooo much sparkle in it for everyday wear. I am sooo happy to have discovered this product! 04-01-10
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